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thread: Newborn - 1 Month, July '05

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    Oct 2004
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    Ahh, you girls are the best. Thank God I don't have to give up chocolate!

    Blake had a feed at 7pm and after I finished both sides and changed his nappy he was still wiggly 30-40 minutes later. Well I thought it wont hurt to give him a little bit more so he had a bit more from both sides and promptly passed out! I've put him straight into his cot - big boys gonna sleep in his own room tonight - and he's fast asleep. I'm going to have a milo and a bikkie to dunk then I'll go to bed. I reckon I'm going to get a good 6 hours out of him (ok so I'm hopeful but it would be nice).

    Have a great night everyone.

    I might even find some chocolate! lol

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    Jun 2004

    Rach, hope you got your 6 hrs!!

    I found Thomas and DH asleep on the couch (not in the nursery). So much for my routine of settling him at night in his own room (!). Anyway, Pup was a biut unsettled when we tried to oput him down so I gave him a little top up from the boob I'm not expressing from. He also passed out rather quickly. That was at 10.15pm. I woke up at 2.30am and had that horrible feeling of why hadn't I heard the baby because his last real feed was at 7pm and I was expecting to feed about 11.30pm. However, he was just rousing for a feed at that time (probably what woke me in the first place). I hate that rush of adrenelin when you think something is wrong!

    Not a lot going on today. Might get my mum to drive me into town to the hosptial to see a friend that has just had a baby, but we'll see how things are going when the time comes!

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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    Well last night Dion had a top up at 10 pm, then slept through til 3.30am, so I was a happy camper LOL. His jaundice levels have dropped again, so thats good, shouldnt need to worry again! still have to see paed on thurs.
    We will all be going out as a family tomorrow, to Puffing Billy, so Dions first Big outing!!! Used our side by side double jogger today for the first time, went for a walk while girls at Ballet, seemed to work well. Fills up the back of the Kia though!!!

    Well I hope you all have a great weekend., hope its not too cold tomorrow!

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    It was 9.30pm when I posted last night and Blake had been asleep for a little while. He must have had about 5 hours sleep because he woke about 1.30am. I probably got to sleep about 10pm so I got about 3 1/2 before he woke. Then he woke again at 5.30am - 4 hours the little clockwork boy! I guess I can't complain.

    Oh yeah, today I got my first REAL smile from him. He's been giving me half smiles all week, and did the same for my sister on Wednesday however this morning he just beamed at me. It was gorgeous. In my delight I beamed back to him. As he had stopped smiling already he beamed back at my smiling face, so I beamed at him and around it went in a circle for about 4 beaming smiles. Made my day! Guess that's what happens when you're a month old. 30 June - 30 July

    Hay, I know what you mean by the adrenalin rush when you think somethings wrong. I'm like that too when Blake's slept for 'too long'. I know we shouldn't think the worst but our babies are just so precious that we'd hate something to take them away from us. I had a friend who lost his son to SIDS so it's something I'm all too aware of.

    Hay, did you get into town to see your friend who had the baby? It will be great for you to have a friend with a baby at a similar age. I have a girlfriend whose eldest daughter went to kinder with my DD and she's pregnant and due in October although with pre-eclamsia with her last bub, she expect to get it again and go early with this one. Whenever she has it, her baby and Blake will be withing 3 months which will be great.

    Tigergirl, how is Jonah going without being wrapped? I still wrap Blake because if I don't every time he stirs his arms are flying around and he doesn't stay asleep or settle as quick. I know at some stage I have to give up the wrapping, but not yet.

    Oh yeah, Blake slept all night in his cot in his room. He was great, and so was I - didn't stress a bit with him being so far away! He even had his naps in there today. At the moment he's asleep in his little chair cause he passed out there while we were having dinner and I don't have the heart to move him. He'll need another feed 9pm/9.30pm so I'll put him to bed after that.

    Hope your left nipple has healed well after the 24 hour break. When Blake was about a week old, I had dreadfully grazed nipples so I got some Marcolan cream when I was in hospital that I used on it. It worked a treat, along with changing the position I fed him in. Instead of the 'traditional' hold I fed him football/twin style, under the arm. This put different pressure on the nipple so he seemed to miss the grazed part with his mouth. Might be worth a try if you can put him on like that.

    Thanks also for the tip about the bm in the eye. I have to say I did laugh about trying straight from the boob and getting it all over his face. I do that to Blake regularly when he pulls off during a feed. Perhaps that why he doesn't have eye problems! lol

    OK and just a quick ***** here... Why is my husband addicted to watching SBS. No, I don't mean that rudie movies, I mean the documentary type shows. I had the tv on in the background while I'm here and he's just come in and put bloody SBS on to some dumb doco. Perhaps I'm just a boring person who likes trashy tv and doesn't need the stimulation of intellectual tv. Perhaps the topics just don't interest me. I'm just so over it.

    Thanks for listening. Have a great night. And Hay, I'll keep popping back to chat... seems like its nearly just you and me right now so I wont leave you all on your lonesome... no offence Vanita and Tigergirl. xx

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