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thread: Babies Born May 16th-31st 2008 #6

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    Babies Born May 16th-31st 2008 #6

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born May 16th - 31st 2008

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    mis: did i miss the post where u said stanks had be asked to leave or didnt u post about it. wat happened.

    nana: i so dont balme u for not wanting to go to that carer. some people give the rest of us a bad name. please see if u can find another carer dont just think all carers r like that. i would also ring and make a complaint about the state of the place u went to.
    DH is always having a sook at me cause i am constantly askin fo rthe lawn t be kept nice because it isnt just the way i trea tthe kids it is also the house that reflects the level of care the children get.

    we had a better ngiht with jayda last ngiht i planned on giving her, her bottle earlier with the cows milk added so she woudl have some time for it to digest but she feel asleep with it but she didnt have any wake ups BUT she woke at 5 this morning. Dh got her while i went to the toilets and got sick of rockign her so put her in with us. so i got my hair pulled and nose picked all morning till i got out of bed.

    well i am off shopping tongiht to get a new phone. dunno if i wrote it the other day but jayda broke mine i was all happy at first cause i have wanted a new phone for a while but when i went online to look wat phones there were there is none i like or in my price range.

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    NaNa as sass said not all FDC are like that, you really need to feel comfortable though and i would not leave Hamish anywhere like you described. I ran into the FDC mum that looked after Maddi when she was young, she is so lovely, she is a nana herself now, anyhow she offered to have Hamish for me, but as i am not going back to work i am not sure. I said maybe later in the year one afternoon a week or something would be nice for a break but at the moment i am coping. Sounds like Aadi is giving you trouble still, i have a friend in Melbourn who had a baby that is rough and uncontrollable, biting, hitting etc like Hamish and Aadi, he is now 17 months and i spoke to them this week and they said finally he is sleeping all night and he has calmed down dramatically, ofcourse he is still full of energy etc, but he does not go pyscho (her words) like he use to. I know its not much consilations but maybe as he gets older things will get better, i have my fingers crossed for you.
    Sass - Hamish has formula in morning and night bottle, cows milk in cereal and at lunch he has cows milk in sippy cup. I do not water it down or anything, the mchn said not too. He probably has about 50ml. I will eventually cut out his morning bottle and just give him cows milk in sippy cup. Would like to have no bottles around 12 months and just sippy cup.
    Mis T - I cant use bonjella on Hamish it does nothing. I think Hamish is getting his 2 year old teeth, he has massive swollen lumpy gums at the side of his mouth and hie poos are lethal atm. I might be wrong but the lumps and bumps are exactly where the molars are. Will see i guess.

    Well not much here to report, have a busy month coming up so trying to get things organised, i have Maddi's 13th birthday in 2 weeks, a party at home, boys and girls so i will be keeping a very close eye on them..lol Also have Dp's birthday a few days before this, so the organising for Hamish's party will be put back a bit, i am actully having his party on the 23rd as on the 29th we will be away for my mums 60th. ohh what a month may will be. Rudd i so needed your money.. grrrr
    I best be off to the shower before Hamish wakes, still having two sleep here but afternoon one is only around an 1hr now, but he is in bed earlier, sleeps from 7pm to 7am now so i should not complain. I know i am lucky to have such a good sleeper.
    Hi to everyone else i my have missed.

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    mis: i am glad he wasnt kicked out lol.

    well i went to the doc today and she gave me the duromine im only aloud on it for a month or i can take 1 every 2nd day for 2 months but i have to get off the zoloft first

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    NaNa- OMG i read ur post and thought it was something i had writted about my DS...

    Yesterday morning we had our first incident of headbutting the floor with intent (not just falling down!) and I tell you, it's horrible! For a week or two now DS has been smacking himself in the head with his hand whenever he was frustrated or I said "No!", but there's very little I can do to prevent that

    Just wondering- have you tried formula at all... - now i used to hate this when i was BF but a friend of mine's boy was also like that screamed all night wouldnt sleep etc... put him on this formula that is supposed to help with sleeping and within 3 nights he was sleeping through... ( i can find out the name of it if u like. (Oh i understand if ur not interested... hope i havent offended u by mentioning it... i know i used to but please dont take it asan Anti BF bashing cos u know me and i'm all for it... Just thinking of u... HUGS)

    Tracy- i used some SM33 the other week for my teeth pain and found it stings a little 1st before numbing... i dont get that with binjella... But have u read the news about bonjella???

