thread: When to start brushing baby's teeth

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    When to start brushing baby's teeth

    My DD is 6mths old and has grown her first two teeth in the past few weeks. They are now about 1/2 way grown. She's eating solids, just fruit and veg once a day at the moment. When should I start to brush her teeth? And how do I do it, do I need to use tooth paste at this age? Or can I wait til she's a bit older to even worry about brushing??

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    At that age I was brushing Nina's teeth with a toothbrush, but just with water. The toothpaste says it's for 1+yrs so I waited until then.

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    Hi Kellie

    I think it's recommended you wait until after 2 yrs before using toothpaste. But I started brushing my DD's teeth with water as soon as she had teeth. It's more to get her used to the idea of brushing at this age. It doesn't mean you won't have battles later on however! But my DD is pretty good at going 'ahh' and letting me have a quick brush.

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    The toothpastes do say from 1 yr, but our dentist recommended 2 yrs for toothpaste. But the mechanics of brushing (ie having each surface of every tooth brushed) is important and you should start this as soon as the teeth appear. We just used the first baby toothbrush with water and then added toothpaste shortly before his 2nd birthday.

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    Hi, As soon as there is a tooth you should be brushing. We use toothpast with DS (Who is 1) as otherwise it is a battle. He loves toothpaste!!!

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    Kel - pigeon have a really funky "toothbrush" for this age group, its rubber and very funky - and able to be sterilised in steam. Also has like a dummy thingy on the mid-point so bubs can't put it too far into the mouth. Pip loves his brush!

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    Brush them as soon as they come should actually be wiping the gums with a facecloth before the teeth come in to rid the mouth of plaque. As for toothpaste and fluoride,I would check with your health dept as to the fluoride content of your water. If it's regulated at 1 part per million, then Iwould use toothpaste when your child has learned to spit it out....usually around age 3, and even then use only 1/2 a pea sized amount onthe tbrush. If you are on well water, have it tested. If the fluoride content is low, I woul use a teensy smear on the toothbrush once a day. I live in Canada, so things may be slightly different...check with your local Health Unit or Dental Office to see what their recommendation is.

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    Hey Kel, I started brushing Natty's teeth a little while ago... Just bought the toothbrush from Coles (a small soft one that's got rubber duckies on it ) She loves the toothbrush, and it is a constant battle of wills as to who gets to hold it, LOL, but once they're brushed, I let her hold it and have a little play with it before I take it away and wash it for the next day. (Usually there are tears when I take it away too, such is its popularity.)

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