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    noobie Guest

    Default infection?

    a little TMI...sorry

    I probably know the answer to this already but I just wanted to find out if anyone else had this experience before I take myself off to the doctor.

    I had normal lochia for 5 weeks after the birth of my daughter which was a vaginal delivery with an episiotomy. I have been exclusively breastfeeding.

    At at my six week checkup I mentioned to my doctor that my lochia had changed to brown blood and then in the last few days had changed to a smelly white discharge and that I had mild dizyness. He didn't look at the discharge (or my epsiotomy site) but was happy that it sounded normal and wrote out a prescription for a mini-pill to start when my discharge stopped. DH and I have had a look at the episiotomy site and it has healed.

    I haven't started taking the pill yet - every type I tried made me dizzy and sick so I haven't started taking it yet. I wanted to wait until I felt 'normal' again so that I could gauge whether the symptoms were from the pill or postpartum issues.

    However, I'm now 13 weeks postpartum and still have a discharge that varies between brown liquid, sometimes light-dark yellow and varying heaviness. I'm still mildly dizzy from time to time. I have no temperature and no specific pain in my abdomen and the discharge is fairly constant during the day and overnight - it doesn't seem to increase with specific activity.

    When the discharge changed at 6 weeks there was some itching and I suspected thrush at first (have never had it, but was on antibiotics for chest infection in my last few weeks of pregnancy), but the symptoms didn't seem to add up - it almost cleared up at stage but has returned heavier in the last couple of weeks. But now after so long, I am just *so* over wearing sanitary pads, I've tried liners but the flow is just a little heavy for those.

    I know I will have to go to the doctor but I don't want to walk walk out with antibiotics for the sake of it - could this just be a long drawn out lochia flow? I've read a few cases of women having a discharge for 12 weeks or so, but I'm now going beyond that. If anyone has a similar sounding experience and can offer any advice, that would be great.

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    I am not sure on the discharge but would imagine that an infection would be indicated by a temperature at least, and then possibly pain. I think though I would still get it checked out by a doctor. Like any situation you should feel free to ask lots of questions.
    Eg. is it normal that the flow has gone on so long?
    Is the type of discharge normal (take a pad in so they can have a look)
    If they prescribe ABs ask, if they are sure it is an infection or is it 'just in case'
    Are they sure they are the right ABs for this type of (possible) infection
    What symptoms should I be looking for from now (eg change in flow or colour, or continuing duration of flow)?
    When should I be concerned and when should I come back for a checkup.

    Dont be scared to ask questions. You pay for the doctors consult and should feel free to ask what you need to know.

    I HTH.

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    noobie Guest


    Thanks Krysalyss - I am usually pretty good at asking questions but at my 6 week checkup my baby was screaming her lungs out so the doc literally poked my stomach and I paid $50 for it. I just couldn't concentrate with her crying and I left without answers.

    I saw a community nurse after that and mentioned some symptoms and referred me to
    a postnatal physio and I had ultrasound for pelvic ligament soreness for what I described as sore muscles in my abdomen, pelvis and the ligament in my inner-leg. I mentioned the discharge to her too. She didn't suggest that the symptoms could be related and I certainly didnt - but this morning I've read that you can actually get an infection which can spread into the pelvic area which would certainly explain the tenderness in my pelvis and abdomen which ultrasound and gentle stretching hasn't helped with. It's all starting to add up as in the last week I have also been feeling increasingly sick and fatigued - which I just put down to caring for a newborn and breastfeeding - I'm beginning to see that these all point to something not being quite right because of the discharge too.

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    Good luck with it Noobie - I am sure you will be relieved to get it sorted out.
    Let us know how it all goes.

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    noobie Guest


    Still confused about this infection/lochia issue.

    Doctor put me onto antibiotics for 7 days and a cream and sent off some tests which came back negative. When doing the swab
    he commented that it did look like an infection and said that he wouldn't want to be the one doing my pap smear because my uterus was tilted? I wasn't sure what he meant by that, but when I asked him to explain he described the condition and not why he wouldn't want to do the smear test...I thought a smear test needed samples from the cervix. I'd never been told about the tilted uterus - never mentioned during my pregnancy/birth or previous tests. Anyone got any ideas?

    Anyway, finished the antibiotics last week and the only change was that I passed a small amount of blood on the second to last day, this also coincides with when I usually ovulate though. I'm still getting exactly the same discharge though. Great - 15 weeks and counting.

    I think I will try and find another doctor as I explained to him that I find smear tests really uncomfortable and that having a baby hadn't really changed that - as I was finding it really hard to relax and getting a bit uptight, he said 'What are you afraid of?". I felt like kicking him in between the legs and saying "What are you afraid of?" right back at him.

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    Hi Noobie,

    Your discharge sounds like what I had after Oscar was born. I had a smelly discharge from around 3 weeks and was given a cream that I had to insert. I used it for a few days but it seemed to get into my breastmilk and affected Oscar so my Dr gave me some abs that I had to take for a week but it ended up being 2 as it didn't clear after the first week. I'm not sure why he said that about your pap test and it doesn't matter how your uterus is... I have a tilted uterus too and my Dr said that it has no effect on pap smears. With a tilted or retroverted uterus all it means is that your uterus no longer "stands up straight" anymore... it faces your back. My Dr said that there are few people it affects and causes problems for. He said it may cause back pain during AF but that is it (usually).

    I would definately go and see another Dr for a second opinion as it sounds like your infection has not cleared. You really need a Dr that makes you feel comfortable hon and not one that asks stupid questions!!!

    Let me know how you go

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    noobie Guest


    Thanks Oshani.

    I saw another doctor today at the same practice and described my symptoms (constant discharge ranging from yellow muscous to brown liquid,pelvic tenderness, diziness when getting up from the floor, particularly with my baby - which may or may not be related) and she said that both the discharge and the dizziness was a normal thing that can happen after pregnancy and particularly because of hormonal issues whilst breastfeeding. This was without looking at the discharge - I told her I had brought a pad with me if she needed to look but she didn't take up the offer. he said because the swab came back negative and I've had a week of antibiotics and a cream that any infection would have been killed off.

    She took my blood pressure because I asked her if I could have it checked (I don't know what else could be causing the dizzy speels??) and she said it was in the lower part of normal (110) and that I need to eat red meat every day. I currently eat a really healthy diet with red meat 2-3 times per week - I eat white meat too and legumes and pulses and salads and fruit . Somehow I don't think Medicare will pay for me to eat a steak each day!!

    I asked her if it is safe to take a multivitamin or iron tablets during breastfeeding and she said that it would possibly be ok unless I was already getting enough in my diet????

    I sat there and wondered if I have the worst luck in the world with the doctors I've seen recently. Why can't I find a GP who will take yellow gunk coming out of me 4 months postpartum at least a little seriously enough to have at least a look before dismissing it as normal?

    Has anyone else had the feeling that their GPs are dismissive of vaginal issues? I just want reassurance that this infection has cleared up and I don't know what to do know except try and find another GP or maybe even just go straight to a gynecologist?

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    At 4 month post partum, i would be seeing a gyno about it.

    Good luck.

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