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Thread: Babies Born November 2007

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    Default Babies Born November 2007

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in November 2007.

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    Hi everyone,

    Thought i would post here to get the ball rolling!

    We had a little girl last Sunday 4th Nov. She was 12 days overdue (by my last set of dates), but either way we managed to beat out induction that was supposed to be on the Tuesday, so i was happy.

    She is my second child, i have a son who is 22 months old.

    Things are going well, i'm finding it easier the 2nd time around, but i also remember that DS was easier in the beginning, it was after the first few weeks that i found it harder. I am finding it difficult integrating a new baby in with my toddler, he just gets so hyped up by her.

    Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you all, and spending this journey of our little ones growing up together!
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    Hi Yael, I've been waiting for this!

    We had our baby boy, Logan, at 12.44am on 1st November, so we only just made November!

    We were also overdue, by 10 days and beat our induction date which was set for 3rd November. This labour was very different from my first, was a bit fast and furious, only 5 hours from start to finish. Was a bit shell shocked at first but am recovering well.

    I also have a toddler at home, she turns 3 in January and I have to say I've found it difficult getting settled with a newborn this time. I'd forgotten just how much hard work it is! Plus the added worry of my DD missing out on all my attention. Logan has been very unsettled in the mornings but seems to be improving (touch wood!!) and this has caused me a bit of stress. Our nights are generally fairly good, although he does have his unsettled nights occasionally. He is breastfed and feeds generally every 3 hours.

    I've had the baby blues for about a week now, lots of tears but I am not concerned it is anything more than the normal reaction. We lost a baby last year and had to go through IVF to concieve Logan so it's been a long journey and after speaking to our MCHN yesterday, she thinks my feelings and reactions are perfectly normal which was reassuring. I am going to speak to one of their counsellors just to have a chat, we figured it couldn't hurt.

    We are having our son circumcised next week and I am very anxious about it (please no judgments, this has been a very emotional and difficult decision for my DH and I). I hope all goes well and I can't wait till it's over and done with.

    They say the first 12 weeks is the hardest, so here's hoping we all survive with flying colours and happy babies!

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    Hey Willow,

    Good to see you here! Being overdue is so hard - were you overdue with your DD also?

    How is your DD coping with her brother? I think when DS can speak a bit more it might get easier, although everyday this week he seems to get more and more calm with her being around (he is still hypo, its just not like he drank 1lt of red cordial if he catches a glimpse).

    I've been a bit sad last week, but it was because of something that i know i would have been upset about even if i hadn't had a baby, so i'm not too worried. I think last time i might have had mild PND, that was never picked up, and i always put down to having a difficult baby, lots of post natal complications and being sleep deprived, so i do want to be on the lookout for it.

    Saw the health nurse yesterday, DD put on 240g in 5 days, so we are very happy. She was pretty small (2770g at birth), which they think was from me being pretty sick around the 32 week mark, but she was supposed to be bigger the paed said (she was 52cm long), but just didn't really put on any fat in the last 8 weeks (well, almost 10 being overdue). But they all said she should gain weight quickly, so I'm really happy at the moment. My son used to pack on like 350g per week, so hopefully she will be big and fat in no time!

    We had our son circumcised, was very happy with how it all went, so if you want any advice let me know. I found it scary like 2 days after because the skin looked a little funny (yellowish), but it is completely normal and it healed fantastically. We have it done 8 days after birth in a traditional ceremony where they are named.

    Anyway, i better run, DS is at creche today - only day to get lots done

    And i'm sure we will all have very happy babies, for a lot longer than 12 weeks!
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    We saw our MCHN yesterday afternoon and Logan has put on 300g in a week so I was very happy! he is a big boy, 3.94kg at birth and now about 4.25kg I think! DD used to take eons to put on weight which made me stress about b'feeding so hopefully Logan will gain it quicker, one less thing to worry about.

