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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #6

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    Feb 2007
    adelaide SA

    My question of the day - for Mums with older kids. How in the carp do you put the newborn to sleep with a 3 year old that marches in to the room talking at the top of her lungs every 2 minutes?
    I know I don't post here much ( no idea how you all find so much time!), but had to write back to this as it made me

    This is me every day. I will JUST get TJ off to sleep, and Will comes kathumping down the hall, slams the door open, then does this exagerated tip toe over to me!

    Yeah, tip toe now, the thumping run down the hall, and smacking the door into the wall was so calm and soothing!

    I know that isn't an answer, just wanted you to know you aren't alone!

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    Feb 2007

    LOL Qhi! That's my DS too! He likes to run up the hall thumping on the floor boards loudly and bangs on the walls with his hands. It must be a universal thing!

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    Nov 2006

    Ok where to start!!!

    Peta hope Kaylee gets better soon, and you guys get some rest!
    Trish I know what you mean on wanting to go out but cant be bothered! You cant just pop into a shop anymore hey its a long process! Your family sounds like our IL they are finally coming to meet myles next week, didnt ask first just told us thats when they will be here and thats that! ahh family gotta love em!
    saffi I hope your alright! Big hugs to you!:hugs: How was the community thing?
    Celtic hope ryan is ok? How cute that he is baby talking!!!I love it !
    Nic hope the BF settles for you! Does he feed well at night? Myles tends to snack and fuss during the day but has good long feeds at night? Good luck!
    Kim thats sux about your sis! You have a gorgeous family and we can only raise our kids the best way we know hey! Hope jas is alright too!
    Catherine how good is the Gaia range we loove them!
    Ange have a great time at the music festival! I really wanted to go to Big day out next year with Myles but DH said no way! I know he is right! If it was a more mellow festival we could probably take him!
    Ursula hope you feel better soon!

    sorry if I missed anyone! hope your all well!
    Well we have the dreaded immunisations next week!Has anyone else had theirs? I cant believe he will be 8 weeks old on monday! He is such a sticky beak can never be lying down for too long has to be able to see whats going on! I swear he was trying to talk to me today! Dh said I need to get out more!lol!
    Anyway better go! Dont forget to vote tomorrow!

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    May 2005

    Hey all

    Picked up the Third Bounty Bag today. So NOT worth it. All that was in it was 2 crawler size nappies, some mini Dettol soap, a couple of wash samples and a magazine, plus the usual pamphlets. I think if you go to the Target website you can get one even if you didn't get the second.

    Talk about funny, we were the only people that turned up to the community education session. In a way it was good as we were able to talk specifically about our issues and concerns with L. I always get impatient having to listen to other people's questions!! Picked up a few points that we will be putting into practice.

    Went shopping this afternoon. L had hardly slept all day so after being a bit fussy DH was able to settle him and we actually did the grocery shopping.

    Got caught up in the election campaign today. Kevin Rudd was at the Food Court of our local shopping centre while we were there. If I had thought of it sooner I could have given him a baby to kiss!

    Enjoying a glass of wine and nibbles as I type. L is down for the evening (I hope) and I am going to relax.

    Hugs to all.

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    CatherineL Guest

    Yuck Saff! No Polly is kissing my kid! Hehehe... very confused by the earlier posts, I actually went back twice to read jic I missed something, but then read further and noticed i'm not the only one confused. I'm hoping your Ok though

    I met up with Vivienne, James and her Mum today! OMBG... She look friggen great for someone who just had a baby AND a c section! James the Giant is very beautiful... Ro told me later on that she is a bit keen on him and any of you other little girls better back off! Hehehe... Did half my chrissy shopping today... didn't get home till 6pm! We put Ro in the next nappy size up today... I HATE IT!! Makes her look so much bigger...

    Peta - just thought i'd let you know that Viv probably hasn't seen your post or pm yet, I guess since she has her Mum with her she's a bit busier than usual to pop on.

    Hope everyone is well...

    ETA - Ange when did you say your coming up this way?

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    becky Guest

    LOL Saffi
    Kevin Rudd was at the shopping centre my hubby works at today (Indro) Is that the same shop as you? Agree with Catherine though, no polly kisses for me. ESPECIALLY HIM!!!! Lol

    Not much else to say really. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I cant wait for it to be over and get to Monday, so I can stop worrying.