    I agree with everyone about feeling comfy with someone ur leaving ur precious with... i would have done the same hun...

    Abb i remember reading bout ur DD's birthday last yr... I still spins me out that our bubs are almost 1 and that i have been chatting with you all for that long...

    I love that a few of our bubbas have the same B'day... our party will be on the 23rd also... only cos its the weekend before and i hate to have it after... lol just a little one... i brought a tiara that says birthday princess... LOL

    Sass- GL.... hope all goes well with them... i start mine monday with HJ

    Things are ok now were back to the old formula...

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    Tracy- I so dont feel like a supermum... i feel like a numb zoned out broken failure...and with the bonjella- must be the mouth ulcer one... sorry if i worried u...

    Hopefully tresillian can help u... i have heard both good and bad things from them...

    Well DD has now shated throwing tanties also... crying at DS is he has something she wants... not good...

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    Well i think all you girls are fabulous mums.
    Jess i so can't believe what you have to put up with, i think your Dp should thank his lucky stars he has such a fantastic partner to look after his children and maybe a good slappin to wake him up a bit and give you a hand every once a while. Sheesh
    Anyways i hope Tiahna does not pick up on any of the bad behaviour from your ds. I am sure she is just sticking up for herself.
    NaNa wow times are still tough for you, i think Hamish is a hand full sometimes but atleast i am getting sleep to cope with it. Any progress?
    Mis T - i hope you can sort out your issues also, you are doing such a terrific job on your own and with all your ex's crap aswell, you should be proud of yourself. It is difficult being a mum and doing it by yourself even more so, i had so many ups and downs when maddi was young, but i had great support from my mum.
    Sass good luck with the duromine, hope it works out for you.

    I am feeling a bit lost tonight, James is away and Maddi is at friends so just me and Hamish and he is ready for bed. I am going to curl up in bed and put a girly movie on i think, will be nice to hog the bed for once and no snoring, oh heaven.. hehe

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    in love. lots of it.

    Sorry, I've been slack and not posted here for a while. I'm kind of just plodding thru each day, and popping into the MCN thread now and then because I don't have to think too hard about it, and I don't have to focus on sleep/no sleep/what the hell do we do next type of thing...
    We managed to get an appointment at the childrens hospital sleep disorder clinic, and although they were understanding and told me I was doing everything right, they couldn't help with any resettling strategies or shed some light on why DS is waking every half hour some nights. "It's normal, sort of." he said. PFFFFFTTT!!! The Dr was all concerned about me and how I seem so flat and down, and it makes me mad having to try to explain over and over that I'm not depressed (YET!) just exceptionally negative, frustrated and exhausted because nobody understands or has any answers, and my child gets tired and frustrated all the time too because he doesn't know how to stay asleep and resettling is simply impossible. We had blood tests done to check DS's iron levels, although both the doc and I know this is probably not going to be relevant. But DS was so good getting the big needle in his arm again (no emla this time or anything!) and was even squeezing his fist to make the blood flow. Freaky! So, anyway, I've been told by the "experts" that I should keep doing what I'm doing, and maybe try and introduce a teddy or comfort object again and create another sleep association that doesn't involve BF or sucking. I had let the blankie slip for a bit because I was sick of being belted with it! *sigh* So back to being bashed with a blankie at bedtime. Nice.
    *CAUTION* vent coming up!
    Everyone HAS to say, "oh, have you tried sleep school?" or "A friend of mine did such and such with their kid and it worked great." "why don't you do controlled crying??" All this from people who don't even have kids... and if they do have kids they're placid, calm, ordinary children who just don't have the temperament or, dare I say it, intelligence to compare to DS and his boundless energy and enthusiasm for mischief and inquisitiveness. I just don't have the patience or energy to explain that he's just not like those other kids, and even the doctors and specialists at the sleep disorder clinic said controlled crying is NOT going to work for us ever. And it doesn't have to because DS is happy to GO to sleep!
    DP is copping this from all his colleagues at work, and he's just so fatigued and over it all. He's so grumpy lately, and I can hardly blame him, but now is the time that we are somehow required to find an untapped spring of energy sufficient to carry on thru the next however many months/years of relentless tantrums and screaming every night. And at the same time, he's applying for work in Paris because Melbourne just isn't working for him anymore... He hates his job, it's cold, our house sucks (as have the last two places before this one) and he wants us to go somewhere where we can be happy and have family around us who are helpful, and that's not going to happen here, no matter how much I like Melbourne. It's a scary thought, moving overseas with a kid... my brain just doesn't work at the moment to even contemplate it!

