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Thread: Babies Born June 1st - 15th 2008

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    Default Babies Born June 1st - 15th 2008

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born June 1st - 15th 2008

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    Any other June Mummies out there??????

    I had my little guy, Callum James, on 6th... and would love to chat.... Might just have to wait for the rest of my belly buddies to join me... Heading over to send out some labour vibes...

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    Rufi, just wanted so say super congrats! i was sssssssssooooooooooooo happy to read your DH's post when Callum was born!!
    congrats hun.. what a wonderful wonderful pressie. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

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    RochelleW Guest


    Hey Ruf, lol things are looking a little lonely in here! Cooper arrived on Monday 9th (day before induction!)

    How's motherhood treating you? I'm actually finding it a little easier than i thought, although haven't done any housework at all yet! I'm dreading DP going back to work on monday.

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    Hiya girls. Well, Alyssa arrived on the 4th June, coming into the world seeing where she was going (she was posterior so came out face first!). Had a huge swelling on her head which led to mild jaundice, which gave us feeding problems over the weekend, but thats sorted now - shes turned into a bit of a milk monster!

    We're slowly getting used to having Alyssa around - its been interesting! what a huge change - you know things are going to change but didn't realise how much!

    Rochelle - I'm like you - haven't managed to do any housework yet! my mum came round last week and did some for me. hubby's on half days atm, but he goes back ft next week - not looking forward to that.

    Hopefully, some more june buddies turn up soon, although looks like some of us are heading into the second half of June.

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    Hi girls...

    Sorry I have taken a few days to reply... between the forum issues and mummy-hood get a bit hard to post!!!

    Rochelle - Congrats on avoiding that induction. What a good bubs!!! How are you coping alone this week? My DH is still off this week and I would be going insane without having him around.

    Sammy - Hi there. Congrats to you too. Have to love mums. Mine is due to visit next week and I am looking forward to being spoiled! Great news re your feeding.

    cj and I are doing well. He is feeding like a trooper and is now back to above his birth weight!! but we are now battling with wind.. poor little guy, hopefully we can get past this soon.


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    RochelleW Guest


    YAY!!! DP went to work on Monday and discovered that everything's been going really well without him so he organised some more work for his crew and came home for the rest of this week!!!

    Cooper had his first check up with the early childhood nurse... omg he's put on a phenomenal amount of weight! birth weight last monday was 3.8kg, last thursdaywhen we came home he was 3.5kg and yesterday he weighed in at a whopping 4.06kg!!! lol I knew we weren't having any dramas with the breastfeeding but I wasn't expecting that!!!

    Sammy, lucky you having your mum around, mine is soooo far away

    Ruf, how's cj going with the wind?

    Quick question, how long are you guys getting between feeds? Cooper's really strange, he feeds every 2hrs in the morning and gradually it stretches out through the day to about every 4 hrs overnight then back to 2hrs every morning!!!

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    hi everyone, my little girl, Lilli Eileen, arrived on the 15th June. She was 2 1/2 wks early, ive still got to post my birt story up.

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    RochelleW Guest


    Hi Rach, Congrats on the arrival of Lilli! I haven't done my birth story either, lol i guess i should cos it's all becoming a bit of a blur already!

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    Hi ladies

    First off congrat to you all.

    Ruf hun just wanted to come and see how little Callum is doing. Poor little man and his wind. That is the worst big as we cant really do anything to help them. Im so happy your little man is here and your a mummy now....wooohoo. I wont be long now. 2 weeks and 6 days to go before my c-section.

    Ok take care all.


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    Hiya Rach - congrats on your little one! how are things going?

    Rochelle - its excellent that hubby got more time off! mine went back ft this wk, and so far so good. today is the test though - he had a full day at work then he was home for an hour and has since rushed off for hockey practice, and won't be back till 9, so i'm on my own all evening. can't complain too much as he's should train twice a week but has dropped it back to just 1, and also he's no longer umpiring at the weekend so he's got more time at home (I used to be a hockey widow!)
    with the feeding, Alyssa is feeding 3-4 hours in the morning, and they then get closer in the afternoon, so by the evening she's feeding every 1-2 hours until about 10pm, then she goes anyway from 5-8 hours, depending on how frequent she feed in the evening (the closer together the feeds, the longer she then goes over night).
    Its great that Cooper and CJ are up to birth weight - Alyssa's not quite there yet, but the first weekend we were home, she did lose more than the 10% that they like them to, due to the jaundice and feeding difficulties, so the midwife said not to worry and that she would prob be back up next week - she's bright and alert, and is weeing and pooing lots so the mw said she's getting plenty of milk.
    Ruf: hows the wind going? Alyssa begun to be a bit refluxy after some feeds - it tends to be when she feeds first off the left and i notice that she tends to gulp more on that side so I don't know if maybe my flow is faster so this might be causing it. Its really hard because I can see she is quite uncomfortable and agitated with it but i can't do anything about it. Have you found a way to deal with CJ's wind?