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    Feb 2007

    You know you're all looking for that Mr Sheen smooge to fulfil your lives, Rudd does it for you :P LMAO

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    Jul 2007
    Yay Toowoomba!!!!!!

    morning all!!! Think we may have found the solution to Caitlyn and her crying. Went to the chemist yesterday and discussed reflux....he thinks it is a possibility. So i bought some gaviscon for her and some special reflux formula. didnt even have to try either. Accidently put a number 1teat instead of a number 2 last night. settled very quickly by 9 and didnt wake until 1245. oh and i made her feed a little less...100ml instead of 120. but at 6 this morning i wasnt concentrating and i gave her the full 120....now unsettled....work in progress!!!

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    Feb 2007

    Good morning!

    Rebecca - Yay for finding out why Caitlyn has been unsettled! These babies are such tricky creatures! Kieran was really unsettled when he reached 5 days old and we discovered that feeding him less frequently and giving him Infacol was the trick for us. Fingers crossed you get a better day of sleep out of her today!

    Saffi - LOL at a kiss from Rudd! That worked out well that no one else turned up to that community session! I hope you got some good tips, feel free to share any you find work well!

    Nic - Sorry your feeding has been a bit difficult again. Did you manage to find that shield? Can you buy another one easily? I'm sure it will all go back to normal for you soon.

    Mr predictable woke at 2am and at 6am for feeds overnight, no alarm clock needed! Bring on the extended night sleeps, I look forward to the day!

    I subscribed to be a platinum member last night, hooray, but am amazed at the lack of information! I didn't receive an email and got no info, although I can work out the areas I have access to. To those who have platinum membership, how do I go about requesting an Avatar? I assume I email Astrolady or someone, but wondered if there is a correct procedure somewhere that I have missed? Any other tricks I should know? Sorry to ask this here!

    Have a great day everyone!

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    Feb 2007

    Trish goto https://www.bellybelly.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=14299
    It has who you need to e-mail & what details to give about your avatar

    That's great news Rebecca.

    Maddi slept from 11am till 5:30am, but she's wide awake still & refusing to goto sleep.
    She did have a 20min power nap at 8am tho.

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    Claire Guest

    Morning all!!

    Harry has gone back to sleep and Em's is feeding her dolls! So cute!

    Took Harry to the GP's Friday to have the rash checked out. He doesn't have a temp or any signs of a viral infection so heat rash it is. Now the weather's cooled again it's settled down but the skin has now gone dry so I'm using a little moisturiser.

    Baby products: I use Aromababy.

    Talc: My MIL told me it's quite nasty if it's inhaled by baby so I've never used it. But I think the cornflour alternative is better?

    Nic - Did you find your nipple shield? I used these awesome ones at the hospital - thin clear silicone, they were great.

    Ange - I LOVE camping. We took Emily when she was really small and it was a breeze. We will try Harry out in soon as we have a quiet weekend.

    KateP - Thank you! She was so well behaved that day, I was really proud of her.

    Took the two children to the Early Childhood Clinic to get them weighed and measured. Harry is 5.2kg, 59cms and Emily is 11.1kg and 89cms. She's a little dinky thing.

    What's everyone up to this weekend?

    Emily is going to stay with her uncle and aunty for the night (her first night away from the both of us). They are taking her to a party and we will pick her up in the morning.

    She's finally taking an afternoon sleep - we all went to sleep yesterday and slept for 2.5 hours. Absolutely wonderful. Yesterday was my best day as a parent of two - We were all well rested, no tanties (and that includes me), got plenty of fresh air and had lot of cuddles and laughs.

    Trish - Yes that's right. You contact astrolady. I'll look forward to seeing your avi.

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    So sorry I can't do personals today I am so tired!

    Just had a quick scan of the posts

    Re - Baby Powder you can get th epure cornstarch powder which is best rather than the prefumed stuff but you guys are right its best not left in nappies as when it mixes with we it makes a paste YUK. Its fine to use it to just dust off their bum to get it dry though.

    Amara has had a little bit of bum redness and I have found Calendula ointment fantastic. Causing greasy problems with my cloth nappies but I got some flushable liners which did the trick.

    For Amara's skin we use Gaia at the moment. And the same as most of you nothing in the bath water yet. I use Natural Instincts products for Eliza and will for Amara too, they aregreat no nasties at all. They have wash, shampoo, moisturiser etc. Johnson and Johnson stuff is so harsh! It used to dry Eliza's skin so badly. I have a whole cupboard of the stuff that I don't know what to do with LOL!