    Jess - I appreciate your advice. I'm not offended by your ideas about trying formula, and it's been suggested by another good friend of mine too. However... I would like to continue BF for as long as I'm able and DS wants it, and when I discussed it with the the doc he didn't seem to think the formula option would be worthwhile. DS is eating plenty of solids, and I'm still going ok with the milk supply, though I don't like to discuss it here since I know how much you and others here would like to still be able to/continue with BF. Anything you can suggest is welcome, since you have a wild child of your own and understand what it's like first hand.

    OK, I have to go. BBL to finish this. Sorry to come across so blaaaaaaahh but that's how it is! I'll try and cheer up this afternoon, but I'm going to my friend's 30th (shiat, mine's next week) and there's going to be all the kids from playgroup who SLEEP so well... phooey.

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    NaNa- I fully understand the not wanting to use formula which is why i chringed at even the though if mentioning it... I wasnt meaning to stop BF just maube to try one feed or something.. (more so the new formula there is for helping bubs sleep) If u ever wanna chat let me know... I dont mind calling STD if u wanna chat for few minutes to destress... HUGS... Its so hard when no one is able to help us and ur bubs isnt it... GRRRRRRR Ur doing a fab job though... also take my hat of to ur DP... Better man then mine... lol.

    I'm starting the sue dengate failsafe diet for DS and DD (dont want a 2nd wild child)

    WOW about thinking of moving overseas... gosh what would be the postage on fluff to paris??/ PMSL

    Abb- Thanks hun... I guess its all i know really... DP was my 1st serious relationship and i had a point to prove and now i'm paying... i blame myself for letting him get away with it and now i'm standing up he's not likeing it...

    Well DD is WALKING!!! well not all the time but she is always letting go and taking off... she can go the lenghth of the loungeroom now and she thinks she is ants pants... lol

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    Hi ladies,

    We have new thread already? We talk too much, which is great! Let’s all keep it up while I try and keep up with you ladies. I have read all posts even ones from 3-4 days ago.

    Nana –

    How disgusting! I too would have done the same! Matter of fact; if I was you and saw the rubbish I would have turned right around without even taking my child into meet the caregiver. I am surprised that you even went inside the place. Oh my god Nana, your little one bits and hits already? I am so sorry to hear that. He must be frustrated about something. DD makes a noise, to me; it’s like a baby yelling at you, telling you off for something. She raises her voice at me. Whenever she does that I say “Don’t say that to mummy” or “No Yasmeenia no, don’t raise your voice at me”. I am just teaching her. Of course she wouldn’t remember but hey it’s a start. Keep up the good work. You are handling the situation. How is he with other people around or with your Yasir? Since your DS wakes up every 30 mins or so, would it be better to have him sleep with you or is that not an option? Just so at least he might feel comfortable knowing you are close. Of course, you don’t have to, just a suggestion. It must be hard trying to function everyday with little sleep.

    Abb –

    How are the party’s plans coming along for your DD? You have so many birthdays to be attending and having. Good luck.

