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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #12

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    Feb 2007

    hey guys,

    anyone had a looksie at my fb album to see what i dressd lachie in for xmas day?? lol, im mean

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    Dec 2006

    just checked them out kate... very cute! not mean at all!

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    Claire Guest

    Kellie: Em never took to a bottle but would instead wait until I got home! Have you tried a selection of teats?

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    Dec 2006

    Claire - the only one I have tried is the tommee tippee closer to nature teat in size 1. I am reluctant to buy more, cause I've spent heaps already on all different dummies, of which she wasn't interested in any!

    I also have some avent bottles with a number 2 teat - maybe I'll give these a try. The funny thing is, a couple of weeks ago we gave her a bottle of EBM and she guzzled it down, but today she isn't interested at all! Could it be the size of the teats?

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    LizzysMum Guest

    Hi All,

    Sorry I can't do personals I just can't keep up with you guys!

    Christmas went well, the girls were spoilt rotten.

    Amara is going along fine, feeding well and sleeping pretty good too, she has been down since about 2pm

    I am going to get her weighed at a chenist soon as I reckon she has stacked it on. I had to break out the 00 teeshirt suits the other day. She still fits most 000 in tee shirts and pants/skirt or dresses though. She is just really long so the suits are too short.


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    Jul 2005

    Kellie- maybe Tyron and Tahlia can have words.he an tell her how to suck on a bottle and she can tell him how goo boobis relly are!!

    seen the pics Kate very cute hehe

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Hi everyone! Thanks for all your names for FB! It's fun checking everyone out.

    We had a fun day today, we took Joel and Kieran to the beach. Joel had a ball splashing around and Kieran was a good boy and slept in his pram. It's so hot today in Melbourne!

    Kellie - How did Tahlia go with her day sleeps? Sounds like you are having some success!

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    Nov 2006

    *sneaking in*
    *whispers* Hi guys! So glad you all had a great christmas!
    We had a great day! Lots of food and lots of pressies! By the way we loved our SS thankyou!!

    Im Amber Callaghan If you anyone wants to add me on FB!

    Better go before I get in trouble! Big hugs to you all and kisses to all the bubbas! x
    *sneaks out*

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    Claire Guest

    Kellie - I know what you mean about the selection: when I considered a dummy with Emily (who wouldn't take one!) I bought tons!! BUT if she took a bottle a few weeks ago, it means she can again, and there's no harm trying a different size teat.

    Me - Harry went from 10am to bedtime today with only a couple of power naps, then screamed for wabout an hour tonight. Really unlike him!! That was normal for my first but I'm thinking he might be sick????!!

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    OK so we had yet another carppy night! Is it possible for a baby to go "off" a formula??? She was on S26, then NAN then NAN HA and now she takes about 60 ml of a bottle and pulls of screaming! SHe gets burped and plays for 10 mins and as soon as I out the bottle in her mouth she screams again! This has been happening all night! 60 ml at each feed is not enough! I am scared she will start losing weight - she seems happy otherwise though so maybe it is enough for her? She slept from 9 uintil 2 and then until 5 this morning when I bought her into bed with us and kept her there till 7. I am going out of my mind!!

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    Feb 2007

    Maddi went off Karicare gold plus.
    Maybe she needs a faster flowing teat?

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    nah tried that - screams really really bad for hours. least now she is only crying on the bottle. once we stop shes fine - until she gets hungry

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    LizzysMum Guest

    Rebecca, has she scratched her mouth with her nails or maybe check for thrush? Also a sore throat may do it, is she sniffly?

    Amara refuses bottles point blank so its me or nothing at the moment LOL! I am hoping she will take a bottle of EBM at some point.

    She now finaly takes a dummy for day sleeps only, but will onl y have a Nuk one - expensive tastes already

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    Nov 2007

    Hi all,
    Hope you are all having a great day. Ethan has had a great 2 days, sleeping and eating well. Not sure how he will be today.