    KIM - Do you sell flushable liners? I need more

    Thanks for the moral support Qui!

    We had our first trip to the park yesterday and it went great. I had Amara in a Mei Tai type wrap and Eliza had a great time. It was a cloth nappy get together too so it was a lovely morning.

    Miss A did not sleep from 3pm until about 9.30pm and then she looked like sleeping through her 10.30pm feed so I sort of woke her enough by 11.00pm to suck and she fed and went back off YAY!!!! I managed to get to bed by midnight and she slept to 4.30am, but I am still shattered!

    Eliza also has ANOTHER cold thing - arghhhhhh I hate preschool!!!!

    Anyone heard from Viv? Is she OK?
    Last edited by LizzysMum; November 24th, 2007 at 08:44 AM.

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    CatherineL Guest

    Viv is just dandy... She has her Mum visiting so is probably strapped for time to pop on and visit us all here.

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    Aug 2007
    Perth, WA

    Just a quick hello!... Have to go pick up my DD soon - mum had her overnight so we could get some sleep - of course I didn't sleep well though as it is the first time I have been away from Kaylee overnight, even though I knew she was fine and in good hands I didn't sleep well I miss my little princess! So off to pick her up in a minute!! Then will be out most of the day.

    Thanks Catherine - I will wait to hear from Viv before I do anything, have been procrastinating about it for weeks now anyways, just be good to get the $ for Chrissy !

    Have a great day ladies!

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    Morning all

    Becky - yes we were at Indro. I love that place. I looked up from my Double Cheeseburger meal (I am eating for 2 you know!) and saw all the cameras and the crowd. DH went over and had a sticky beak, while I minded L. So no polly kissed my baby!

    Kimbaz - Happy First Birthday party to Chelsea. I hope the party goes well for you today.

    Rebecca77 - sometimes it is the simple things that make the difference. Hope this continues for you.

    At the community ed session we mainly learned about the feed, play, sleep cycle. We haven't really been doing much of a play cycle with him, figuring there is nothing for him to play with at this age, but we are making more of an effort to put him in his bouncer or on his activity mat. Floor time is hard for us as we have inside dogs and need to put L into a play pen just so the dogs won't lick his face etc. The puppies are my other babies and I am having a hard time keeping them outside when they have been used to having the house to themselves for the last 6 years.

    The other main thing we learned is about encouraging babies to put themselves to sleep. L has mainly been falling asleep in my arms, on the boob, or we have spent hours patting him, or using our settling technique. Now we are just wrapping him, putting him down with his dummy and waiting to see what happens. It is really about watching for those visual cues that he is tired but also remembering that at this age babies should only be up for about an hour. Overnight it seemed to work well. Didn't change his nappy and kept the amount of stimulation down to the very minimum. His last feed was at 12.30am and the next was at 4am, and we got up at around 7.30. So, think that it is working. Nothing too revolutionary and I am sure most of you are doing these things already but new for us.

    Day completely free, apart from having to vote. Did the food shopping yesterday so might see if DH wants to go for a drive or go somewhere interesting. I hate being cooped up at home all day.

    Can't believe that 4 weeks ago today I was having contractions and that our little boy joined us in the evening. Can honestly say that it has been the longest, but in someways the shortest month of my life.

    Have a good day all.
    Last edited by Saffi; November 24th, 2007 at 10:59 AM. : thought Chelsea's birthday was today, but is her party

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    CatherineL Guest

    Saffi - was Lochie born on the 24th too?

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    Feb 2007

    congrats saffi and cath

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    Jul 2006

    Leah i dont sell liners...*Thinks ill have to get them in now to sell* LOL

    Saffi thanks for the party wishes! She is so excited. Have lotsa yummy food for her. Thus is the first of THREE parties. This one just a small one of 10 people. Next Saturday she has 40 coming to the one at mums!! then another on Sunday at IL's with millions of relos!

    Jasmine is having a shocker. Went to bed at 1am and woke at 530 for a feed. Slept 6-10 now wont sleep!!

    Yay on pley m'ship Trish..cant wait to see ur Av!!

    Rebecca glad you found some relief!!!
    Argh still not voted either. Maybe later!!

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