    Today was awesome. I was playing with DD in the front yard; I was helping her stand and walk. She stood by herself for about 5-10 seconds but was too scared to move. Because she knows she will fall, Lol. DD and I play this little game – where I am pretending to chase her – saying things like “I am coming to get you”, “Come here” laughing as I say that, she rolls around trying to run away from me, Lol. She laughs and rolling away. As from Wednesday she will be returning to childcare full-time, except Tuesday’s. I need to use that time to complete assignments and somehow prepare for my exams, if possible. I love the centre she goes too. I feel very confident and comfortable with the girls there. In the beginning I might have been judgmental because no one else every looked after her. But whenever I enter the place, I love it, knowing she is in great care. There are two girls always in the babies/toddler room. One is a qualified caregiver; she is there five days a week. She does such a great job of looking after the little one. She is fantastic. She is very caring and probably 26-28 years old. I could be wrong though am not exactly sure. So I am looking forward to taking her there. The centre is always clean and smells good. They do a lot of activities with the children. DH and I were thinking about moving to another suburb, although this place is great, it doesn’t have a bathtub. It’s somewhat of a problem for me because Yasmeenia is getting bigger. But decided to wait until the end of the year because I don’t want to have to put DD in another centre.

    Am I the only one co-sleeping with DD? Is anyone else doing the same? I know bad habit. But its convenient for me at the moment but after my exams I am going to train her to sleep in her cot.

    LMK -

    Where are you? How is abbie doing?

    Bec -

    How is Cameron doing? You have posted since I shaved DD's hair Lol
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    in love. lots of it.

    Jess - I tried to post earlier but cyberspace gobbled it... don't ever shy away from giving advice to me. I know that you're BTDT with lots of things, and it's my own fault that I'm sooooo stubborn and difficult and rarely accept help, advice or assistance for anything if I don't think it's immediately practical or plausible. You'd know better than me that it's so hard to admit you're not invincible or entirely capable, yet not a complete failure either, and since so few people see that there's a middle ground there, you just carry on and do everything yourself. Something to prove to yourself, maybe. Right?? But then, all the times you deny or refuse help when it's offered, when you actually do ask for it there's never anyone able to do anything. What a pickle...

    Girl - we were cosleeping with DS. The last few weeks we've got him back in the cot in his own room for the first few hours of his night sleep, for the first time ever. But DP and I are taking it in turns to camp out in the room with him and when he wakes screaming at 3am and cannot be resettled, he always ends up sleeping with us. When he eventually goes back to sleep, that is! I preferred having him in the single bed in our room, and I'm trying to decide whether to go back to that soon. He's had too much change and disruption in his home, and bedtime, it's no wonder he's confused.

    Congratulations to the little ladies walking now! Wow!

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    Girl- i dont co sleep- But only for 1 reason... i'm a heavy person... and my DP is a heavy sleeper... that combo with a queen bed and his snoring we wouldnt get much sleep anyways...lol... i would have loved to have co -slept...

    NaNa- U sound like me... lol... u seem to be having the same struggles i went though... (still am going through) It must be dificult for you also cos like me you dont have family for support... i have a few friends but until u have a dificult child u have no idea... i think its like most things... My kids suffered terrible colic and reflux... i have friends whos bubs are a little windy and chucky and there crying... OMG reflux... LOL... If they only knoew how bad things could be... Is Aadi sleeping ok during the day ?? is it just nights still??? i'd like to try and offer help but by the sounds of it (and if ur like me) u would have tried everything u know of already...

    Well we had a fairly bad night... Tiahna is sick with a cold and was up every hour last night poor thing... got the vapouriser on and hoping we can clear it up fairly quickly

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    gold coast

    nana: no advice here just wanted to send u a big hug.

    jayda has been a poo over the weekend. hardly got any sleep. Dh said to me sat night i feel bad cause ur always gettin up to her i know i need to step up a bit with it all. then int he next sentence says i know i will be hung over in the morning so u can get up to her and when i EVENTUALLY wake up u can go back to sleep. i wanted to hit him. but i took advantage of goign back to sleep cause i dont usually get the chance lol.

    i have to wait a few days for the zoloft to get out of my system b4 i can start the Duromine i am so impatient i nearly took some this morning lol.

    omg one of the kids is trying to teach one of the littler ones to say helicopter but........ she is saying "say helli-****-ta" lol

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    In the middle of Pink and Blue!!!

