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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #47

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    Babies Born September 2007 #47

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2007.

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    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Aaaaw Rainy I bet L looks gorgeous in his amber necklace! (photos please ).

    ETA - Leanne far out your boys are growing up! Picking schools is crazy isn't it. I have to start enrolling H in HIGH SCHOOLS this year.

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    OH PHEW! i found the thread LOL! mild moment of panic there when the link did a crazy time-travel trick on me. i mean i liked March, but not THAT much LOL!

    Rainy: mwah! you got to see little saskia! how cute is she????? it's so precious that you and Ange have got eachother. Go BB!

    MD: free bra. noice. i love peter cundall. do you know he gardens NAKED at home te he he, you wouldnt want to 'pop' around unexpectedly at their house LOL!

    Leanne: WOW! Big Boy school. now that is getting to the business end! it is such a big decision. one of the reasons why we dont want to leave the area is that the school across the park is meant to be awesome. it is a community school and has gentle learning approaches which for us, is really important. so i just hope that we can buy a house in the catchment area LOL!

    Andie: i think that decision to move back to brissy could be good (love the place!). but in all honesty i think it would be best to give yourself time to just enjoy the heaviness being lifted and allow the meds and your body to get really used to eachother first. if you can hold off, i would wait for 6 months, that way your body has really found its groove and is not so reliant on the effects of the meds ITMS. JMO of course though! and i would totally support any decision you would make. xx

    PP: man that must have been tough. i am sorry that she cried, i guess you can take it as an indication that although she wasnt what you guys needed she did really care for N. I hope that you holding up okay after such an intense experience.

    hmmm, totally forgot everything else from the other thread. man i am vague-a-rama these days.

    AFM: well things are starting to improve slightly here for me. the pain relief is now actually providing some pain relief, so i take that as a good sign!
    our friends from tasmania came to melbourne for a few days so we caught up yesterday and i was actually able to join everyone in eating yummy lunch on lygon st! our friend dragged me into the kids store 'Seed' and said that she really wanted to buy Leila something...$200 later and the child is decked out for winter LOL! i couldnt believe it! such gorgeous clothes. so she now has a gorgeous blue/grey corduroy pinafore, navy turtleneck, gorgeous lambswool cardigan and bright red wool tights (cause they go faster). just divine!
    Leila has been pretty good. she has taken my incapacitation fairly hard, so it has been a trying time (not to mention the mountains of mummy guilt). one of the things that she has been doing is some regressive behaviour. she spent one whole day refusing to walk only crawling and trying to demand boob! i was a bit freaked out but just tried to go with the flow as best i could. at least now she is back at kindy and things are starting to get back to normal here.

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    Hi Girls,

    Clare- glad you are on the mend and WTG on the winter cloths they sound great.

    Well AFM we let Livi fall to sleep last night in Xaviers bed which she did really well and after a while I kept saying to DH should we move her back to her cot and he said no cause as much as I want her to stay a baby she has to try a Big Bed sooner or later. (Xavier sleeps with us as he said he doesnt like his bed ...yeah right its just that I let him in as a baby and now he wont get out of my bed) So I went off to bed and left DH watching TV and then about 1.30am Livi starting crying so I was looking for her and she was in her cot. Gave her the dummy and she went straight back to sleep. I asked DH what tha in the morning and he said he put her in her cot before he come to bed. lol He is a bigger sook than me. OK enough rambling better get some work done.

