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    Default Making a wrap

    I am after some tips/advice from people who have made their own wrap.

    I have brought some stretch Jersey? (like t-shirt material), about 5m.

    I am planning on just cutting it either in half or thirds down the length. Not sure how wide it is, but if I make it about 60cm then hem the edge will that work?
    I was planning on folding it over twice, to get a smooth edge then zig zagging it. I have to have a closer look at the fabric and whether it will fray or not. Could I get away with not hemming it at all?

    I have looked on mamatoto, and that was the basic idea I got

    How easy is it to do a pocket and is it necessary for extra support etc?

    I thought I would try making one first and see how much I use it and I can decide to either buy another one or just make more. I may be able to make another wrap with the extra material or depending how wide it is I may make some baby swaddle wraps/blankets. Is Jersey ok to use?


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    Luey - I think you've got the basic idea right. I've never made a wrap, but looking at my Moby, I think it would be very simple to do! My wrap is a jersey-type material, and about 5m long, and 60cm wide. (roughly) The ends are tapered, to make it easier to tie. I would probably zig-zag the edges, or see if you can find a friend with a serger - makes a nicer edge. Otherwise, I think the Moby D wrap has a rolled hem, so you could try that, and never have to worry about fraying. (you'd need to use a stretch stitch.)
    As far as the pocket goes, if you wanted one, I'd cut a square of fabric, hem it all the way around with a stretch stitch, and the stitch it on to the center of your wrap (also with a stretch stitch). My wrap does not have a pocket, so I don't think it's necessary, but might be handy.
    As far as jersey being suitable - it would depend totally on the type of jersey it is. The amount of stretch is going to be the key factor. Too much and your baby will sag out of postition, too little and it will not be comfortable to wear. The only way to find out it to try it!
    Hope it works out beautifully!

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    I've used this pattern to make my own slings -

    I just use about 1.5m of cotton fabric (2 pieces, one is the 'outside' layer, the other is the lining)

    I've added a pocket on the side so I can throw in my keys, licence card and phone - so it's super easy to take Jasper out to the shops really quick if needed. The pocket is about 12cm x 5cm with some velcro to close/open it

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