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Thread: period after miscarriage

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    Smile period after miscarriage

    hi i was wondering whether anyone can give their opinion. i had a miscarriage on 19 april and bleed for 5 days then on 9th may bleed for further 5 days. my doctor said it was a bit soon to be a period after miscarriage but it seemed like one to me. i normally have 28 day cycle will that be the same or change to 21 as it was 21 days from miscarriage to may 9th bleed. im a bit confused. thanks

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    Firstly Im so sorry that you had to go through this. We are all different and it may take a couple of cycles for your body to get back to normal. When I had my natural m/c, I bled for about 10 days and then had a period 30 days later (I am always on a 30 day cycle). Your body will regulate itself hun no matter what any dr says. Dont be suprised if you get your period 28 days from the 9th.


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