Sarah - thanks. Even with 3 solids a day, he was still having 1 to 2 feeds overnight.

But, i think he has been using it more to resettle, then he actually needed. Last night, he went to bed at 8, stirred a little about 9.30, and i just resettled him, then didnt hear a thing till 2. I tried to resettle, but, he was screaming, and holding his ear, so i gave him a bottle. I think this teethign thing is really being bad for him this time around. Still no bumps thou, i might take him back to drs to make sure he doesnt have an ear infection. Anyway, about 5.30this morning, thru to about 6.30, he was awake in his cot, and just grizzled abit, and i think played with the toys that are in there, and, i havent heard anything from him for nearly an hour now. So, i am guessing he has resettled himself.

Jen, goodluck with the sleeping thing. We decided to start ttc#2 as soon as AF returned, as it took as awhile to conceive Aiden. And we do want to keep them close together.

Thanks also Sarah & Jen on your thoughts for my poor little dog. My other dog is abit mopey, and keeps goign to the kennel looking for her. Its hard. But, it will get easier. We keep reminding ourselves that it was for the best.