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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #48

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    I wont say sorry either Jodes not yet. Its not over til the Fat Red Lady sings! With all my pregnancies Ive never gotten + HPTs until the day AF is due or later so this is all new for me to get a + so early. I tested at 10dpo with my first preg and got a BFN so you coulda bowled me over when I got a + at 14dpo! Good luck chick!

    Shell - cant wait to see the scrap boxes!

    Maz - You poor thing!

    Rach - Way to go on the Highchair score!

    Kell - OMG can you send Jesse over here!? I could do with a good nights sleep.

    Well yeah we didnt have a good night here, not totally rotten but certainly not good. Ry put him down at 7 and he woke at 8 (like I couldnt see THAT happening) so I got him up and let him play. Put him back down at 9ish. OMG I was just getting ready to go to bed at 11 when I heard him screaming like someone was trying to kill him I rang in his room and he was sound asleep screaming his lungs out. I picked him up and tried to wake him but I couldnt, took Ry and I 15 fricken minutes to get him to open his eyes and wake up. He just screamed and screamed and screamed, it was ear piercing he was that upset. It took me an hour to get him back to sleep, I had to rock him for the first time in a long time. He was restless all night I think I was semi-awake JIC he did it again. He got me up 3 times. I think it was a night terror. Poor thing.

    Now he is a-ok, eaten his vegemite toast and crawling around happy as larry.

    Im knackered.

    Oh and AF is a no show

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    Time for a new thread everyone.

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