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    Dec 2006

    Smile foot size!

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    I was a shoe size 5 or 6 pre-pregnancy, and now (4 weeks after bub arrived) I can't fit into my pre-pregnancy shoes I'm probably a size or two higher now

    I've been wearing thongs all year because they were the only shoes comfy enough for me during pregnancy - so I was excited to start wearing actual shoes again

    I'm guessing it'll stay this way? I don't know anyone who shrinks a foot size down, lol..

    (p.s. It's the same with my wedding & engagement rings too - they don't fit anymore!)

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    Mar 2006
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    Hi Tracey

    When I had DS I went from an 8.... to a 10! I feel like Ronald mcDonald. Thankfully it didn't happen again with DD. I can now fit into a 8 1/2 or a 9 on a good day. I had to get my rings cut off and I'm determined not to get them re-fitted until I've lost some baby weight

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    The steroids around when you're pregnant make your bones grow a little bit. In addition the relaxin hormone which allows your pelvis to open for the birth also relaxes all your other joints, including the ones in your feet, which, combined with the extra weight of the pregnancy, allows them to "spread" a bit too. There is also residual swelling which will go eventually. I was a UK7 before PG and am now more like an 8 (SOME 7's fit, but not many). It rarely changes much again after the first baby and there isn't really a way to shrink them back. If i were you i'd give it 4-6 months to make sure all the pregnancy hormones are gone and then see if they fit. If they don't you need to get bigger ones. At least it's summer coming, so thongs are ok


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    Apr 2007
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    my feet didnt really change ... i have small wide feet , so maybe the just got wider ..

    I can fit into a kids size 5 still......

    but i dont wear my wedding rings any more .. they just dont fit ...

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    i got fallen arches with my last pg , my feet were so swollen i spent months in thongs i am generaly large and was hippo sized in pregnancy i think that combined with my already flat feet caused it

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    My feet widend a little and stayed that way. It happend in my fist pregnancy only. My feet are getting skinnier as I get older so that might compensate. Look after your feet, don't go squeezing them into shoes that are uncomfy. So many older people have foot problems... i'm determined not to become one of them.

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    Jan 2005

    Nope mine stayed the same! its hard enough to buy shoes being a 10.5-11 if they had got bigger I don't know what I would have done! They are fairly narrow though (much narrower than a standard shoe fitting) so if they'd got wider I'd have been happy

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