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thread: Babies Born November 2006 #24

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    Dec 2005
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    mum's here for the weekend, it'll be great since she hasnt since evie since she was 4 months old! shopping time!!!
    evie ate all of her dinner tonight so hoping she sleeps through, since that other tooth has finally come through!
    Q: how much do your babies eat? i dont know if evie eats enough. she eats every time i offer something but i dont know if she's really full... *shrug* what do i know! LOL

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    Nov 2006

    Vicky - i felt alot better this morning but unfortunatly i still woke through the night my body is so used to waking i think!! but atleast i didnt have to get up!

    Emelia eats a peice of toast and fruit ot yoghurt for breakfast (most the toast ends up on the floor!)
    for inbetween a fruit stick and some biscuits, then a sandwich or watever im having for lunch and then her dinner is usually about 6 icecubes of vegies and meat...now that she feeds herself most of the time she just eats wat she wants and then chucks the rest everywhere!!

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    Jul 2006

    Am home ladies....will update tmrw!

    Tired mummy alert :P

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