I'm just trying to decide what outfits to take for Zander & I for our photos on Thursday. We won a glamour photo shoot thing so are getting some photos for Aaron's birthday in a few weeks. Now they said that we have to take a few different outfits so we can have some different options for styles etc but I can't come up with complimenting outfits for the two of us.

I was think of my black Sacha Drake dress which can be strapless, halter neck, cap sleeves etc but for I'm not sure what I should have Zander in for those ones. Would a more "formal" sort of look would work, button up shirt with jeans maybe?

Next will be the traditional blue jeans & white shirt with Zander is the same.

I'm not sure on a third outfit though. I was thinking of just black yoga pants & black bandeau top thing to show off my belly would be cool, but what would I do with Zander? Maybe topless with black pants?

Any suggestions would be great