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Thread: Question: Cramps after D&C

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    Sending a cyberhug. You sound so sad.

    Take real good care of yourself at this time. If you need to vent, come here.

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    Hey Sadwombat, my symtoms before the 2nd D&C were really heavy bleeding with lots of clotting. I left that to go for a couple of days thinking it would pass but ended up with headaches, temps and severe abdo pain. My ob did try me on antibiotics to stop it but no luck - he thought it might stop the infection. My second D&C was a lot more intense. I had an infusion via drip of surgical antibiotics during the surgery, an internal antibiotic spray into my unterus, a suction and scrape currett. A lot of work in there!! But i recovered so much more quickly after the second time.
    Im so sorry you didn't recover well after your first go! I certainly understand the feeling!! Its enough to lose your little bub let alone all the horrible physical side. Im taking a long while before trying again cos i feel like my body has taken a beating. I think you just need to do what feels right for you. And certainly keep telling your ob to listen if you dont feel right!! Good luck...

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