    I am also trying to be really aware of how I'm feeling, post natal depression etc. I didn't have it with DD but being an ivf mum and a mum that has lost a baby I am at pretty high risk for it so I figured if I speak to this counsellor we can stay on top of it if it were to become a problem.

    Being overdue is really hard, I really admired how well you handled it! I was a bit of a mess the last few days because i really wanted to avoid an induction.

    It must be great having DS in creche, DD has been brilliant with her little brother but has been getting a lot of attention from her grandparents etc so we'll just see how she goes. We've enrolled her in pre school 1.5 days starting in January so I'm sure that will be great for her to have that focused attention on those days and also great for me to spend some time with Logan and get out and run errands etc.

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    Hello Ladies!
    Although I had Caden in October, I was part of the Due in November thread, and felt very comfortable there, so I am staying

    Willow - I understand the fear of PND. I have been monitoring myself also as I had the baby blues, and still do. Although I don't have suicidal thoughts or want to hurt bubs (that would be terrible) I have days where I am constantly in tears and am not sure why. I sometimes doubt myself as a mother and feel like I can't cope and want to take it all back and wait a few years before having bub. I am sorry if this offends anyone, but these are honest thoughts. Most of the time I just love him to bits, and it is like I am a split personality. There is the Dragonbub who is a career woman, autonomous, indpendent, capable, money earner. Then there is the Dragonmum who is responsible for this little one month old baby that I just adore to pieces. The quandary is when one is questioning the other inside my head! "should I be doing more to earn money?" "should I be studying?" "should I be playing with bub more?" etc etc. Anyway, sorry to on about this in response to your post, I guess I feel less alone knowing that others feel similar things. Perhaps if we keep an "eye" out for each other we can help each other if things seem to be getting a bit rough?

    Yael - Sorry to hear you have been a bit sad. I guess pregnancy hormones don't help, even if you would be just as sad if you hadn't just had bubs. Glad to hear your little girl (great name by the way, what is it's origin?) is putting on weight.

    Well, I am happy to be here. Just quickly (Caden is whinging) we had him 3 weeks early by induction due to pre-eclampsia. Ended up with a natural birth, with a fair bit of intervention due to high BP, but he came out perfect in the end. He got jaundice and lost a bit too much weight, but now he is a biggen and has put on 500 g in the last week! Now he weighs 4.5 kg which is spot on 50% percentile for age, so I am not stressing anymore.

    Chat soon!
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    Hi girls, I know I'm posting a bit early but hopefully I'll be joining you for real any day now. I was due on the 14th but still waiting patiently for my lil' princess.

    Wish me luck for my much wanted VBAC!

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    mummyd Guest


    Wishing you all the very best for your VBAC. Look forward to seeing your posts of how it all went. I too had a VBAC (Very Brave and Courageous birth), and I wish you all the wonderful joy that comes with the amazing gift of giving birth!

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    hi all,

    just thought i would pop in an say hello (will no doubt start chatting more as i get more time).
    for those of you who i don't already know, or know me, i now have 2 children - angelica (who is 2 in jan) and Nathaniel (who was born on the 07/11/07). strange how everyone seems to think that once you have one child you know everything there is to know - I certaainly don't. in fact my two seem to be so totally different that even the things i thought i did know, i am now finding irrelevant and having to find different solutions. although having said that i am a lot more confident with the second child then i was the first time round.

    anyway i look forward to getting to know everyone and hearing how you are all doing (it somehow makes me feel so much better when i hear that others are dealing with the same lack of sleep, feeding problems, etc as i am.)

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    Hello All.

