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thread: Newborn to 1 Month, December '04

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    Feb 2004

    Forum Name: Beth
    State: QLD
    Baby's DOB: 11/12/04
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 8lb 14oz Length - 53.5cm Head Circ - 37cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Kaleb John

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    Jul 2004

    Hey Beth! So glad you could find the time to join us. Lily also hates having her nappy changed. She screams like theres no tomorrow! I find putting the dummy in helps ALOT! Kaleb was born at 3:15pm on the 11th hey? That's only one minute before Lily was born! Pretty cool huh?

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    Wow at Kaleb and Lily being born 1 min apart. That is pretty amazing !!!


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    Mar 2004

    Beth, good to see you online again. I hope you recover quickly. I didn't really want to think much about Yasin's birth for a while afterwards and it took me about a month to feel up to writing his birth story.
    Yasin used to scream when his nappy was changed too but he seems to have grown out of it now. I think that its just because its such a new experience for them that its a bit scary. You'll get quicker and he'll get more used to it.
    What an amazing coincidence that Kaleb and Lily were born only 1 minute apart.

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    Mar 2004

    Beth, wish I could give you a big hug!

    I too had a rough first few days, so you arent alone there! I would be giggling one minute and crying the next. To be honest I am going through another rough patch (last night I cried all the way through Aidan's feed from the frustration). B/f is so messy and although not so painful anymore, I hate how I cant relax as 1 minute Aidan will be sucking away happily and if he gets a little tired and loses grip, the shooting pain in my nipple is excruciating. We are also finding it difficult to get into a perfect position. I normally lay down for the right and hold him the standard way for the left, but some feeds the milk is coming out so fast he misses half of it and it goes all over him and me #-o

    DH just wants me to be happy and has mentioned formula and I try to ignore him as I want to try so hard at this and it has only been 10 days so I just gotta perservere! Beth, DO NOT feel guilty, b/f to me is the only thing I am having difficulties with and it feels so easy to stop when I know how much happier and pain free I will be and how I would enjoy time with Aidan more if I wasn't b/f.... will keep you posted on how I go.

    One question, Aidan always makes a funny noise when feeding, like a high pitched swallowing noise. I worry he is getting too much air as he gets the hiccoughs after almost every feed and I am worried about colic. Any thoughts?

    Oh and Beth, sorry no suggestions about the changing. Although I find when I change Aidan in his room he doesnt cry compared to when I change him on his change table in the bathroom (probably due to temperature, lighting and cosiness).


    p.s. Trish, I am going to invest in a nipple shield today!

    Kelly, enjoyed your post!

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    Jess - Have you tried a breast pump??? Liam wouldnt attach properly in the first few weeks. The midwife called him hickey boy *lol* (I had marks everywhere!! Some times he was fine and others was not. I was getting frustrated and he was too. Mine cost about $100 and I still use it on occasions now. Well worth it. Even if you use it for 2 months it would be the same amount what you would have paid in forumla and I found him to be more relaxed after a bottle of EBM than he was at the breast.

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    Jess - Elijah does the swallowing noise sometimes too but I have found if I stop feeding and sit him up on my sholder giving a gentle pat - it usually results in a big burp Hope that helps and glad you enjoyed my other post With the shooting pains in your nipple, sounds like you could have nipple thrush. Especially when your nipples are battered, thrush can get in and can be passed back and forth to mum and bub, so both of you will need to be treated if the case. Might be something to check out with your GP/Ob although some GP's don't believe such a thing exists! If your hospital has a breastfeeding clinic they will help and support you. I had a split in my nipple with Marisa which led to thrush (she had it in her mouth too, white spots) and I sought help and was actually able to feed through it until she was 2! I remember so well the toe curling, eye watering shooting pain... so if you get that, maybe it's thrush.

    In regards to the changing, Elijah only cried when it was cold too - I now get a towel and change him in his room or the lounge and he's totally fine.
    Kelly xx

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    Matilda used to cry with nappy changes for the first 8 weeks or so too... I'm sure it had to do with the whole temperature thing as well...

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    Jess, if it sounds like Aidan is gulping and he is getting the hiccups, your milk maybe flowing alittle too fast for him. I used to drown my boys all the time, I found it helps if you lean back alittle while feeding hm, make him come to you not you to him IYKWIM this way he has to actively suck and your milk won't be squirting straight down his throat as fast. Your nipples will get used to all of these different sensations, sad I know but what do you do. I agree with Kelly, check out Aidans mouth for little white spots - it could be thrush which would affect his sucking and hurt your nippples, you can get drops for bub and a nipple cream for yourself.


    Take care

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    Mar 2004

    Thanks so much everyone. I think it is just a matter of my milk flowing too fast so I will try sitting back a little, as he loses grip when my milk is probably squirting so fast into his mouth, thats why I get the pain. Aidan slept for about 6 hours straight last night so I am all fresh for New Years Eve and I have expressed 1 feeds worth so I can have just a few beers.

    Spiddles I guess that answers your question, I bought a breast pump a few days ago and that gave my nipples a chance to recover. I think now it is just a matter of patience and practice. We'll get there!

    Happy New Year everyone! \/


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    hi there - soorry to come into this thread - although i miss it already lol just wanted to let you know jess you are doing a great job. breast feeding can be so difficult and you can get heaps of different info on positions and everything sometimes you wonder sheesh i will just give up and try the formula, but if you want to persevere do so, around 6 wks it wil all settle down and you will feel like an old pro - flopping the boob out whenever aiden is hungry lol.

    in my experience - i fed my first dd until she was 12mths - at around 4wks i was going through hell and bought formula already to pop her on the bottle, however we had the gas strike and i couldn't boil the water (did not think of the kettle lol) so i stuck with it and it worked out well.

    i fed ds only for 12wks unfortunately but he was a shocking feeder from day 1 not very interested and having a toddler running around i couldn't sit down all day to try and feed him - a shame really cause he was diagnosed with a lot of allergies however at 4 1/2 he is a happy robust young man.

    with lani i am still breastfeeding and hopefully will continue as long as i can, it is convenient etc and for me i don't stress that she hasn't had enough as i can't see lol. however those first few weeks were hell on the nipples even after 3, i forgot about the pain so it does go, i used the cream lansinoh (sp?) and apparently this can be used in pregnancy to prepare the nipples - lock that one into memory bank for number 4 lol.

    just go with it, you will be fine and do whatever you think is comfortable for you and bubs remember a happy mum is a happy bubs don't stress they so pick up on it.

    well i am off to express a bottle as am going to movies with dh tommorrow and mum is looking after the kids - lani has not had a bottle of ebm since around 7wks so mum may be in for a treat oh well always the teaspoon.

    sorry for the epic

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