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    I'm having simply a fantastic day, NOT!!!! Livvy won't settle and the witch has reared her ugly face .
    Hope everyone is having a better day than me!

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    Tan-Sorry the sickness is still in you're house, if it's not oen it's another during winter and it's so hard to shift it!!! YAY on little man kicking, I really miss that!

    Lulu-We still don't have a legal agreement in place, so as far as the law is concerned I'm the primary carer and I get to make the decisions (is that right? LOL). I'm in the process of seeking independant legal advice instead of Legal Aid so hopefully I'll get what I want. I'm sorry to hear you aren't getting quality time with Izzy, I think you really need to get DH to have either one or both of the girls for an hour or so a day, so you can either spend that quality time or have some time out! You're doing great, I'm really proud of you! Majority of the time I have Lulu and Blake at the same time and they have 13 months different, it gets easier as they get older I'd imagine (they entertain each other etc).

    Lee-Omg! chicken pox? I hope Ethyn is ok and misses it, I can only imagine how much that would suck. I hear ya on the whole daycare and sickness thing, I'm praying to god now that Blake's back he is all strong and tough to hopefuly stay well.

    Danni-Mwah big kisses and hugs sweetness, best of luck for this cycle (I have a feeling you're going to fall pg in August for some reason though making it a May baby...NO idea why have had a feeling for a bit.

    Lis-I've tried that but if he puts Blake to bed and he cries he autmoatically goes and gets him cos letting him cry is "cruel". He has no idea about anything really and needs a kick in the head. Whoo hoo on the cute dress for Elena, that's the great thing about having a stepdaughter to spoil as all the pik frilly things are soooo hard to walk by hehe!

    Dan-I have no idea what to do re: settling - Blake could scream up to 2 hours if I'd let him and still not fall asleep so I get you...could you maybe just put up with her drifting in your arms for a little bit, she could be clingy and wanting you cos of her teeth, Blake certainly gets like that. I'm sorry AF has arrived also, lots of choccie for you today miss!!!!!

    Well Blake is back to daycare today and he seemed ever so happy when he got there! Tracey, one of his carers, absolutely adores him and vice versa, I think he missed her! When we got there he just grinned and waved at everybody then went andd sat down with a toy, eventually he waved goodbye to me!!

    I'm so happy to have him home too, he is being fantastic. He is 100 times more cheeky though and is really pushing his boundaries (like climbing the stairs when he knows we're not supposed too, things like that. But my mum taught him to put his hands out and shrug his shoulders whjen we say "All gone". It is absolutely adorable! He is sleeping 11-12 hours for me with no waking, no idea what Scott does to him....he is napping without a bottle during the day (he has bottles but not in his bed anymore) and eating well too, he ate pasta, steamed carrot, potato, pumpkin and cauliflower for dinner NOT PUREED!

    Enjoying my life and my little guy at the moment. Everything is gonig relatively smoothly and hopefully it stays that way.

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    Hi All!! Just a quick hello to say I am back!!! We came back yesterday arve, but I had to work today so just popped on to catch up on all the goss!

    Sorry to hear the bad news Dan and Danni, that sux, hopefully next month will be the one! Will try and pop back later to catch up oin the rest, have kindy meeting tonight and have to cook dinner!! My house is so hectic at the moment, and I have to work tomorrow again. Hoping Thurs will be stay at home day and catch up on washing etc.... BBL

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