    For those of you that dont yet know me my name is Nat and i had a beautiful DD
    Molly Kate
    3.005kg / 6lb 10oz

    We had an elective CS due to diff medical reasons. We came home from hospital on day 3 and so far are coping very well. I have a DD who is 20 months old and so far she has been my biggest challenge. At 1st she showed no interest in me only the baby and is trying to be very helpful however today i have seen that she is starting to show some jealousy but that is to be expected.
    This time around we are BF without any problems, well so far so good. I had no end of problems BF'ing DD1 and am starting to think that its all up to the bub. Molly has no probs latching and i have no discomfort as of yet so fingers crossed this will continue. I only BF dd1 for 7-8 weeks (we had latching probs, very sore and damaged nipples and then a nasty thrush infect) and i felt tremendous guilt about it but this time around i really want to suceed. We were very lucky that at our hospital whilst in recovery from a CS partners and bubs are allowed in and you get to meet a LC and bub is put to breast asap. I did not get this with dd1 so believe this has helped with the bonding. We were not separated at all.
    So far Molly is doing very well and will feed anywhere from 2-4 hrly. She is still a little jaundice but the MW who did a home visit today to remove my staples assures me she is doing fine. She has even put on the 10% of birth weight that she lost in the first 3 days
    Well sorry to ramble i cant wait to get to know you all better as we start this new journey of mummyhood.

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    Good luck Krisp!

    Mummyd, I really love your VBAC acronym!

    Misty - congrats again on lovely Nathaniel. Yay, we get to baby buddies

    Hoody - glad to hear things are better with BFing. Each bub is different I guess. My GF couldn't feed her first born, just didn't happen, and her second child fed like a trooper. Just goes to show...

    As for us, I got a bit of mastitis and am on anti-biotics. I am not sure, but they really seem to make Caden grumpy. Maybe it is just a coincidence, but he has not been his normal chirpy self the last few days whilst I have been on them. They say it causes diarhea (sp?) in them, but their poos are so runny anyway. It does actually seem thicker and more "frothy". He is also alot more windy and seems to have tummy trouble now. Only one more day to go then I will have finished the prescription. Has anyone else suffered this?

    Have a great week everyone!

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    Hello to all the new girls that have posted since my last post! I promise I'll get to know all your names and bub's names before too long!

    DS and I are doing well, feeling SO much better emotionally this week it's unbelievable. All anxiety and crying gone thank god! Hate feeling that way, it's so awful.

    Misty - totally agree that while you're more confident with the second bub, it sure isn't easy! My DS and DD are also very different and I'm finding he needs lots more cuddles and contact than she did at this age. He was very unsettled the first week and it felt like I held him the whole time, this week he's been much better but again today, he's Velcro boy! Feel like I haven't put him down all day. He's having a nice big sleep now thank god.

    We saw our MCHN for our last home visit this morning and I am very pleased to say my chubby bubby has put on another 380g, so that's 680g in two weeks! Very relieved to see that at least our b'feeding is going well so far. Things got off to a rocky start with DD and while I did persevere and fed her till 16 months, it's a stress that I wanted to avoid this time.

    Hoody - you are so right about it sometimes coming down to the baby with b'feeding. DD had a few attachment issues early on and my nipples were so grazed and sore for a few weeks and feeding was very painful initially. We got through that then had a bit of a breast refusal issue at about 4 weeks. DS seems to have taken to it like a natural though! No problems at all so far. I did have a small blister on one of my nipples in the hospital but it wasn't too bad and healed within a day.

    Looking forward to more November mums joining in as more babies are born! I'm sure everyone is finding it hard to find the time to post too with such little babies atm.

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    Hey guys,

    I've been reading but no time to post - this week is my first week at home with 2 as DH started back at work yesterday. So far i've survived 1.5 days, this morning wasn't a good morning with my son (got sent for time out 3 times during breakfast), but it had nothing to do with the baby, just my normal 'OMG my toddler is so stubborn' issues!

    When i said it was easier, i think it was because my son was shocking for the first 8 months in regards to sleeping, and 3 months for feeding, and i had a really hard recovery with a lot of issues last time, so this time it does seem a lot easier.

    Anyway, hopefully i'll be back on later to do personals, want to finish cleaning the house whilst both kids are asleep!

    Have a good day!

