Thought I'd sit down for 5 mins and say Hi

I just read through the last few posts and wanted to say congrats to Amy and Leesha. Well done ladies!!

We've been quiet because we've been so busy for months with preparing to move house, moving, having visitors and now preparing for our own 2nd baby arriving in mid-April. Not sure we're going to know what hit us as Freyja is now on 1 nap of only 1-1.5 hours per day and active the entire day, plus we have absolutely no support here. We're not even sure what we're going to do with Freyja whilst I'm giving birth!!

Anyway, along the same lines of Amy...

Food - will eat pretty much anything, but some days will barely touch her food and even turn her nose up at her favs, the next she eats more than me! We've never rationed anything, including cookies, but she seems to realise that these are only given as part of meals & snacks and only once she's had her full of whatever else. Still prefers fruit & veg to everything else!

Milk - she's been on cow's milk since just before 12 months and has a max 500 mls per day. Usually only 250mls in the morning after brekkie (whatever cereals/fruit/toast/juice combo she has), but sometimes she'll ask for milk later in the day if she feels hungry. Generally we'll offer her a snack instead, unless she's having an off day, in which case we'll give her up to 250mls depending on how well she's eaten over the day.

Sleep - approx 11.5hrs overnight and a 1-1.5hr nap in early afternoon. Waking between 6 & 7am and trying to get her down betwen 7 & 8pm, but generally still awake by 8.30-8.45. Means mummy is in bed shortly after because despite Freyja sleeping through, I am sleeping really badly!

Temperament - Freyja is also really outgoing, friendly and cheerful. She'll try to engage with practically anyone and gets confused when some people don't smile back.

Development - first steps 2 days before turned 1 and was running around by 15 months. She barely stops talking all day long and rides around on her bike yapping away. We've lost count of how many words she says and, like Amy, I've found that the tantrums disappeared as she became more able to tell us what she wanted. In The Night Garden still her 2nd fav programme next to Peppa Pig, but anything involving trains or cars are well loved.

Activites - I'm slightly housebound at the moment due to a dodgy pelvis, but still try to walk into town with her a couple of times a week. We're not going swimming or to any groups right now, so this and the trips to playgrounds over the weekend are her (OUR!) only socialising. She loves climbing, running, swings, slides, anything creative (playdough, drawing, sticking things to paper, building bricks) and has a great imagination, so spends ages playing with her little people, animals, cars, trains or dolls and reading books, plus of course tv. We also do a lot of baking together and Freyja loves helping to sift flour, mix things and roll or cut shapes. She's great at helping around the house too and loves to put things in the bin or sort dirty laundry.

Gotta go make dinner now - hope you're all doing well and good luck Leesha & Amy!