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Thread: Babies Born November 2006 #31

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    Default Babies Born November 2006 #31

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in November 2006.

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    Christmas bought us a climber.... on the bench, the table, the FENCE!!!!!

    omg and I was enjoying leaving him to play on the deck on his own quietly - not anymore I turn around and he is SITTING on the RAIL!!!!! aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!

    Otherwise we had a lovely xmas went out for lunch, I spent xmas eve baking so we have mini xmas cakes, short bread, dutch spice biscuits, butter cookies and today I am make truffles there goes fitting into all of those old clothes!

    We also went to Dr on xmas eve - surprise surprise - and Jake is back on his Losec after sleepless nights and his particular cry he gets with his reflux plus we have a referral for a paed ent for grommets. Still trying everything else so in the meantime it may clear up on its own but it seems his hearing has been affected so it is more a likelihood than ever. Oh and we discussed ttc too - baby making season is open.

    mwah kisses to all, enjoy the cricket!

    oh christy did you get affected by the power cut? what are you doing today?

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    you were a busy girl baking Nelly! I hope the new year brings some resolution for Jake and his little ears hun. I wonder how long it will be before you are sporting a baby bump!!! Your friend Sharon is coming here to take photos tomorrow. I hope the weather holds off. I am loving the cool, but would be poo if it was raining.

    Today we are watching films and having a lovely lazy day. Can't beleive that one week of Rich's holidays are nearly over. and we are still talking!! lol.

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    MERRY XMAS everyone!!!! we were very busy didnt stop till 11 last night!! Emelia was great she was enjoying the attention lol ended up with sooooooo many pressies and a full tummy omg so much food!! still full now.

    thankgod for aircon and the pool at relatives otherwise yesterday we would have been boiling think it got to 40degrees here!

    Anyways more family to see today so better go clean and get ready....!!!

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    Merry *late* Xmaz everyone.

    Our xmaz sucked...i spent the day in bed feeling sorry for myself.

    Since my breakdown 2 weeks ago ive been worse. MIL had to come down for a week to help out. then hearing some news about a friend and her baby got to me so ive been hibinating in bed most days.

    Ive not read thru the last thread so i hope everything is going well and ive not missed anything important??? If so please fill me in! prince....half ur luck

    Thank you for all the sms and PM's Jol's, Tara and Vicky...means a lot to me.

    Today we are opening xmaz pressies....better late then never.

    My friend had a little girl this morning, Amalee Eileen..its her 2nd DD. The text message i got said she was 'full of rolls'.

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    hugs to you Kim -

    how are your eyes Christy?

    congrats on the walking well running Evie Taralee

    dh and i are sort of still talking - when we need to - i have seven more days to get thru with SD here - finding it really hard - i already want to cancel next year's xmas - i think last year's was a write off with a 6week old baby, and i guess i assumed i would have it myself more together this year, i think i would have coped if i hadn't been landed with having SD for xmas at the last minute - i am not coping well with sudden big changes these days. We are all in each others faces constantly in this tiny unit, no personal space - i think it's driving all of us crazy. No outdoor space here to actually enjoy either.

    Vicky - how is your pain levels after the exploratory surgery? Glad you had a lovely xmas, sounds great.

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    OK... we have the whole shopping centre toy and clothing department in our house!! The girls were spoilt rotten

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    Kim, you're 'lonely' face breaks my heart. what can we do to help you?
    DH and I had a big talk last night, sorted it all out so we're back to super-team again. I know I was mega-overreacting..but we all have our faults i guess.
    We did have a lovely Christmas and so on.
    I sure do have one monkey of a baby. I also taught her to do 'crazy head' so when i ask where her crazy head is she bobs her head from side to side and goes 'waaa waa waaa waa'. man alive its funny

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    Soz Tara...ive changed my mood for ya!!
    How cute is Evie and her head boping!

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    *hug* Kim its good to "see" you back here. I was getting pretty worried about you mate. I hope there is some light at the end of this for you. Its such a hard thing, especially at Christmas. I upped my ad's last week to get me through as my GP told me too. It made all the difference.

    The girls had a great Christmas, I on the other hand haven't been so good. I got the flu for Christmas Yesterday I got feverish and would shake with goose bumps all over & put on layers of clothes & blankets & sleep and then wake up and be sweating profusely and then it would start all over with achy muscles. Bit better today, but still with a slightly mangy eye & sore muscles. Grrr... .and I have to go to work tomorrow

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    well hello hello!!!

    i did lurk the past few days but not much time to reply, plus was using inlaws laptop as sophie was sleeping in the study and i hate the pas thing!! too slow for me! ANYHOW.....

    how was everyones christmas?!?!?!?!!?

    nelly sounds like jake is definatly on the move, climbing and all!!! poor you!!
    yay for the referal for the grommets he sounds like he needs them, poo on the losec

    vicky sounds like the dvd watching was relaxing!!! hope you all got lovely pressies!!

    blanche emelia sounds like she definatly got spoilt!!! blooming hot though!! did you melt???

