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Thread: Babies Born November 2006 #43

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    Wow amazing story Tara. And like you said, at the end of the day you had a healthy bubs and a healthy mum. All good.

    They asked me whether I wanted a blood transfusion as I lost about 800ml of blood. I refused and when i couldnt bathe Ella or go to the shower on my own i took it - life saver. Mind you they wanted me to have a c-section because they knew I'd lose a lot of blood from my fibroids...

    Kim - so excited for you hun! of course you wont tell us right?

    We're doing alright. Still sick as a dog but then it kind of comes with the territory.

    My thyroid meds have been halved since my blood test revealed i responded quickly to the first dosage. Yay!

    Nelly - you still around? I have been so sick I havent even got out of bed on the weekends to check emails.

    Went to they twins clinic last week. They were good. She let me have a quick scan and both babies are still there! both with heartbeats! She said given i had such a big baby naturally last time she was going encourage me to have a natural birth with these ones. Great. I said just do whatever you think is necesssary to get them out alive and healthy. Dont know if i can be bothered with *natural* (but then again i'm feeling pretty slack right now)

    Next monday we have our 12wk Nuchal scan. I feel like i'm holding my breath until then. I just want them to be alright. BTW - our 7wk scan is up on our blog.

    On another note Ella's started her swim class and seems to like it. She doesnt always do as she's told but she talks about the pool nonstop now.

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    I'd better do my job & lock this thread & start another :P

    I'm here, I've read a bit... but too tired to contribute anything worthwhile.... *mwa*

    New thread time...
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