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    RochelleW Guest


    Hey guys, how's everyone going? This week's been a bit of a reality check for me. DP went back to work and I've been pretty isolated out here on the farm, we've had miserably cold weather so I've been a bit hesitant about taking Cooper anywhere (although I went to town twice this week) and we're so far out of town that nobody's come to see me. DP and I also had THAT argument... you know, he got home from work and the house was a mess and I basically handed him Cooper who'd been crying all day and said here, you deal with him, I need some time out.
    He got kinda cranky cos he leaves home at 5.15am and gets back at 7pm and we just blued cause I was saying I was tired and he was telling me to toughen up, he's tired too. it's funny how childish an argument can get when you're tired, I ended up in tears cause he doesn't even stir during the night while I'm up, but honestly, why should he? He can't feed him for me, and he does have business as usual all day, lol international mining companies don't really care about how much sleep one man is getting!

    Anyway, we're over it now (hehe he did the washing up...) and everything's back to ok. It's funny how even though you know nobody's expecting you to be wonderwoman you still feel guilty when you're not!

    Sorry about the big whinge, hope everyone's doing ok and Alyssa, Lilli and CJ are feeding well!

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    Rochelle - hope things are good with hubby. youpoor thing, being out there on your own. i think being a new mum in town can be isolating enough. at least you've got this place to keep you company! i know what you mean about the guilt about not being wonderwoman. i feel guilty if i get hubby to get up for Alyssa - i was exhausted on fri night and didn't hear her stir once so thought she'd slept straight through until hubby told me he got up three times for her! oops. he doesn't mind at all but i still feel guilty.

    Warning: loooooong vent coming!!! (well, 2 vents actually!)
    number 1:hubby has work drinks on fri night - end of financial year ones, normally i would go too, but i'm just going to pick him up after - my suggestion so i don't mind. however, he informed me this morning that he has a seminar after work on thurs, which is normally his hockey training night so he's decided that he'll go to the training tomorrow night instead, so 3 out of 5 nights this wk i'm on my own, which he seems to think is ok, but i'm a bit peeved with him, msinly because he still has a life and i'm kinda tied to bubs at the mo (not that i mind that at all, its more the principle!)
    number 2: hubby's family are annoying me a bit - mil came over fri lunch with my bil for lunch, i jokingly said he could do my dishes - 2 hours later and they didn't offer to do anything. later that arvo, my mum came over and did them (i'd had a bad night with Alyssa so i was sleeping) we then went to the markets with my parents and bro, and they came back to ours for takeaway. dh's family rang up and invited themselves over so we said to come for tea (no prob with that), but mil just placed her and sil plates in sink - my bro and mum ended up doing the dishes! my mum's done heaps for us, but other than bring some shopping the first weekend we were home, dh family have offered no help. we then went to theirs sat night for tea, and basically other than for feed and changing, i didn't get to hold my baby - at one point, fil had her and said his arm was tired so i said i'd take her, but he said oh she can go to grandma! i think they think they're doing me a favour, but i do like to cuddle my daughter other than at feed time. as soon as she had a dirty nappy, she also got handed straight back whereas my mum will go and change her! they also kept harping on about us going out for a night to the movies or something, and they will babysit so i said in a couple of months, but they kept going on about it as if i'm going to hand over my daughter at 4 weeks old, when we're still getting used to having her and bf is only just established really and i haven't even thought about starting to express yet. in a few months the offer will be appreciated, but not just yet.

    anyway, sorry girls about the vent!!hope you all had good weekends and the bubs are still good. i wonder if we'll get any more members?

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    Hi All! Hope it's OK to join the group now with Ruby being born on 4th June!

