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Thread: feeling negative :(

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    Default feeling negative :(

    ok for starters i dont know if i am even typing this in the right forum....
    lately i have been having all he simptoms of being pregnant so i thought it mite be an idea to go and see my doctor.... it felt like the waiting took for 2 hours... once i got in i was asked wat i was there for i told him that i feel i may be pregnant..
    so as everyone knows how it goes i went to the toilet,,, wen i went back to the doctors office and he took the test... it came up with the faintest line of a postive, and the doctor was talking as if i was pregnant... to feel more comfortable i asked if it would be ok if i had a blood test done but i am so neverous if it comes back positive i am scared that i will miscarry or something bad withh happen and if i am not pregnant i dont know if i will feeel dissaapointed or relived. my partner and i want a baby but its weither or not my body wants to agree with everything. i am so neverous even think about wat the blood test wil say. i am feeling so doubtfull so much and i just want to feel positive that something good will finally happen.....
    my partner is there for me so much rite now... he just wishes there is something that he could do to cheer me up....

    i will update either this forum or a new one on the result of my blood test... wiether there are good or bad. but the only problem is that i have to wait until tuesday to find out everything..... i am that it is good news.

    but now i am feeling more neverous than ever because it is 2morrow that i found out wats going on and wiether or not i am pregnant i really have m fingers crossed.

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    Just wanted to pop in and give you a hug and wish you all the best for tomorrow.

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    Good luck honey hope its happy news for you tomrrow what a loveley christmas present for you both.

    Munchy xxx

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    Sweetie I can see why this is so hard for you. I was so deperate to get pregnant after my loss and as soon as I did I was so scared. I would go to the toilet to do an undies check, any little ache or pain I thought I was loosing the baby. I even spotted 2 days after I found out I was pregnant I was a nervous reck! I still have my moments becuase I think if I can loose a baby at 11 weeks I can loose one later to. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone with feeling scared.
    Because you have already had 2 miscarriages let you doctor know and also if you have this available see an obstertrician and they will scan you more often and keep a close eye on you and if you did miscarry again they will do all the nessessary testing ( your gp will probably do this too if they know your history).
    Congratulations on being pregnant again and try to enjoy that precious baby you are carrying inside you it chose you to be its mother!

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    Just wanted to send you a big and wish you all the best for today. Congrats on the faint positive, it sounds very hopeful!

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    Bekyj - how did you go?

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