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    Clare - so glad you are on the mend... lygon street YUM YUM YUM and seed - even yummier!! she is going to look gorgeous!!!!! ilove their stuff! did you know they also have an outlet at DFO in spencer street??? i am lucky, my mum works in the city - good for popping in their ro get N new threads! Whoa on the regressive behaviour - that is full on. amazing how emtional our little ones are hey.
    Leeanne - sooo cute about livi in the big bed and your sooky DH. I am hanging for N;s bed to arrive but am secretly hoping i willstill get my bed snuggles with N. i love them. that little warmbody curled into mine, a hand raeching out for me in the night, his breath on my face...i wont miss the bum over my face when he goes horizontal or him stepping on my head to turn on the light inthe morning though LOL! (and all this is asuming he stays in his bed LOL).
    Rainy - yay on the visit to Ange... and on the teething necklace working, maybe i need to get N one as he is suffering so much. i am thinking i may take him to the dr actually justgt o make sure it is teething as he seems in pain and it has been dragging on. dh thought we should mention his moodiness.. i laughed... umm thats bc he is a toddler... ha ha ha
    thanks for all the support re telling fdc, it was sooo awful. i made up some awful excuse about being able to walk to the other carers house and cuttingback when i am on mat leave (thanks sherie i think you planted the idea) - she was so upset told me he is part of her family, it is a shock,she knows it cant be the care she gives him as she loves him etc etc. the bad thing is fdc had told he earlier in the day so i walked in and all his toys were packed up in apile fo rme to take and N kept saying bye bye bye so obv they had been telling him bye. she said she was devestated when they called and started balling her eyes out. anyway it was all done in 20 mins and i feel it is the right thing for our little man so so be it. i am not looking fwd to all the disruption that will come with the next few weeks but it is all good in the long run. so next week he starts at my fave back up carer (wooo hooooo) and also a creche near me (like 200mtrs away) hasa space for 2 days per week (after us being on waitlist for 18 months) which we may take as a longer term plan - off to see it again at 3pm and will have to make a quick decision... it isnt ideal if we does mon-tue at one plave and wed-thu at another but this willonly be for 8 wks til i finish work and then we can be flexible - either he can go there just 2 days and i will have him home for 3 or maybe i will also takea friday there... i feel good something is happening. dh thinks i should keep him in 4 days but i think that is too much when i am home - esp now i will also have some home help. geez i sound slack compared to you ladies... i hope yu dont think i am terrible mother.
    not much other news... off to bali in 1 week - wooo hoooo! so excited. when we get back that is the end of DH having friday's off so i am sad about that... but it has been great til now. i have also arranged to go to syd early on fri before our flight so i can spend the day with my bf and her twins - i am sooo excited!!
    md how was your cake and how are you my sweet?
    better go - back later

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    MD - glad that you appt went well yesterday and you have a date for the surgery. Are you spending this weekend telling everyone? Good luck. I also hope the bra is nice and pink!!

    Rainy - glad you had a good time with Ange. That would have been so confronting driving through the devastation. DH and I went for a drive through the area affected by the Canberra fires (we were hoping DD would fall asleep in the car) after lunch at my sister's last weekend and I got all teary from that - and most of the places have been rebuilt there!

    Jaz - how did H go with escaping last night? I really hope K doesn't start that soon, I want to keep her in the cot as long as we can!

    Clare - so glad the pain meds are finally working and you got to go out. Will have to check out Robin Barker's tips on toilet training (although we should also buy a potty!)

    Leanne - wow, big boy school! That seems so far away, but I'm sure it will be no time until we are all doing it for these little ones

    PAP- so glad that your meeting went well yesterday. So jealous of your extra help around the house too - of course you're not a bad mother, think of all the extra time you're going to be able to spend with N and the little one!!

    MM - I second MD's suggestion on Peter Cundall and Gardening Australia (book and magazine). I have about 8 years worth of magazines at home and I record the show every week! Unfortuantely it's a bit hard getting out into the garden these days but I do still love it. Having most of next week of so should be able to get some stuff in then.

    Well DD is having her first day back at care today after the broken collarbone. She is being Xrayed on Monday, but I think she is at about 90% which is great for just less than 3 weeks after it happened. She was pleased to be back, I thought she was going to hyperventilate with excitement when she saw the rocking horses!!

    I am having next week off (except Thursday - big meeting) which will be good. Planning on lots of cooking, gardening and family time. Also going to try and fit in a massage. I realised I haven't had one since Dec 07 so definitely overdue. We are also giving K her first hair cut and dentist visit. Hopefully there aren't too many tears!