    Kellied - sounds like the self-settling is going well for you and your bub is picking it up quickly. For Ethan we found it was worth the hard work. We have been using this technique since he was born. It took a few weeks for him to get the idea but now he is so much easier to put to bed. He is a dreadful day sleeper most days and wakes up a few times at night but at least we don't have to rock him to sleep when he does go down. He just goes off on his own. I have to admit we do use a dummy though. We find he settles well with it and it helps him wind down quicker. Hang in there if she goes through a period where she wont sleep on her own. Ethan had a couple of periods like this but as soon as he worked out that we weren't going to pick him up and rock him he went back to settling by himself again.

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    Oct 2007

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm so happy Max is back to being himself. He was so strange for a few days before Xmas, really unsettled, grumpy, and fussy on boobie.

    My health care nurse said that they start turning into 'devil children' at around 13 weeks (which he is 2 weeks away from!) because as they start to see more, and become more aware. It's SOO much to take in, that I guess they can't concentrate on one thing at a time. Max is starting to look around while he is feeding, and thrashes about...with me attached to the other end....looking at me, his dad, the dog, the TV...you name it...he's interested in it! Rebecca Maybe you have this problem???

    He slept a lot better yesterday, and slept well last night. He HATED the really hot days, so that was another reason for him being unsettled. Poor thing!

    Has anyone else started to notice their bubs moving in their cots? Max will be sleeping on his back, down one end of the cot, and he kind of creeps up during the night and ends up closer to the other end....? When he kicks his legs (which he loves) he must anchor himself and move backwards! Oh no...mobile children!

    Also.... I put Max in our spa yesterday with his dad....and really want to take him to swimming lessons....does anyone know what age you can start them swimming???

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    May 2005

    Morning all

    Problem with using a dummy for self settling is that each time it falls out, L will cry until one of us puts it back in. This could, and has, happened for hours. He definitely has us trained.

    L has moved up the bassinet for ages now. He actually works his way from underneath the covers and sometimes even out of his wrap. I thought babies were supposed to move down and thats why you place them at the bottom of the bed so they couldn't go further down and suffocate.

    L is 9 weeks today! Off to his vax on Thursday and then on Saturday we are going up to Townsville. So a week of firsts ahead.

    Nothing much else happening. Just the usual.....

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    Saffi - Oh I envy you! Going to Townsville - if only I could. That is my home town! I live in Cloncurry now though and I miss Townsville soooooo much! Where are you going in townsville? The shopping compared to Brisbane will be well boring but I guess different shops so different things to look at.
    We too have the dummy problem with Caitlyn - it falls out (or the cheeky bugger pushes it out!) and she wakes and cries so we have to go put it back in. But we have found that if we cuddle her until she spits it out and then hold her for a little longer, we can put her in her cot and she doesnt stir. Its great. Self settling though it is not.
    well I just tried a bottle of just plain Nan and she seems to have taken to that a bit better. She took 120 ml this time!
    Alz - I feed her in her nursery with the lights off so that there are no distractions. Or in the lounge room when it is just me at home. with the TV off of course. However once she is finished the TV goes on and she goes down on her mat for a little play.
    But I was told not that they turn into "devil children" but just everything that you had running as normal will turn to, well, you know what, at 12-13 weeks. Routines will go out the window.
    Anyway - lil miss is having a whinge so I will go play with her!

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    Dec 2006

    Trish - i thought the self-settling was going well, yesterday I put her down awake, and she stayed asleep for about 2 hours, which is a great day sleep for her, but then last night she wouldn't settle again, ended up falling asleep on the breast, so I'd put her down and she'd wake up again. I eventually put her over my shoulder and walked around a abit to settle her, and she flaked over my shoulder. Once she finally fell asleep around 11, she didn't wake up until 7.30! What a sleep in! We've had problems trying to settle her again this morning, maybe its the heat... its a stinker in Melbourne today

    After her mega 2 hour sleep yesterday afternoon, we thought we'd try her on the EBM bottle again, and she scoffed it down using exactly the same bottle that we used in the unsuccessfull attempt - dont know what was different, maybe it was the temp of the milk?

    Alz - what techniques do you use when Ethan won't settle?

    Minimax - I dont think swim schools take bubs until they are 6 months old, but I'm not 100% sure on that one

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