    Yeah for Tiahna, you go girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow Jess she is so clever walking already!!!!! Abbie is not far off walking she stands next to the lounge looks at me lets go and stands there for a good 15 to 20 seconds witha big grin on her fave, she is sooooo cheeky. You are a great mum and you are doing a wonderful job raising your children and never forget that. Some children just need more help then others, Lachlan is a trying child and needs alot of love and support to have a good day. He needs to be distracted from doing the wrong thing in order for us to have a good day. Otherwise we could just fight all day long. Until i realised this he was driving me bonkers. I am sure you have tried everything you possibly can try with jordan and i hope that the new book that you are reading helps bring some peace to your house. If you ever need to chat please let me know. Goodluck and i hope that he is good for you today:-)

    Sassy men are like that sometimes grrrrrr. good luck with the duromine, Its is AMAZING stuff, i know people say that its suppose to make you feel like you are not very hungry but you wont believe it till you take it. I have to literally make myself eat 3 meals a day, I NEVER feel hungry. I am hoping that it makes my stomach shrink so that i keep eating the amount i am eating now when i stop. I have lost 3kg in 6 days. Good luck and i hope it works for you, but just remember to take it really early in the morning to ensure you can sleep at night i don't take it after 7am. I would be more incline to take it for 2 months every second day as that gives you a longer time on them:-)

    Nana everyone always told me i should go to sleep school with cody cause he was a horrible sleeper, i was young and pig headed lol and never took him but you know what he turned out fine and eventually sorted himself out. Honestly you are doing a great job and don't worry about what everyone else says. Hugs to you.

    Abb I would love a night to myself!!! I hope you enjoyed it:-)

    Miss sorr to hear about your troubled times i hope it picks back up for you. We do want to listen to your issues if you need to talk about it so feel free. Let me know how you go. If you need a chat i am here.Good luck hugs to you. Oh we posted nealy at the same time, i got my vaporiser from the chemist they are not cheap but i love mine i just need three of them:-)

    Girl yeah on standing up and letting go abbie has just started that too.

    bec how are things with cam?

    Well abbie has been going well. I i have already said she is standing by herself and letting go and she thinks that she is soooo clever. Yesterday i had a tupperware party and dh had the kids, abbie went into lachlans room and obviously chewed on a cardboard book and was choaking on a bit of paper, so dh got it out of her mouth and gave her a little drink but she would not drink. So he gave the boys a biscuit and abbie wanted one so he gave her one as well, she threw the entire biscuit up. He called me and i was soooo scared all i could think of is that its stuck in her throat. He called 13health and they said that its probably gone down and to keep an eye on her and if there is any sudden change then call 000. OMG i was so scared when he was telling me. I was 40 minutes from home so i could not just quickly go home and make sure she was ok. It made me feel so bad for doing tupperware and made me think that if i was there she would not of been in lachlans room (cause i don't let her in there cause lachlan is too rough, hehe just because i am over protective of my little girl and don't want her to turn out rough like the boys;-))
    She is eating as much as ever and i can't believe that OUR babies are nearly 1.

    I am not meaning to brag, i am only saying this cause this is one of the very very few times this has ever happened, Lachlan and Abbie are both asleep right now shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I can't believe it . Lachlan got up so early this morning like 5am so he was already exhausted and abbie is getting more teeth ( i think) Woooo Hooooo.
    So Abbie still has only FOUR teeth, it looks like there is about 4 or 5 more coming down but they have lookedlike that for months. Who knows

    Well i hope that everyone is well and i will talk to you all soon.

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    Post I have to study today. Probably won't cook, only for Yasmeenia

    Oh my goodness, I must have missed one of your posting about Tiahna walking, Jess. Thanks amazing. My sisters baby walked at 10 months. She is a clever little one. Good on her

    Plan for today: Buy vegetables for DD, cook them for her for lunch, haven't decided what to make her for dinner yet? Something with rice...I have to study today. Since I want to study today, I don't want to cook. I don't mind making things for DD and a quick dinner. I think I am going to be having sandwiches for the day or something like that. I hate cooking. I don't want to cook. I have to study.

    sassy -

    How cute.