    How is everyone going with daylight savings adjustment? DD looked good for the first 3 days, her wake up times were moving back to normal and then she reverted. We've had a few 5:30 starts which are pretty hard, my body does not cope with stuff before 6! Last night DH slept out in the spare room and got her up so I could try and catch up - he came and woke me at 7:10 and I was so out of it - my fingers were all asleep and I couldn't pull my earplugs out. So sorry it was a work day and I had to get up!

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    Mar 2007

    MD - Glad that you are feeling on top of it all now, so much to think about & deal with all at once just thrown on your lap with no warning. So I'm very glad that things are progressing positively & you are feeling as ok as you can be about it now. Is Peter Cundall the english guy? If so I think I saw him on 60 mins a couple of weeks ago & he is what inspired me to give the vege garden another shot!

    Cally - Oooh let us know how the dentist visit goes, because its something that I've been thinking we need to do soon.

    PAP - Well she must have loved N so much to cry like that! How sweet! I can imagine how bad you felt but its time to move on, you've done the right thing. How jealous am I of your trip to Bali!!! AGAIN!?

    Leemar - LOL at X in bed with you guys, too cute. What an excuse!! I've been looking into schools as well, I am a bit early but it seems you have to start looking around fairly early these days!!

    Clare - Hope you can find a nice house within the catchment area, its funny that schools are another thing to think of when buying a house. When we bought ours school was miles from our minds & we are in a nice area, but most of the public schools around here are a bit rough-ish, iykwim. WOW on the regressive behaviour, I've never even heard of that. I checked out seed when we were over in Melb, gorgeous clothes, lucky L.

    Rainy - Ah well sounds like it was a nice drive with the boys asleep, apart from the confronting scenes. Hope Ange is doing well. Anyway hope you are feeling ok, I bet there is some sleep deprevation going on in your household atm so just wanted to check & make sure you are holding up!

    Well girls 3 nights so far & no bottle at 3/4am. Woo hoo! I've come to notice that she no longer really wants that bottle, she just wants one of us there to pat her or even just stand by her cot while she drifts off. Maybe this is what she wanted all along but sleep deprevation got the better of me & I went for the easy option, the nice warm sleepy bottle of milk. So now I've spent maybe half an hr each wake up just sitting by her cot or shhhhing her back to sleep. I am wrecked but oh well - I refuse to take a backwards step now with that bottle.

    So that leads onto the next q - how much milk should they have at this age? She always has her bed time bottle but no longer has a morning or arvo bottle. I've tried to give her a bit of warm milk in the mornings in a cup with her brekky but she wont have a bar of it.

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    MM: we are in a similar boat with the milk. Leila has dropped all her bottles as of last week. wont have a bar of it. i kinda feel sad about it too as i really really enjoyed our evening ritual of cuddles with a bottle before bed.

    Cally: eewwwww. 5.30am wake-ups are the pits! we had a few in the beginning with Leila. it took a good week to sort out in the change-over back to normal time. when she was younger it was waaaaayyy easier LOL! i had to giggle at K hyperventilating over the rocking horses, that is so cute.

    PP: yeah the DFO seed store is where i bought the first ever thing for Leila when i was about 4 months pg! we were in melbourne cause DH had a job interview and i saw the store in canberra but baulked at the price until i saw the outlet! LOL!

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    Jan 2007

    Hi Girls,

    MM- Liv still has her morning bottle about 6.30am and a bottle around 5pm. The boys however were a different story they dropped all there bottles not long after they were one. My way of thinking is so long as they have heaps of fluids during the day. I have been thinking I should be dropping the whole bottle thing soon oh and the dummy.

    Clare- Oh I love outlet shopping when we were in america I bought all my stuff from outlets.
    Cally- Next week sounds relaxing not having to go to work. Hope you have a nice time.
    OMG the first hair cuts are really exciting. Livi is getting hers on the 2nd May.

