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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #95

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    belle honey, a huge congratulations on baking another little princess!!!!!!
    Tara is a gorgeous name too. Goes well with Julia.

    caddie - the canvas you did is gorgeous. Well done on a good job.

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    Up early ruby has been unwell.I took her to drs yesterday as i thought she had a uti but no she has another viral infection. A sore throat with mouth ulcers.. NO wonder she been off her food. Ive just made her fav porridge so hoping she will have a little. Man im so tired.

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    Another in the tired ranks.

    Yay on the girl Belle.

    River's currently squealing at himself in the mirror...crazy kid. I've had an hour's sleep, Ah frick, just had to smack his hand for switching off a power point. He's never done that before, but it's one of the few things we've agreed we'll smack for.
    Oh, yep, and now playing with Ran's computer...just opened an internet window...

    And he's managed to fall off the change table this morning already. He's usually asleep still at this time, I swear, he knooooows when I've not slept. Clicking the mouse...
    Back later with a less self absorbed post, if I don't break a leg or something, which seems to be the way this day is headed...

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    Gee Riv still gets up fairly late in the day compared to J. He is still up anywhere from 6 - 7, but He has to stay in his bed till 7. Today was 6:20, so he played games till 7 by himself.

    Caddie - How did the porridge go? I hope she picks up soon.

    I have my sisters wedding on the weekend, and it is going to be really HOT here (37 forecast) thank goodness she went with knee length dresses.

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    time for a new thread everyone

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