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    Just after alittle advice.
    In April we are taking our DS to England with us. He will be 19 months old. I would really like some sort of option to carry him on our backs if neccessary, as some places are very crowded. We are both very tall people, so I think we could manage.
    Any advice on what would be the best product? Also is anyone still carrying their child at that age?

    many thanks

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    We recently went to Tasmania and got a cheap (like 99c) old fashioned second hand carrier for Darcy off Ebay. One of thos metal framed ones. It was in great nick. She loved it, worked great and it was so cheap it doesn't matter if we never use it again.

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    I have an ERGO and carried my niece (3 and a half - about 14kg) on my back with ease on the weekend so that is an option for you too. It is light to pack and can fold up quite small.

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    thanks for the advice girls

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