    Gigi did you manage to stay awake christmas day after going to bed so late!!!?!?!?

    tara we do crazy legs, sophie stamps her feet up and down and dances. too cute!!
    we also taught her uh-oh as well she ****s her head and shrugs fhoulder with palms facing up, she also talks like an italian with her hands and rolls her tongue like a german!!! also learnt where her nose is! sooooo cute!!!

    kim good to see you back matey!! just take your time were all still here, not going anywhere, glad the girls got spoilt!!

    christy blah to the gunky eye then the flu double whamy hey

    US we we got back from albury this arvo after a stop off in beechworth for luch, sophie was great while away except the first sleep there on christmas eve arvo which she screamed the house down, she eventually went to sleep and was fine from then on. yep she got spoilt too for christmas too we had to leave stuff behind as it wouldnt fit in the car!!!
    she missed her arvo sleep on christmas day and went to bed at 6.10pm and woke at 6.50am the following morning!!! WOW was great though.\
    i got a surprise christmas morning..................

    no not a BFP....... AF.... yay for me!!! i did do a HPT chrissy eve though as i felt so sick, but must have been AF showing up!!!

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    hi jols...your so funny. I am so looking forward to meeting up with you IRL in Feb. Glad you had a good christmas too.

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    nelly, sorry!! I didn't get affected, but we disappeared for the day to a friends where I got really sick & wound up in their bed for Boxing Day.

    Matilda was/is a climber & used to climb our fences all the time. its hard work man...

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm back and lurking around. We had an exhausting xmas. Ella also got spoiled rotten
    We went to my ILs on Monday and Ella slept OK but she took a while to go down so i missed out on xmas eve dinner and ended up eating on my own...
    Dh was sick (has been for the last 3 weeks) so he couldnt help me with Ella. THe second night she woke up every 30mins!!!! i finally got sleep at 5am after trying everything and realisng she must be cold. So i popped a blanket on her and went to sleep while everyone else was waking up on the farm.. Only slept for 2hrs before i heard my MIL go into ella's room and get her up for the day!
    It hasnt felt like a holiday at all.

    Nelly - Ella's cousin has grommets and is doing so much better. He was constantly getting ear infections but now is clear of them.

    Jols - OMG you scared me i thought you were preggers. Are you DTD and TTC these days?

    Christy - sorry to hear about your flu. Did they girls enjoy xmas?

    Tara - Evie is too cute! she could be a back up singer bopping along like that. I've been trying to get Ella to say Please but we're not getting anywhere. She just points and points.

    Kim - LOL at your friends "rolly polly" baby. Makes me want another one...ahhem well after i catch up on sleep first.

    Vicky - sounds like you had a lovely lazy break

    Gigi - its hard having family over sometimes isnt it? I was VERY ready to leave my ILs.

    Blanche - hope you had a great break visiting family. How's the little man inside doing??


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    Well i went and seen my friends bub yesterday...soooooooo for rolls..yep she is rolly...but only weighed 3.4kg! I was sooooo clucky....but unfortunatley Jasmine was to be our last baby

    Today Jasmine had a check up....nurse got me to do a PND test....hmm i failed So now she is calling in the enhanced team to work with me. Craig and i got to the bottom of why i am so depressed...i wont say though as i dont want to be judged (and i KNOW 100% that none of you ladies would do that....just not posting it due to issues ive had in the past).

    Chelsea is going well...starting to use her Ta mama manners well. When ever i say shower time Chelsea she runs for our bathroom and demands her clothes to be taken off so she can jump in! Does the same if she knows we are going in the car...runs to the front door and as soon as its open, runs (walking but at light speed) to her side of the car! So cute.

    Uh oh is now repleced with oh dear or what sounds like bugger!

    Teeth galore in her gob....and knows how to use em!!

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    Kim sounds like you are making some progress with the PND hun, you are a fantastic mummy!!

    Jols & Ann glad to hear you are back & survived!

    Gunky eye is still mangy so going back to the GP today....

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    ANN man inlaws just dont get it sometimes do they!! when sophie was younger id specifically state that no one was to get sophie up in the morning!!!!!! they were happy with that!!
    glad you survived and your home now, nothing like sleeping in your own bed hey!!!
    not even TTC yet!! not til mid year, just felt *****!!

    kim :hugs: love, have PM'd you

    christy blaha gain on the gunky eye!! squirt some BM in it!!!

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    BM was all that fixed Jasmines eye when she had a yucky eye!

    Have your PM Jols....will reply soons...

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