    LMK -

    Wow. 3 kgs in 6 days? DD does the same. She eats her books sometimes. I have found her with paper in her mouth numerous times. It's so scary. She has ripped one of my novels once that I borrowed from the library. She has tried my text books too, but I always make sure they are out of reach. DH tells me off for having them laying around. It's on the table or the coach dammit.

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    Hi All,

    Sorry, once again been a little slack...well actually kinda been a little busy.

    Girl - No we don't and have never co-slept. I could never quite figure out how everyone did it....Cameron is such a mover - I was always to scared he would roll/crawl off the bed! We did try a couple of times and that's exactly where he headed . And also my DH is a truck driver (semi's), so sleep is very important for safety for himself and everyone else on the road.

    Jess - Sorry to hear Tiahna's now sick...Cam had a cold a couple of weeks ago - the snot seems to finally cleared over the weekend! Hope she feels better soon.

    Abb - How was your night alone...what girly movie did you end up watching? DH went out Friday night, so once again I put in Just Like Heaven, followed by Serendipity (I love these movies) .

    Sassy - GRR to your partner going back on his deal...but glad you ended up taking advantage of it later. Maybe next weekend you could get a little drunk (before your dieting kicks in) and tell him you won't be able to attend to Jayda cause you'll be a little hungover this time

    NaNa - No advise here either, but I'll offer a - actually make that a cause I know the other ladies would like to get in on it too for you. How many more weeks til you travel - are you having the chance yet to get organised for it?

    Mis - I seen your picture on FB of the trial birthday cake...so jealous. Here I was just going to do a boring old blue iced sponge cake. But I'm going over to a mothers group lady's house tomorrow so we can gather some other ideas and trial it together (then taste test after ) - so you might have given me some inspiration to be a little more creative. Sorry to hear your having BF troubles now too.

    AFM - well I think I'm giving up expressing now too....since Cam has refused boob, 4 weeks ago - I've been expressing what I can - then giving it as his night bottle (stored the extra - which we are starting to now use). I started out for the 1st week pumping 3-4 times a day, then found that hard when we had plans to go out, so trailled it down to morning and night, then over the last week I was only pumping 60mls morning and again at night - so started to wonder what was the point of doing 2 a day, so just did what I could once a day, and as of yesterday I decided I've had enough....I did a quick pump last night, cause I was a little unsure still, and only got 100mls - after a day and a half without- so today I think I'm 100% sure this is it! I do feel a little down about it at the same time as I'm feeling proud.

    Besides that....Cam is still enjoying childcare - I think he is loving playing with the other kids. He did finger painting on Thursday, and really loved it apparently (last time we tried it at home, about 6weeks ago - he cried the entire time). Still no new teeth yet, but the have to be popping up soon - still dribbling big time (even the child carers have been putting a bib on him all day cause of the dribble) and a few night wake ups (this morning was 3am, then up at 5am - argh!!!).

    He is really keen on trying to walk. He moves around holding onto the furniture so quickly and loves his walker - every few minutes he's up and going - then sooks until we come and turn him around. He also has started to let go of things when standing...but soon realises he's done it and grabs back quickly - though there has been a couple of topples where he didn't grab back.

    Well that's all from me for now...DH has just got up - so off to spend some time with him and Cam (when he wakes up) before DH goes to work.

    Bye for now,

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    in love. lots of it.

    OK, not so much whinging from me today. *breathe deep... this too shall pass...* It was a bad night, but that's nothing new.

    LMK - sorry, I don't have you on FB or you would have seen pics of how much Aadi has a taste for books! Literally... he has destroyed lots of his own board books, but I am currently sitting amongst a pile of shredded Gourmet Traveller magazines. I don't know how many half-eaten pages I have fished out of Aadi's mouth today let alone in the last week... it's disgusting. I bet you must have been so terrified for that to happen to Abbie when you were so far away from home! I know DP is nowhere near as vigilant as me whenever Aadi's playing somewhere new or potentially dangerous (like the back yard!). Last night we were at a friend's place and they had lots of kidlets running around and burst balloons were going everywhere. I was scrambling around picking up all I could find, and DP (who's s'posed to be minding Aadi) asks me "why is Aadi coughing?". He's sitting in a corner choking on a piece of rubber, that's why! So once more I've got my fingers down his throat trying to get the stuff out and not get bitten at the same time! ack!

