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    It's been nearly four weeks since I started on this long journey to miscarriage. In the last week the bleeding had picked up so I thought perhaps this physical part would be over soon. My body obviously has other ideas because now it's stopped and I've had very few cramps all week.
    I'm so frustrated with this whole process. My Dr said to wait till about 12 weeks and if nothing's happened I will probably need a D&C. I don't really want to do it that way but I don't think I can hang around for much longer waiting! I actually want to m/c naturally, I think that will help with my closure but I suppose it's not that healthy for me to be in this limbo indefinitely either.
    Just wanted to complain. I'm ready to move on!!

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    hun i bled for several days before passing my babies on my first two m/c's - it was probably about a week before i passed the baby the first time around, so i completely understand how you're feeling. having been through this, i understand how much you want the closure of a natural m/c, but if i were in your position now, i would be asking for a d&c - it's impossible to allow yourself to grieve fully until the physical is dealt with entirely, and i think you need to be able to grieve properly soon. limbo is just painful and making life more difficult for you is the "not knowing" when it's going to happen

    huge hugs Megsie - maybe go back and see your doctor and talk to them about taking steps toward a d&c. take care hun

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    sending you a big hug, waiting is so hard, some woman just want the D&C over so they can move on, it is just what you think is right for you.

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    So sorry sweetie - maybe you need to see your doctor to get things moving so to speak. This is such a hard time for you - like betty said do whats right for you.

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    Default waiting for m/c

    Hello Megsie,

    I'm too waiting to fully miscarry. Since the end of October. It's been a long wait - definately have learnt something about patience. With occasional bleeding, cramping, hospital visits etc. I've really resisted having a d&c as I've had one before and don't want to again. However the up-side for me has been that my body actually re-absorbed the baby, seen through ultrasounds, which was a great comfort to me.
    However you're right to consider how long you can go before you need resolution. I have a partner and toddler son to consider so its been a lot of emotional juggling. But if you feel it is something your body can do with time then give it a go.

    It seems like a long road of sadness and wanting your body to resolve and get back to a normal cycle. But again its been a comfort to me knowing my body didn't 'reject' the baby - It was so wanted. However with time it naturally feels right to move on and seriously consider what you need to do that. So be gentle with yourself. Really gentle. Let the feelings that rise up within you do so and acknowledge them.

    I have an inkling of what you are feeling. M/c sucks!


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    I can understand your frustration with waitng. Sending you a cyber hug and encouragement vibes. Natural is the best way to go, but that doesn't mean it's the easiest, does it?

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