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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #46

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    In the jungle.

    Katie- Sorry to hear about your BIL. Hope things work out ok.

    Very quickly........ i havn't read anything, excet Katies post. Just have a few mins on a PC. Will be the last time for a while......

    Just wanted to say.... thanks for all your love and support leading up to Saskia's birth. And all your lovely comments and well wishes. You girls are great.

    The birth was amazing, all that i hoped for and more. The little monkey was posterior and didn't want out, but with a little turning from OB(and alot of yelling from me. )she came out A-ok! I managed to avoid any drugs, although at about 9cm i was beginning to wonder why. LOL
    Once her head and shoulders were out, my OB told me to grab her, so i reached down, pulled her out and put her on my chest. It was awesome! Still buzzing on the hormones, not looking forward to the fall.

    We have a house to move into, friends and family been working all weekend trying to get it sorted. Will head up there tomorrow, but no internet. So will be a while till i'm on line as we will have to organise a new satellite etc. Thanks again to you all. See you in a few weeks! xxxx

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    Katie, hope everything goes well with your BIL's op. So horrible seeing healthy people suddenly in hospital, how is your DH?

    MD, great minds think alike! My lounge is now a sandy/caramel colour. It is called Pristine Sand in the Dulux effects range (Tuscan). It is really relaxing and warm and the added texture has hidden many imperfections in the walls lol. PM me your address and I will post BSG over, I am on a downer after the finale though.

    Cindy, congrats on your little boy!

    MM, exciting about TTC! Glad you guys had a good holiday. Your MIL would get on my nerves big time, I don't think I could be as polite as you

    PAP, lol about the dress, how embarrassing! Although I would wear the same thing to multiple occasions, especially maternity dresses because it isn't like you get much wear out of them. Yay for N's first sleep over. We are miles from that yet, he hasn't even had a babysitter during the day yet lol

    Ange, FB said you have a house, so a big fat Yay!!! That must be a relief. The pics of little Saskia are adorable, her and Jimmy are going to make a cute cute couple.

    Cally, how is the biting going?

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    Hi Everyone...just wanted to say how happy I am for Ange and her birthing of Saskia! Sounds fantastic and great news about the house as well.

    Clare - I hope they get those frikken annoying tonsils out asap!

    JG - congrats on the birth of Morgan!

    Arte - W had me in stitches thinking about his quacking hut.

    Katie - best of luck for your BIL! fingers crossed

    Sorry if I've forgotten anyone! Not much to report here...Sarah is having a very funky time with sleeping at the moment but I think its got to do with her dad being away. It started while he was gone and I'm struggling to sort her out again. That being said...I'm off to bed just in case its another bad night with her.

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    Ange - Congrats again on the birth of your little girl. I must say well done on birthing a posterior bub with no pain relief, thats amazing. You did so well by the sounds of it. I got tears in my eyes when I read the part about you pulling her onto your chest, thats just incredible. Thats great that OB's encourage the woman to do that. So happy for you, enjoy setting up your new home.

    PAP - Aww bet you looked stunning in your black dress. Pregnant women look beautiful in anything! At least you get a nice new dress out of it though for the next wedding lol. I cant believe you are 24 wks already. As for your in laws dropping in when they like, its so unfair isnt it. Especially when you are pregnant, I wouldnt dream of doing that. I often wonder if MIL's ever remember back to the time when they were pregnant/raising young children, can they not remember how tiring it all is, the last thing you need is visitors. Well done on the sleepover, bet your mum loved it, she probably thought who cares if I am up for 4 hours lol grandma's dont mind.

    Oz - Oh no so sorry to hear about your BIL. Terrible news, however he sounds like he is doing reasonably well? Yay for reaching the 12 week mark, time is flying!!

    Rainy - Just looked at your pics on FB, J is adorable. You have done well once again. Congratulations.

    MD - I have been meaning to ask how you went with your check up? If you dont want to talk about it forget I mentioned it & ignore it sorry. Thanks for the ttc wishes.

    Jaz - I love having days at home where you just play & spend time with your kid/s. It beats running around the shops, organising things, while the baby is stuck in the pram, any day!

    Cally - I hear you on those day sleeps. Its hard work listening to them cry isnt it. I hope the day time sleeps begin to improve for you.

    Clare - What is going on with those tonsils!? They need to come out already! You poor thing, I cant imagine how you must feel getting sick all the time!

    Joelsgirl - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you are ready.

    Kate - Oh no hope you can sort out the sleeping issues.