    Abb - How was your big night in?? Sounds divine... I bet planning DD's birthday party is causing you a few worries though! Eeek! Girls and boys! 13 year-olds! scary stuff...

    Bec - I'm sorry you're having to give up the BF. But I guess Cam knows what he wants, and he's a big enough boy now to not need it (even if it makes you sad!). You've done great to go this far, and to keep expressing too. That's such hard work. You should be proud, and now you get the chance to reclaim your BBs for yourself (and DH, too maybe? heheh).
    It is so great that Cam is loving daycare, and must be a relief for you that he's in good hands and enjoying himself while you have to go back to work.

    Mis - You mean to say you STILL haven't got a vapouriser? oooh, you're naughty! Get thee to a chemist, quickly! No, they're not cheap. About $40-$60 but worth it. I have a EucyBear one. It's green, but I'll get over it!
    I hope you get something you need from Tresillian, whether it be support, ideas, anything... you deserve it. And don't worry about venting or destressing in here. Up to you, but I've certainly done my share of it!
    I'm not certain if we will actually move overseas again any time soon, but it's entirely possible. I'm dreading the 14+ hours flying time coming up next month, especially since sedation doesn't work on Aadi-Xtreme-Bebe...

    Girl - I'll pop over and cook for you, if you babysit Aadi, ok?? hahahaha!! No, that would drive you crazy. Good luck with your study!

    Sassy - tell your DP I think he's being a poo! No, don't do that... but he is LOL! What a bum deal.
    I hope the duromine helps you, and you can maintain the willpower and determination you need to achieve all your goals.

    Jess - I hope Tiahna's feeling better soon. Poor chicken...

    Well, Aadi's walking around with his walker/pusher thing a lot more now. Actually, no, he's running around with it. Walking is tooooo slow for him! He'll probably run first, then go back and walk like he did with commando crawling first, standing up, and then crawling properly! He leans on the coffee table and cruises around with the aide of all the furniture, walls, my legs, etc. but he will not stand on his own for more than a second and wont be helped to walk. He plonks down on his bottom and sooks and throws a tantrum at my feet until I pick him up. This happens a lot, so my back is getting extremely strong, and sore...

    OK, DP's just put the kid to bed. Now it's time to go to work for me!

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    Jan 2008

    Hi Girls
    Well i had a good night, I let Hamish stay up until 8pm as i kinda felt funny being alone but goos in a way. I made myself a discustingly junk food snack and a big glass of coke, hopped in my pj's snuggles on the couch, i first watched He's just not that into you, i love that movie, it so reminds me off my best friend and i when we were single and i have now watched it 3 times. Then i watched Marley and Me again, one of my favourites, such a tear jerker. I then when to bed spread out everywhere, almost fell asleep instantly, then was woken at 4am by the worst noise and storm ever, the wind and rain was actually frightening, It was so loud. I got up and checked Hamish but he slept through the entire thing, i finally got back to sleep around 5 then the stupid car alarm went off, apparently it has happen before according to James that with such strong winds etc it can set it off, but not once like 5 times omg i was so furious and stupid as i just kept turning it off until the 5th time i realised um if i just leave car unlocked it wont go off again..doh.. So up until 4am it was great..lol

    NaNa - Omg on maybe moving but i guess with no family etc, you need to reassess what is best for you guys, good luck with your decision.
    Bec - glad Cam is fitting in to daycare, it must be a relief knowing he enjoys it.
    Nikki - yay on the weight loss, my doc wont give it to me atm, i have to wait until i see specialist about other health issues next week first.
    Sass - grr at dh, glad you went back to bed though and took advntage of it, good for you.
    Mis T - Hope stanks is ok and it was just a one off being sick.. Expressing is the pits, i hated it, seems like a never ending task.
    Jess - I hope TIahna gets better quickly, i hate it when they are sick, poor things..

    Not long until there birthdays now, who's bubba is first? I think Hamish is last almost along with a few on the same day.

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