    Well I am off
    good night to all and have a wonderful weekend.

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    Feb 2007

    cally - i hear you on the early wake ups - we have had a lot of those lately... and the norm is now about 6 which i still hate!! we have him going to bed at the normal 7-7.30 time so at least that transition has happened, i had these awful visions of him being too tired to stay up past 6.30.
    MM - N has one bottle of milk a day at bedtime.. he asks for it but i am sure it is habit not a need... i think if they are getting calcium from other sources then if they drop them - great. personally it isnt something i will force i figure he will drop it soon enough and i love giving it to him! well done on losing the night one though - i know how hard it is to see those break throughs through when you are tired and you KNOW something else will work faster...
    we went and checked out the creche nearby again today and i think we will go with it... for 2 days a week. so he will have 2 days creche and 2 days fdc til i stop work. not ideal but ok.. and then i think we will stick with the creche. it is excellent and i think he will thrive there actually - it is a small room with 10 kids 15 months to 2yo ish. and the outdoor area is AWESOME! he went wild when we were out there. think it will be fab for his gross motor skills... anyway will see how we go but feeling great it is getting sorted and dh is also stoked. it is good to hear how katie and leila love their day centres too.. makes me feel more positive about it all (MM how is maddie going at hers??).

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    Hi ladies

    Just popping in to say hello and to answer all the questions and make remarks on everything thats been going on...

    Unfortunately...my memory is still shot so just remember that I am thinking of you all.

    Nothing too exciting here. DH is away for work and we head out to FIji next Sunday. DH is only over for a week but I'm staying for 12 days. Woohoo!

    Sarah had her immunisations on Wed and has not had any problems at all. Apparently tho the flu jab one needs a booster of sorts if it is their first one. (?) Didn't know that so will head back after Fiji to check with the dr and get it done with mine.

    damn...S is pulling on my arm for attention. Geeez...I just gave her attention like an hour ago. Why are they so needy?

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    Aug 2008
    Springfield Lakes, Queensland


    Jack was down to one bottle before June last year & it was a night time bottle which I dropped when Alex started having his meds at night & I would give them a cup of milk each. They drink alot of milk though.

    Glad your app't went well & fingers are crossed the rest goes well too.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    Its weird cos now I couldn't care less about QLD but yet I am still motivated to pack & organise the house! LOL. I have to think of something soon as my current leave expires on the 30th June. I can apply for another 3 months (under the maternity leave policy we have) but that is still a decision, or resign. I have to make a big one decision regardless, one way or another.

    I was being a good (supportive) wife. We used to come down here & visit my friend & loved it down here. I once said if I was to ever move interstate it would be to here. My ex decided he wanted to move here, I wasn't to keen but I said okay, so we moved.


    Can't believe how smart our buba's are. I walked in to see Jack & asked where his dummy was, & he knew which side of the cot he threw it out of!
    He saw me with his PJ's & I saw in him he knew what it meant. I told him to give Alex a kiss so he goes over & kisses him on the head then turns & runs to his toddler bed (cause that is where i change him).

    Had a bit of a scare yst. Found a tick in Alex's scalp. He had to get a local so the dr can cut it out. He was pretty good with it all. The tick was so tiny but so embedded. Just glad it was found before it made him sick & had a chance to start feeding.

    How has everyones weekend been??

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    In Bankworld with Barbara

    Yikes Andie! So glad you spotted it early cause they can be soooo nasty. It never ceases to amaze me just how much they know already.

    Kate, glad to hear the vaxes went well. Am jealous of you having 12 days in Fiji - I assume you're not worried about everything going on there atm?

    PP that's awesome about the center. Bet it makes you feel better about all the changes lately when he takes to it so easily. You did really well handling the 'old' carer the way you did. I know that FDC's do get attached to their little ones, but she just seemed to be a bit toooo attached and that can't really be healthy kwim?

