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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #43

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    Default Babies Born September 2006 #43

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2006.

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    maz - I'm with you, lets run away, and leave the kids behind.

    helen - nice to hear from you. Hopefully you can get back online tonight

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    Anna** Xander born 15 August
    HelenP Eithan born 17 August
    Jodi Nina born 20 August
    Sharleen Ambah born 30 August
    Rikki Ainsleigh born 1 September
    Maz Vyolet born 2 September
    Booboo (Laurin) Rylee born 5 September
    Caddie Ruby born 8 September
    Ambz Savanna born 9 September
    Kel Jesse born 10 September
    Belle Julia born 15 September
    Annie Alexander born 16 September
    Shellbell Ashleigh born 18 September
    Chrissy Caitlyn born 21st September
    Rach75 Jack born 25 September
    Anna T Jett born 26 September
    Nelle River born 27 September
    Nessa Annika born 29 September

    Just re-posting the above so everyone can check the details are correct!

    SOrry bout the speeling Maz - just trying to keep you on your toes!

    jodi- bloody hell.. its a pain in the ass when accidents happen.. it really sucks but it could have been worse, someone could have been injured.. I am sure Heath will take more care.. we have all done silly things like this!

    MY NEW MSN CONTACT IS : [email protected]

    changed it so i can post on boards and not have my surname everywhere! So please add me, i am slowly trying to add everyone but its such a boring task and i am lazy!

    Hi Helen.. hope that you are feeling ok, look forward to chatting to you tonight..

    well i had better get off, Olivia is at school today so i must get my housework done!!!! or else !!!

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    BB later on today for a decent post.

    Chrissy, I want to know whats up too!!!?????

    Off to a picnic today with some ladies I met off another forum then I have an appointment with my Fertility Specialist. I rang for an appointment sometime soon and they had a cancellation for today so I took it, is that a sign or what? Im going to insist he do the tests now so we can figure out an action plan for getting our next bub

    Hope everyone has a good day!

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    good luck today AnnaT.. and remember to log into MSN so we can chat again soon!

    Oh, and move your ticket to the left before you get into trouble!!!!

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    good luck anna!
    annie - I've added you
    I just went and had another look at the damage, and definitely not driveable, which really sucks cause now we have no car. I'm suppose to be working tomorrow & Thursday, but with no car I aint going no-where. I have only got enough formula for one more feed, then I've run out too! Plus the insurance wants us to put in a claim for both cars since it was both involved in the accident, they'd better not ask for excess for both cars, the xr is $400 excess, dunno about the hilux. Not much damage to the hilux though, only some paint gone. what's really ticking me off is that mum has a ford territory sitting in storage cause they have a second car which they drive around, I ask to borrow it, and they said they're insurance is for over 25's ... i'm only a month off gggrrrr !!!!!!!!!!

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    yeah I know, that's what we have, cause the cars in heath's name, but me as driver.

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    it's my parents saying no, i'm sure the insurance company would allow it, they're just being tight a$$es!!

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    Jodi - how are you going to get some formula! can a neighbour drive you to the shops.. if I left the Gold Coast soon i can be there by tonight i am sure!!!

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    hehehe! I'll see you tonight!

    Neighbours aren't even home, I'm going to send Heath home, so I can go shopping. Man this sucks. The cabs don't even have car seats in them, so don't wanna risk it.

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    Jodi - That sucks big time. Hate to say it, but it does sound as though your parents don't want you borrowing the car... even with 25+ insurance, they could ring and get it authorised for a short period of time. Hope you don't get hit with excess. Do you have any shops or chemists within bus/walking distance to get formula?

    AnnaT - Good luck at the fertility specialist. You are braver than me, I really don't think I could handle the whole blood tracking etc again.

    Nessa - Keep off your feet. That bruise sounds nasty.


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    anna, I agree with you there. with our car normally only 25+ can drive it, but we got the ok, so can't see why there'd be a problem with theres. I'm really annoyed at them too. Their car is just sitting in storage up the road from here. It's too far to walk, especially in this weather (raining on and off)

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    OMG AnnaT goodluck today at the fertility specialist. Anna I so forgot about the constant blood tests. MMmmm fingers crossed that everything goes ok for you AnnaT.

    Jodi-That sucks big time.

    Better go have mr sooky bum grizzling at me.


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    Melbourne, Vic


    Morning all,
    I finally got Ashleigh's 6 month needles last night, she screamed like a banshee but mothing boobie couldn't fix then she was fine.

    Got my parents, sister and nephew coming over shortly for my sisters birthday, just a little lunch I'm putting on.

    AnnaT- Enjoy the picnic and good luck with the appointment today, you'll prolly feel better once you have a plan put into place.

    Jodi- That sucks bout your car. He must have hit pretty hard to cause so much damage, and men say woman can't drive! We only have 1 car here and it sucks. Df will catch tram to work if I really need it, luckily though we have a few shops nearby if I need things.

    I might take your advice girls and go buy a cheap stroller to have around. Prolly be easier too when I just want to pop down the shops. I'm always leaving the pram in the car so it'll be handy.

    BBL girls, I better go finish getting ready before everyone shows up.

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    Jodi that sucks bigtime and how mean of your parents! Did u tell them u needed stuff for trhe baby.Give them the guilt trip! Hope it doesnt take too long to get sorted.
    Chrissy im still waiting for answers!!!!!

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    where is everyone.. having a life unlike me..

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    well we've finally got hold of another car. BIL has come to the rescue. We're going to swap heath's hilux for his car. Heath and I will just have to live with one car for a few weeks. The insurance company will take my car on Friday and they said it'll be 2-3 weeks before we get it back. I'm still very annoyed with my parents. I've never asked them for anything before ... now I know not to bother in the future.

    annie - I'm lurking. Nina's having a sleep ATM and Heath is hunting around on the net for a new motorbike.

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    Im here too but ruby is being a little difficutlt and has taken me ages to get her to sleep.She just wont leave me alone today the little devil!!

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