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Thread: Babies Born June 2006 #28

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    Aw Dee that is awful news! It is so horrible for his family. :frown:

    Well, I start work 2 days a week next week (one from home, one at office) and boy did I pick the PERFECT time to ramp it up. I did a quick check of finances this morning and we will be cutting it fine this month financially. Not that fine we won't eat, mind you, but I will put off buying more photo albums till next pay day. Biggest bummer is house rates are due on 15 Feb and I just organised to go and see an X-rated Jim Henson puppet show (yes you read correctly!!) during the comedy fest in March but I have to pay my mate this week (she bought 8 tix at $55 a pop for our group - I don't want her to be out of pocket for too long!!). I have got so used to not having to "worry" about cash in bank that it will be a real shock to have "just enough".

    Gonna wash my floor today - I am soooo glad I have floorboards and not carpet - having 6 babies and 3 kids made me and DH realise how hectic a family will be!! Bath is no doubt giving a knowing nod!

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    I was going to help you clean rory, thats why i asked what time did you want to get rid of me, DH told me he would come pick me up later if i wanted to stay...

    The show sounds quite different... my show i picked for the start of this year was going to see Pink in concert in April. Its my early birthday present!! I also want to go see Evanescence, but cant go spending too much money..

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    Dee - I don't think you are being selfish - a move with 5 kids is a pretty big ask or TWO people, let alone one person. It is just an unfortunate confluence of events (I don't even quite know what confluence means, but I think it fits in here, so I'm going to use it without looking up the dictionary LOL) and you need to worry about your sphere and DH can look after his other sphere. I also think you have made the right choice about distancing your kids from that environment. I am so sad about your nephew, too. Oscar looked at me funny (he was feeding at the time) when I read your post because I got teary. I got teary for his friend who had to find him Apart from the sheer waste, it's the people who have to deal with the fall out that makes suicide such an awful thing to be involved with. Any death, but one that didn't need to happen. How or never, what's done is done and DH is right to be with his family - but everything on your moving house end of things will need to go to a strict schedule to come off well, huh? Can you ask a local group to help you with the packing? A rotary club, fire brigade, scouts etc? They are all there for community service, after all!
    The meet up yesterday was SOOOOO nice! Thanks Rory! I've seen the 'handy work' of engineers in my time, and your place falls into a nice "well considered" category, rather than the "unnecessarily over-engineered" category! I took loads of photos but I have yet to upload them and sift through to the good ones.
    I did head straight over to my cousin's house and Oscar was awake the whole time, but in a contented fashion. She is moving next weekend to a rental around the corner from her current place, so I timed it well - she usually visits me so I thought that while I was coming off my mountain I would visit her to even up the scales. It was a great catch up and I ended up going to the pub for a meal with her, her fiance and their neighbours. Got home just after midnight! Oscar did so well, even though he was strung out from tiredness. He didn't sleep until I was approaching Springvale Rd on the Eastern Fwy! Everyone was so impressed with his nature - the neighbour actually recently miscarried and we were a bit concerned that Oscar might upset her, but then we decided that we can't tiptoe around people at Oscar's expense, or we would have had to head home. Turns out she was perfectly fine and her husband played with him and laughed his head off everytime Oscar grabbed his beer bottle...even let him suck on the top of it! So it was fine and I had a night out, quite impromptu I would have stayed overnight, except I hadn't fed Odin and had to get home for puppy cuddles!
    Oscar has fallen asleep in the Ergo again and if I put him down I may be able to put out some washing. It's a bit windy, but I was hoping to get to my horse today...there is always tomorrow when there's a bit less I want to do during the day...
    Funny thing: When I got home I put my new/2nd hand carved table on the rug and brought the dog in. As I was dishing out his food I heard him growling. I thought he could hear possums outside. He kept up his low growl and then I thought maybe we had an intruder hiding somewhere (LOL out your story, Dee!), but confident enough in Odin's scare factor looks and growl not to worry too much. As I crept around the house (it's realistically too small to hide in!) it dawned on me what was giving Odin the heebie jeebies...the new table! As soon as I went over to it, Odin slunk further back, and when I tipped it onto its side (to pre-empt Oscar tipping it over) he scooted right out of the house! Ha, so much for an intruder!
    Oscar is now snoring...a good time to put him down...
    ETA: Rory - floorboards are the bees knees! If we had carpet in the main areas (planning to pull up remaining carpet in rooms later in the year) I'd be forever with a bucket and detergent sponging, but with a paper towel I can wipe up Oscar's throw ups...and also where he spreads the throw ups enthusiastically around with his fingies!
    Bummer about your plans today, Simone!
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    Dee - how awful about your cousin. It must be very hard for everyone, not knowing why? One of the those questions that can never be answered. Love to you and your family. I can understand why you are so stressed, can the older girls help out? Sometimes they can be more a hindrance than a help! PML reading about the intruder! Bet he got a shock when you asked him about packing LOL!!! You are lucky you live in a nice safe area, most of us would have screamed the house down. I forgot to congratulate you earlier on getting accepted to Uni. What a wonderful acheivement for you. After looking after 5 kids and a household, going to uni should be a breeze LOL!!!