    Leanne, it's so hard to have to choose a school. Luckily it was a pretty easy choice for us - we have a fantastic public school which DH went to. Do you have to worry about being in the right 'feeder' area?

    And how has Clare been over the weekend? I'm sure you will make it up to L when you're 100% better

    MD, so what do you have in mind for your Ceremony? I think it is exactly what you should do. Super happy that you're in love with your naturopath too LOL. All this treatment is just going to be a formality kwim?

    H, I can't remember how much milk they are *supposed* to have at this age, but it doesn't have to be milk now though, so long as they are getting enough dairy from other sources they are pretty right. Alister will still have a morning and bedtime bottle of 240, and sometimes if he wakes during the night he will either ask for bot-bot or bippee (dummy) so that solves the problem for me LOL. But lately if he wakes and asks for a bottle, I will give him one then and not worry about his usual morning one kwim? So he will just get up and have brekkie so he's only having not quite the 500ml. I don't know when I will stop him having the bottles, probably when he's TT over summer. He wont have a bar of cows milk either - I have tried several times and he wont drink it if he knows there is even a hint of cows milk in it. So we are on karicare toddler milk (cause even though he eats yoghurt, he hates cheese so he wouldn't get enough dairy otherwise) but the plus side of that is he's now stacked on the weight and is hovering at 12kg now! So as much as I hate that stupid grinning bear, I will have to stick it out for longer.

    Busy few days for me - went to Griffith to get footy boots and did some shopping, then had Auskick registration yesterday, then home and did the housework and washing and even mowed the lawn before getting ready to go out to a neighbourhood get together down the road (OK so by down the road it was 12km away, but we are all still neighbours LOL) which was great, kids had a ball and we got home at midnight. Alister is still in bed LOL.

    So that's my wrap up LOL.

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    Feb 2007

    Hello lovelies. Just popping in quickly to say hi and will try and get back on later to catch up. Life has been busy as usual.

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    Jun 2007
    Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

    katie- i just noticed when your baby is due. lewis was born on the 7th of october so if you're a day over they might share a birthday! yah!!!

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    Oct 2006

    Hey everyone,
    Have been pretty busy here.. Put asha in a toddler bed with a bed railing that we got from big w.. Its working really well because its sooo much easier to get her in and out and she hasn't realised she could probably climb over the rail if she tried haha!
    Went to the easter show on saturday.. Soo expensive! But asha had such a good time!! She was pointing at all the animals making all the animal noises hehe..
    Alls going pretty well here im still exhausted and ashas not really sleeping thru but were only having one wake up atm and as soon as I bring her into bed with us she's pretty much sleeping till 8 the last few days which has been a welcome change..
    Anyway sorry about the lack of personals AGAIN!! Im really tired and asha is currently spreading porridge all over the house ahhhhhhhh!!!!

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    Jan 2006
    by the beach,NSW

    So first day of my week off and DH has gone into work - still fixing those damn computers!! I think he is planning on spending half a day there most days this week.

    We have dentist! and Xrays this afternoon. K is asleep now and I have everything crossed that she has a good one. She slept in this morning until 5 to 6 - so a bit better, hoping it keeps up.

    PAP - I'm sure N will love the centre, K just has such a good time where she goes, so many things to do!!

    Noni - glad the show was good, well done on sneaking DD into the big bed without her realising she can get!!

    Andie - well done on finding the tick, that could have been so nasty!

    MM - K probably has 400-500mLs milk each day. She just has a cup that we offer with breakfast and dinner and when we get home. She has lots of dairy, cheese for lunch each day, yogurt with breakfast and often dinner. She is also still having a bfeed most mornings. Well done on working out she just wants company. Hopefully she will soon reach the stage where you don't have to sit right next to the cot and you can slowly move closer to the door each night.

    Kate - so jealous of your Fiji trip, we went for our honeymoon and just loved it.

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    Feb 2007

    Cally how is K's collarbone?

    Will jump back on when L is asleep.

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