    So I got an email from the MIL saying she didnt mean to offend me. So I wrote an email back:

    No thats ok, I was tired & in a bad mood & really just looking forward to a quiet weekend at home after having been away from Maddie. Its just that sometimes I feel that you undermine me a bit when it comes to Maddie. I think I am doing a pretty good job with her & I know her well after 18 months, so I dont really appreciate being told what to do with her & what she needs. I have wanted to say something before but have just tried to ignore it. I guess I appreciate how my mum looks at it, be there when needed but she has never once taken over. That being said, we definately appreciate all that you have done for us & Maddie, things around the home, taking her while we holidayed for two weeks & wanting to be involved etc, so please dont think I am being ungrateful. However I just like space & like figuring things out for myself.

    Is that rude girls? I am just fed up but still trying to be as fair as possible. I just considered writing back a sorry email & not saying anything, but I cant go on with this iykwim. Hopefully now things will calm down a bit.

    Hmm off to see pics of little Saskia

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    I think that's a great email H. I can sort of sympathise with you ATM cause I had my first ever 'run-in' of sorts with my MIL (after 12 years of being together this is the first time - must be a record ROFL) and she called me a idiot to the girls when they were over there and I had them come home and gleefully tell me what she'd said. I was just shattered that she'd said it because I thought she had more respect for me than that, so I stewed on it all day and then called and confronted her and she was surprised that I did - I think she either thought I wouldn't, or that the girls wouldn't say anything. So I carried on a bit and gave her the 'it really hurt me to hear you say that about me' and this is the kicker, she said "Oh, I suppose I could apologise for that' and she nearly choked on the words ROFL - MIL HATES having to apologise for anything - as much as I love her and get along great with her she can be a stubborn and mean old biddy when she wants to and it really pains her to have to admit that she was wrong about anything. I wont go into how it all happened because it would be really long and convoluted LOL. But I did say what you're going to say to your MIL Hayley because she did throw that one at me, about how she was only trying to help them and she only wants the best for the kids and wants to help them as much as she can etc, so I had to tell her that we really appreciated it etc. So I think all is well now. I spoke to her briefly the other day and she was nice as pie.

    Your honeymoon sounded just perfect too. I can just imagine all the stuff you brought though LOL.

    Oz, How is you BIL going? I hope that he wont have any lasting injuries from it and that he is out of hospital soon.

    Arte, that's hillarious about the quacking hut.

    Ange, so great to hear that you've finally got a house!!!! A celebration might be in order I think. Saskia is just divine, she looks like she is going to have the same gorgeous hair as her sister too! And you looked amazing too.

    Not a terrible lot happening today. Kids have school photos and it's always a drama for LIndsay cause he hates having his picture taken at the best of times, let alone the annual school mug shot LOL. He threatened to pull a face and I told him that I would throttle him if he did that. I don't care if he doesnt smile, I just don't want a stupid pic that he's going to regret when he's older.

    And Alister has cut an eye tooth! Up the top on the left. It's been bulging for ages, but finally cut through yesterday. He's being a real challenge ATM cause he just wants to be outside all the time and I can't be outside all the time, so there's been a lot of tanties the past few days. All he wants is to go with DH around the farm in the ute or on the motorbike, cause once he's outside he will bugger off up to the shed looking for him. And as soon as he hears DH pull up in a vehicle he grabs his hat and boots and wants you to put them on. He loves going to feed the sheep and will get out of the ute and 'help' DH with the hay and grab handfuls and try to feed to the sheep LOL. He has no fear of them that's for sure.

    MD, Lindsay used to do that when he was this age with the singing. He was doing it for ages and we couldn't work out what he was 'singing' along too, cause he would just do it out of the blue and he'd bob the head and jig about and we only realised when we were watching TV one night and it was Bob The Builder! Cause the song came on (cause it had just been released a few months earlier) and he started doing his thing and the mumbled words fit with the tune. It was hilarious!

    Little monkey has been trying to ride Paige's bike too and gets really frustrated cause he can get up on it, and put his feet on the pedals, but he can't go anywhere because his legs are just that little bit too short to reach on the downward stroke. So I think a bike will be on the list for his birthday. It's because he sees the kids all riding their bikes together and he just wants to join in and he gets upset when he sees them ride off.

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    hey everyone
    sorry im being such a negligant baby buddy im just sooo tiiireddd!!!!!
    ashas still teething shes got 4 new ones and more on the way and theyre all big teeth u know the ones at the back lol? im so technical!! shes had only 8 teeth for ages and now theyve all decided to come at once and shes not sleeping waaaaahhh!!
    getting huger by the day! gotta stop eating so much or im gonna be the side of a house by the end! have put on 5kgs so far but it looks like heaps more to me so maybe i need new scales ahhh the joys!!
    anyways ladies and bubbas i hope everyones doing well mwah mwah!!