    Sammy - just wanted to say that I completely understand your vent about your in laws! My in law's have been exactly the same - no offers of help although mine have also decided not to call to see how we are all going and don't come to visit! I'm not sure if it's because they are in laws and so don't feel as comfortable doing things for us (like mum comes and does things without thinking but maybe because it's her daughter?) or if they are just completely un-interested! It oftern feels like they don't understand or can't remember the whole newborn experience and how much of a toll it takes on you and your hubby! I hope your in-laws wise up soon and start giving you some much needed help!

    Everything is going fairly well for Ruby and I. She is feeding OK although hasn't put on the 'ideal' weight gain so we're going to a lactation clinic on wednesday which will hopefully help. She has been very windy although so I'm writing down what I eat and trying to eliminate small things to see if they will help. I'm currently off peppermint tea (which I normally have 2-3 cups p/day) and this seems to be making a big difference! Strange as it's good for digestion but I don't mind if it means sleep for DH, Ruby and I!

    Hope everyone is going well!

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    Hi all,

    Sammy- Don't you just love the inlaws, LOL. My MIL is a real pain in the bum as well. Her, SIL & Niece all decided to go into Lilli's room the other day, whilst she was sleeping - which they knew, and talk among themselves. Well needless to say they woke Lilli up, which im sure they were hoping for, since they then got to pick her up. Though it is good that your mum is a great a help for you.

    Rochelle- Hope you & DH are all good now. It does take them a while to realise just how much demand a baby puts on us, but you just have to wait for the light to switch on upstairs.

    Well as for myself, Lilli is suffering really bad from wind. Every time she poo's or try's to fart she ends up in alot of pain and screams. Ive tried that Bruer stuff & Infants friend, but nothing seems to be working. Have any of you lady's had this trouble and what have you used??? If she didn't have this wind problem, she would be a great baby!! We had a shocking night last night, all she wanted to do was sit on the breast. So we ended co-sleeping with her. My mother keeps telling me to give her a dummy, but i really don't want to as yet. I want to try and settle her other ways first. Though she seems to be getting enough milk, she has already put on 1/2Kg. So now she is weighing 3.5Kg. Im hoping she doesn't end up lactose intolerent, my son was so it wouldn't suprise me.

    Well better go, Lilli is asleep at the moment and i still have 4 assignments i need to finish for uni, so no better time to do them.

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    Hey Rach,

    Sorry to hear that Lilli is experiencing bad wind - I can completely understand where you're coming from as Ruby has been experiencing the same pain and wind each night. We also tried the Infant's friend which wasn't any help (if anything it made the pains worse). I saw my naturopath/kinesiologist/homeopath today with Ruby and she has confirmed that peppermint tea along with a list of other foods that are causing problems for her. She'll probably grow out of them but for now it's best I avoid them so she can be more settled.

    Maybe you could try writing down what you're eating as see if there is a pattern? I found looking at what was going into my body and which nights were good/bad along with it, helped me to identify the tea and some other food items.

    Good Luck and I hope you and Lilli can rest well soon!

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    thanks jess. the only thing that imhaving everday is english breakfast tea. do you think that would contribute?? i see the health nurse on friday, so maybe she can help me.

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    Hi all! Its so cool to see us all on "the other side" of pregnancy with our little people!

    Peter was born on June 10- I can't beleive its been three weeks already.

    I totally sympathise with all of you experiencing wind problems. Peter gets pretty unhappy with it as all- his face goes all red and his little legs jiggle around everywhere. We saw the chemist and have put him on drops called Iberogast- they are a herbal thing. They have definately helped his tendancy to chuck up half his food and helped his wind a bit- not eliminated it, but helped. But he still gets upset....especially at 10pm when I really, really want to be in bed!

    I also am having "debates" with DH about the division of responsibility. We are in a unique situation in that we both work from home so, in theory, can share things more equally.... yeah, that theory works.... Sigh. No matter what your situation, I think this is such a huge adjustment. I am finding it hard on my relationship with DH. And there just doesn't seem to be the time to sit down and really talk about it.

    How is everyone recovering from birth? I had a traumatic birth- dangerous heartrate drop for Peter, LOTS of tearing, shoulder dytocia, and a whole lot of complications for me. I am still very sore, and they say it will be 3 months before I am really recovered. But I take salt baths (with Peter) everyday and they are wonderful!

    Anyone with other tips on wind or getting back in touch with DH?!

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