    Nickel - spot on! Both my girls are a bit too determined sometimes lOL!

    Karen - glad you had fun in the bath. Swimming lessons are great fun. I started Chelsea at 6mths and she is a fantastic confident swimmer now (she still has weekly lessons) and I will start Marley in June (I wanted to wait and go with another friend who baby is a bit younger).

    Nic - have fun scrapbooking today. If we do get to do a meet at your place, I would love to see your scrapbooking. I have got so much stuff here, but haven't yet started! I don't know where to start. I need some inspiration. Pity you don't live closer, you could have dropped Nixon off and he could play with his new girlfriend LOL!! It does suck with no family around to help out.

    Rory - glad we didn't create too much destruction LOL!! Jim Henson show sounds rather interesting. Look forward to hearing more about it. Hope all goes well with the xtra work and as you said, the finances will be better! I can't wait to go back to full pay in July cause at the mo I get 60% of my part time salary, which is better than a kick up the backside but I could always do with more LOL!!!

    Simone - you need a day off cleaning! Go out and wander the shops, have a bit of you time. The housework isn't going anywhere. Go to a movie even. I used to go to movies on my own when I was pregnant and finished work. I didn't have many other friends home during the day, so no one to go with me. It was actually quite nice!

    IK - what a great night out you had! I love those impromptu events, much more enjoyable when you don't plan on having them. Oscar is such a good boy, you could take him anywhere. Got the taste for beer already - watch out lOL!! PML about Odin being scared of the table - big dogs can be such woosers (sp?). I agree with carpet too - its a bugger! We have carpet in bedrooms only and even that bugs me. Rest of the house is floorboards and tiles, much easier to clean up.

    Hi to everyone else and Melb girls, enjoy this lovely cool day.

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    Morning girls...haven't read the posts today yet... just flying through... been to the optometrists with Verity... we're both fine for the next 2 years now... it had been 2 since we last went... and Wade will have to get a checkup too soon... now I am at home making Mel's salad... just doing it from memory... I'll check the posts to see if you mentioned where it was listed online... just got the diced sweet potato cooking at this point in sweet chilli sauce. We're all going to Caulfield today to spend the afternoon/dinner with an ex colleague of mine that I worked with at Shelford (Verity's old school)... she hasn't seen Niall yet... I'll go online at her house to show her the piccys from yesterday. Also I lost a bit of sleep last night when I realised that I had forgotten to give Rory the stapler!!!! So sorry matey! Geeze, I'm a real space cadet some days...

    okey doke... will try to catch up later... need to get Wade out of the shower he is sharing with DH.

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    Hi Everyone!
    Glad it's a bit cooler hey?
    Ruby is sleeping stax and stax since I've been feeding her more food - she's exhausted from digesting it all I think!
    Done F-all today houseworkwise, but I did play with the girls (fairy dominoes! and Barbie Computer games... sigh)

    NICKERS- do you do those organised saturday scrap meet things? I need to do that so I actually get some stuff done. Tell me how you went taking Nix, as I don't think I could always leave my Dh with two kids every saturday.

    welcome to my ex-career woman world!!! and Floorboards RULE!

    SIMONE - I love Pink, but would dearly love to see Evanescence - they're awesome huh?

    IK -
    Odin is hilarious! What a top dog! It sounds like something my dog Sugar would do! Odin doesn't have any staffy in him does he??

    Bath - don't lose sleep over the stapler!! BTW - I haven't met you or anything, and have only read your posts and your story on bellybelly etc but you have been a to say, very special inspiration to me lately - I have been thinking of you a lot so asked God to bless you heaps.

    Hey Karen! Nice to hear from you too.
    Keep well all, and have a great weekend.

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    Time for a new thread everyone.

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