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    Sherie, I am having problems with W wanting to be outside all the time too. I can't just sit out there all the time and look for bugs or pick berries, but he gets so upset when I won't go out with him and he sits on the back step yelling/whinging 'mumma come'. Unfortunately whinging husband annoys me more than whinging toddler so I end up staying inside to attempt to do housework.

    MD, it's on the way. I am told that the scribble by your name is a picture of a cat biscuit lol

    Katie, has your BIL had surgery yet?

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    Hi girls, BIL still hasn't had surgery. Hopefully FIL rips it up them when he arrives today. My poor BIL has been flat on his back with more morphine then you can imagine for going on 3 days. I am so tired, I am looking forward to my scan though, Almost time to pee and then hold it in until the scan lol.

    Logan also loves to be outsides and gets sooo cranky when we wont go out. We have just got his easle out so he can go out there and draw and play with is magnets and I can see him from the kitchen while I clean up. He also has all his eye teeth through and I am waiting on the next lot of molars.

    Ange so happy to hear you have a house. Saskia is absolutely gorgeous.

    MM I think your email was great, its fantastic that you said something.

    Kate I hope things get better on the sleep front.

    PP yeah BIL is conscious just stuck flat on his back unable to move. Bummer about the dress but it must be a very nice dress for everyone to remember.

    Oh my brain is mush and I really cant remember much else. So a big hello to everyone. I shall return after my scan.

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    Did a big post yesterday that didn't appear, so sorry about that.

    Back at childcare yesterday and K did a massive 2 hour sleep!! That was good, so she was a bit happier last night. A bit of whinging when she went to bed, DH went in a few times unsucessfully then I went in once and she was asleep soon after. I do like it when that happens as DH seems to be the favourite most of the time!

    Bought K some more shoes on the weekend, she is finally into a size 5!! That means we should be able to get some down here and not have to travel up to Canberra.

    Katie - hopefully BIL gets his surgery soon, poor guy.

    Arte - haven't had any biting here for a little while. Hopefully it has stopped. Did have our first evenign bfeed in ages last night, thought she had dropped that one. She wasn't interested in any of her dinner though, so maybe she was just hungry.

    Hands up for another toddler that loves being outside!! I like being out there too, but unfortunately I can't prepare dinner, do housecleaning etc out there!! At mum's they have a little balcony out the front that is fully fenced in. K could wander in and out, we could leave buckets of water, dirt etc out there, it was great. Would love to have a space like that at home, our yard has a fence but not a gate so she can still escape so she can't go out by herself.

    Noni - hope those teeth pop through soon.

    MM - hope the email works and MIL doesn't head off into another sulk. I thought it was good.

    OK, I was thinking yesterday - if we created a closed group on FB, could we link photos to it when they are posted and then PAP could be part of that, but we wouldn't be able to see all her info - thus keeping her real and BB life separate. Would that work? I just noticed looking at Ange's photos that she was in a group for Feb/March babies that her Saskia photos were linked to. Some of you ladies seem more with it on FB than me, it may not be possible.

    Had a busy morning this morning. Got halfway to work and realised I'd forgotten to brush my hair!! Oh dear.

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    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Katie - I have been thinking of your BIL and sending my best healing vibes. Maybe it's good that he's needed to wait a bit before surgery - lets his body recover from the initial trauma - remember the body has an awesome ability to repair and heal itself, and no doubt his is working away quietly while he's resting from the morphine. Although it would be quite hard for everyone stress-wise having to wait. xxx Hope your scan goes well today!

    Trill - I was LOLing at your spoon-wielding, sheep-feeding, bike riding A stories! He sounds like such a character. Tho I bet my Missy E would be right out there with the sheep-feeding, she's pretty fearless too. I was also cracking right up about L singing Bob the Builder. No doubt we'll work out E's song in a couple of months time LOL. Good on you for confronting your MIL. Post-menopausal women should not be allowed to get away with disgraceful behaviour like that!

    MM I think your email was spot on. If she thinks it's rude, just tell her that "the truth will set her free" PMSL! Seriously, life is too short to let this stuff fester, better out than in, I say. Thanks for asking, I have an appt at the Life Revision Centre late on Fri afternoon, will get the (good I say) results then.

    Ange, I've been thinking of you and the house move, hope it all goes fantastically smoothly with minimal input from you!

