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Thread: My sleeping angel

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    Julieruth, I am so very sorry for the loss of your little Angel Dehlia. I too know how much this pain hurts. BB is a forum where we come to provide support and encouragement to women who have lost children. Some only recently or some years ago but no matter the time, the pain remains.

    This is such an emotionally harrowing time in our lives and we are entitled to feel safe amongst the BB ladies. The post above is a little concerning. I know you may be trying to help Lynn, but I have to be honest, if you had said that you had visions of Harrison I would be terribly upset and offended. This may bring you comfort, but I guess it is important to realise that some people do not chose to believe in this sort of thing and it is very upsetting and posts like this rear many horrible emotions.

    I am only telling you this to be honest and so that all the ladies who visit BB, including you, continue to feel that this is a safe place full of unconditional support.

    With friendship
    i never said i had visions,i dont have visions i said she woul have more children and they would be fine

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    [QUOTE=julieruth;805589]i never said i had visions,i dont have visions i wanted to say i felt lynn would have more babies and they would all be born healthy and fine and that she shouldnt worry about losing any more because she wont ,all her children will be fine and very healthy and she will get to take them all home but thinking back i should have said nothing,but yea she need not worry julie
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