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    Hi Guys

    My girlfriend just had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. She was spotting for about a week before the 31st October when the blood loss increased. In this time her HCG levels had gone from 500 to 75, one week later her HCG level is still 35. She is still losing bright red blood gushing once a day, but it has changed to a darker colour.

    They have asked her to come back in a week. She also has a mass on her left side, which was discovered on the ultrasound and is quite sore to touch.

    Do you think this could be an ectopic pregnancy? Are her levels right for this time?

    She has handled the miscarriage ok, however is still feeling quite ill.

    I hope this is in the right thread.

    Thanks for your help, Jac

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    Hi Jac

    I am no doctor but from what I do know it takes a little while for your HCG levels to go down to nothing after a miscarriage. I don't like the sound of the mass on her left side which is sore... I don't think that would be an ectopic pregnancy as they would have picked that up on the ultrasound. After each of m/c I lost quite a lot of bright red blood but I did have curettes and I know they strip away most of the lining. My advice would be to see the doc asap rather than waiting for a week...
    Did she have a curette? May be she needs one... Possibly that is why they have said to wait, if they are letting her miscarry naturally it is obviously going to take a little longer....
    I am so sorry for your friends loss, and isn't she the luckiest to have a friend like you. Just keep an eye on her and if you are really worried take her to the doc/hospital.
    Hope I've helped, even just a little....

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    Hi Jac
    yeah i had an ep recently and my levels kept rising very slowly but didnt drop, it could be a cyst on the ovary as that cqan be quite painful. Like Rowie said just keep an eye on her and hopefully they will get it sorted soon. She is very lucky to have such a great friend

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    Thank you for your advice. Yes we are quie close. I have had a number of girlfriends suffer miscarriages and I definitely listen and am there for them. Anything health wise I worry about, and especially with it being her first miscarriage I really want her recovery to be strong.

    Thanks gals

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