    PP - Sorry but I was LOLing at your dress story! You must've looked wonderful for all those friends to keep that particular photo - maybe you should've told them it was a different dress and it's only your pregnancy glow that looks the same. PMSL

    Cally I think that's a great idea but I don't understand how the group thingies work in FB. Someone else? AH I can't believe you don't have a gate - it would drive me NUTS to not have a properly fenced back yard. As it is I can't leave E out there by herself - haven't quite conquered the yard back to completely neat and safe yet - but I can keep an eye out thru the window and just pop out and in. I think that sounds like an Easter long weekend project for Mr Cally!!

    Noni - sometimes it's better when a few teeth come out at once - it shortens the misery. We've still seen no signs of any more teeth, which means E still have the 2 little cute ones at the bottom. LOL Relax hun, you're supposed to eat more during PG!!

    Arte. YAY you are adorable! I am very excited about getting cat biscuit art too. Missy E has done her first coloring in competition - it's an Easter Bunny picture - done in her favorite texta colours - brown green purple and blue. LOL She uses the same colours every time.

    AFM - well I had a very exciting morning at one of our local unis signing up to use their library. Lost my wallet - returned by a *very nice* security guard. Walked around campus and had coffee and generally felt much more like a student than I did yesterday. LOL Speaking of which, better go write that assignment.

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    Scan went great, very healthy little bubble. I am a little disappointed I didn't get any pictures to bring home though.

    Cally I have no idea re the FB question. Would be good to know though.

    MD I keep telling myself the same thing with regards to BIL having some healing time. I am just frustrated for him. My fingers are crossed surgery will be soon and he can start to heal. Lucky you got your wallet back.

    Better go and finish cleaning before FIl *groans* gets here.

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    Sherie - Ohhh no thats terrible of your MIL to bad mouth you to your own children. How dissapointing, I would feel exactly the same. Good on you for picking up the phone. I have trouble getting out what I need to say in person, therefore I need email. I start shaking and get emotional lol. I hope your MIL feels embarrassed for what she said, what did your DH say about it all?

    MD - LOL @ the truth will set her free!! Hehe. I agree, life is too short, I've got out what I needed to say, I'd love for her to follow with the new 'rules' and we all move on. I will be thinking of you on Friday but I have a good feeling about it all too.

    Oz - YAY for a healthy bub well done! SO thrilled for you. Are you still planning on coming to Perth this year? Would love to see you & your belly. Good luck with the FIL

    Cally - Thats funny, we had our first day back at daycare yesterday too & M slept all night! It tires them out so much.

    Arte - I'm amazed that W can say mumma come!

    Noni - Thats ok we understand how it is to be pregnant! Dont stress about weight.

    Well got a response to my email which basically said, dont worry about it you wont ever have to see us again unless invited & seeing as we wont see each other for awhile I have posted M's things that she left behind when she went to stay. So very immature response if you ask me. I am not even going to write back, its obvious that she is going to dwell on this for a long time. So I was firm with DH & told him this morning that he needs to call his mum as soon as he gets back from Adelaide (gone for work o/night) so that we can sort this all out because its starting to get out of hand.

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    Mar 2007

    Girls how do i post a few wedding pics in platinum?

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    hi girls
    yah!!! i finally have themboth asleep at the same time so i can jump on here and say hello to all my friends i've been reading but it's very hard to post these days, just know that i'm here in spirit

    hayley- it really is time for your dh to 'man up' now. his mum is way out of line and immature...hmmm, sounds like another mil that i know of he needs to speak to her, it's just not on.

    sherie- sorry your mil undermined you to the kids...good on your kids for letting you know about it. nice to know they've 'got your back!'

    katie- hope everything goes well for bil....sorry to hear about this...
    glad your little bubs is doing so well

    cally- love your fb idea but i'm a ludite...hopefully someone knows how to do it. i think ange is usually pretty clued up about these things.

    jg- congrats on the birth of big boy Morgan- what a lovely name!

    noni- i think 5kgs is a great weight gain for where you are in the pg. just relax and enjoy eating while pg, i know i did! i even ate big macs and i'm supposed to be a vegetarian . i've lost 14kgs from the day before i gave birth to jimmy....only 14 more to go! LOL

    arte- i really wish we lived near each other and we could just chuck the boys out in the backgarden and sit and sip chardonney!!
    LOL lewis loves being out in the garage with dh, he runs and bangs on the front door to get out there. i just let him go now and tell dh 'he's your mini-me, you deal with it' ha ha, they work on engines together and all sorts

    ange- can't wait to meet saskia. jimmy wants to give her a big kiss!!!