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    Just realised that I have been posting the belly buddies for so long that I probably should move to the Baby buddies as our DS2 is now over 2 weeks [email protected]
    Ethan William George was born on 4th novemebr at 11:58am, natural birth, VBAC which I was really happy about. He is doing fantastic and putting on weight like crazy. ALready put on a pound since birth and charging along. He grew 1cm in 4 days which is crazy but he also put on 260gms in the same 4 days so we are really pleased with him. He is eating and sleeping well and generally just fitting in with our little rountine. DS1 (18.5months old) is fascinated by him but all is good there at the moment.
    We're doing well, feeding 2 hourly during the day and 4-5 hourly at night which is a god-send considering I have no.1 to run around after too. I must admit that I am controlling the day time feeds a bit to make sure that the nights are good which currently seems to be working ok. Ethan is generally pretty placid (except for right now as he is squawking on the floor) and seems to just kind of fit in which is what most people told us will happen. DS1 is coping ok though a little more demanding than in the past. He associates feeding time with reading stories and we now know Dr Seuss's, 'The Foot Book' off by heart! He loves looking at Ethan and touching him so just keeping an close eye on things to make sure touching doesn't turn into poking.
    gotta go, DS1 is calling,
    Gotta go, Ethan is getting a little worked up.

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    Just popping in with a quick one handed type...

    Our new addition Tyler arrived after an eventful induction/emergency C section on 13/11/07.

    Looking forward to adding more when I get a chance.

    Congrats to all us November Mummies. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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    Hi Ladies!

    I hope everyone is doing well with your new little bubbas, we had our DD on the 12th of November

    Her name is Mia Siarrah, born weighing 3kgs and 46cm long! We're soooo in love with our girl, she's amazing!

    Looking forward to getting to know you and all our November babes and congratulations everyone!!!

    Keira xox

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    Welcome Keira and Rachel! It's good to see more and more mums joining in!

    Still having a bit of a rough time with DS sleeping - his nights used to be perfect, he'd wake up every 3 hours for a feed and settle straight back to sleep but we've had some horrors this week. He is still a bit unsettled in the morning between his first and second feed, although he did sleep today for 1.5 hours which is good for him at that time! This is definitely the witching hour for us, I guess I should be grateful that it's not at 3am in the morning.

    We had him circ'd yesterday, gawd what an awful day! I cried and cried. Truth be told I would have preferred not to have had it done, but DH was pretty adamant and as his father I could see his point of view, also my ob did it for us, so I agreed. If I'd wanted it done it probably wouldn't have been so awful. But it's over and done with now and DS seems to be just fine, which is the main thing.

    We are taking him to a chiro tomorrow morning, hoping that they might be able to help with his colic (well, at least I suspect it's colic) and that might help him to sleep a bit better.

    These first few weeks are an absolute mystery trying to figure these little creatures out, even when you've done it before!

    The counselor my CHN referred me to called yesterday but I was having a rest with DS so I missed her call. I really am feeling good this week so not sure I actually need to see her but it can't hurt to have a chat to her so I will give her a call back this afternoon. Better to get things off your chest than to let them stew, the last thing I'd want is to end up with PND. My best friend had it with her first and it was just awful.

    Anyway, best be off to put DD down for a sleep and grab some sleep myself while they are both down at the same time.

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    Hi All just a quick one to let you know we have survived our first week at home. Molly is doing very well and so far i have not complaints she is just like her big sister was at this age feeding 3-4 hrly around the clock with the odd 5 hrs here or there. I'm been spoilt again. (i must be in for horrible 2 yo's) I am still enjoying BF'ing and still cant get over how easy it seem this time around after all the probs i had with DD1 (mia). My nipples are still in tact and not even sore so better than i could have hoped for. Was wondering though, Molly has sucking blisters on her top lip and i thought this was normal. I have had a friend tell me that if they get sucking blisters then they arent attached properly? So is she or isnt she? I really thought i'd get sore if she wasnt.
    Mia is still adjusting to been a big sister and we have had some trying moments but i'm crossing my fingers that in a week or too we will be past it.
    Well take care and talk to you all soon. I will eventually get around to personals its just i dont have time these days!

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