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    Feb 2007

    hi everyone
    MM i think it was a good email you sent and a crazily immature response from MIL. Maybe she does feel that she has helped you out - am sure you did something special to thank her though... anyway i think it is up to DH now to sort it out with them - they are his parents after all! how is M setling in back home? i am so glad you had a fab honeymoon, it must have been nice to get away.
    katie - yay on the great scan and healthy little bubble! wow it all gets so real now doesnt it! i just had appt at ob (with m/wife) and all is wel with me and baby. heartbeat nice and strong and was kicking away while she had the doppler out - gave it a good kick!
    Noah is going so well at the moment... sucha joy. walking around 80% of the time i think now... (i hope that continues now he is back at normal fdc). still having dilemmas about fdc, have complained a few times now - made an appt to go in and see the fdc director later in the week so hope we get some action after that.
    MD your uni day sounds fab!
    Sherie - - I love your A stories - he is so active and amazing!
    Arte - how are you feeling?

    eta - we were posting at same time rainy - yay to seeing you.... lol at mini me L!!!

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    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Rainy - nice to see you posting with 2 hands!! LOL at DH's mini-me shed-tinkerer! He'll grow up handy that's for sure. I'm loving the MIL-support club you ladies have got going in this thread LOL.

    PP - I think you are doing the right thing by meeting with the FDC director. I found them very responsive & helpful the time I had to terminate our contract. Remember that gnawing feeling of just-not-right is a really good reason to make a change. Even better if you have articulated reasons!

    MM- I think the email was fair and what you're getting is an emotional over-reaction. The most helpful thing you can do at this point in time is work out why this is "pressing her buttons". You will a) understand her psyche better and b) you'll be able to deal with her without buying into whatever her issue is. She probably enjoyed having M so much, it re-invigorated her, made her feel young and empowered again, and doesn't want to let that feeling go now that you're home again, kwim?

    Katie, glad the scan went well, bummer about the photies tho! Will you be having another later on where you can get some pics?

    Mildly worried about Clare since she didn't post yesterday - hope she's ticking along ok, conquering that tonsilitis one day at a time. xxx

    AFM - under the pump with study. Better go, I'm really just procrastinating now!

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    Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

    hello there girls!

    md- procrastination and i are very good life long friends! lol, i am the worst at it. yes i love the nasty mil support here too, you guys were the biggest helpers to me when i was in the thick of it. i'm quite happy with where my relationship with mil stands now- she keeps the hell away from me and i've been told she is 'scared and intimidated by me'...perfect i reckon! as long as she keeps away from me i'm happy!

    pap- i've got a couple of dresses that were given to me by topsecret maternity if you need something to wear for a wedding i can post to you? check out their website, i have sienna and chloe. ange borrowed the sienna one and wore to a wedding recently i think?
    are you still getting the mb double pram? my friend who weighs about 50kgs lifted mine into the back of my car yesterday with no dramas

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    Winter is coming

    PAP, what was it that the other FDC lady said to make you doubt your current one so much? I think your post got munched when you explained it.

    Oz, how is everything at the hospital? Are they waiting for swelling to go down or is he still bleeding internally? Glad you had a good scan. They don't seem to print pics here now, they give you all the scan photos on a disc and no x-ray paper printouts though.

    MD, I don't know where you find the time to study! Now that W is sleeping through the night and I have some marbles back I am finding this stay-at-home thing a bit mindless. I would love to do some study but I would never have time to do any of it unless I wanted to cut into my wind-down time at night when DH and I usually watch a t.v series.

    Rainy, I have been thinking about you heaps - I am freaking out about a newborn again lol. I honestly can't remember what I used to do when W was born. I guess it will all come back. I hardly see W when DH is home, they go outside and potter around - W is a little 'helpful' shadow.

    Cally, sounds like a good FB idea, surely one of us is technically minded enough to figure it out!

    MM, you MIL's reaction was very childish. Hope you can sort it out, I know she has her heart in the right place and cares for M a lot, she just needs to realise that she can't parent her as she isn't the mum.

    Trill, that is so rude of you MIL to badmouth you in front of your kids! I would be sooo pi$$ed if anyone said anything like that in front of W about me, it just undermines your authourity

    So, I have just got an appointment for my 20 week scan..... and it is the week that DH will be probably be in Australia for work! It's looking like we are going to have to go old school and wait til it's born to see it! I have already changed it from the week he is definitely away, he is not sure yet if he will be away the scan week too. He still doesn't know definite dates and by the time he finds out the chance of rebooking will be slim. Does anyone know the cut-off time frame for the 20 week scan? I will already be 21+2 weeks if we can leave it as is.

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