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    Default 9 month old rountine/food

    Okay so just when I thought I was getting a handle on things everything has changed yet again!!!!
    I started back at work in the beginning of January and try as hard as I did my breast milk has all but dried up and now I can't get Livvy to go to the breast at all because she sucks and sucks and doesn't get enough so she is frustrated and cranky. Unfortunately I've had to put her on formula so now I'm completely confused as to how many feeds and when to offer her her bottles and when to give her food.
    So I was wondering what kind of routines does your 9 month old have with bottles and food? Secondly what food is your little one eating? I'm in desperate need for ideas because I really have no idea what I'm doing here! Also anyone got any suggestions on a good receipe book for young ones?
    Thanks one and all,

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    Hi there

    Firstly - if you contact Heinz they will actually send you out a little cook book with ideas which i found great!

    Ashleys routine is:
    0700 - 180ml - 240 formula
    - 1/2 piece of toast with vegemite/butter
    - 2 x cubes fruit + 1 tblspn baby cereal + little cows milk

    1130 - 180ml - 240ml Formula
    - 2-4 finger sized sticks of veges (carrot/zuchinni/brocoli etc)
    - 1 small portion of meat (loves rissoles atm but chicken/steak)
    - 2-4 finger sized sticks of fruit (banana/pear/apple/watermelon)

    1630 - 180ml-240ml Formula

    18oo - 2-4 finger sized sticks of veges/mashed
    - 1 sml portion of meat
    (basically whatever we have for dinner - if we have spagetti
    she has that, apriot chicken, roast meat etc)

    1930 - 120ml formula (top up) if she had the lesser side of her
    formula (ie 180 not 240) she will often want a small bottle before

    Her naps are usually 830-1030 and 1400-1630.

    I chop and change with food but try to ensure she has all her milk and if she does then she can have her solids. If she only wants say 50ml of milk she isnt allowed her solids until she drinks more - i may leave her for 1/2-1 hr then try milk again and she usually drinks the rest then will eat solids.

    I will ensure she has at least 2 serves of veg, 1 serve meat, 1-2 serves of fruit, 1 serve of breads/cereals


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    Hi Dan, these little ones can be confusing can't they? I'm sorry you have to give up bf but congrats on making it to 9 months, fantastic job hun!

    Ok here is what we do:

    Bottles - Elena has three per day of around 240ml each. One before brekky, one late afternoon and one before bed.

    Brekky - either rafferty's cereal with fruit or fruit by itself or oats. Fruits she likes are pear, apple, banana, watermelon, rockmelon, peaches, mango.
    Lunch- pasta or rice or chick peas with vegies plus yoghurt or toast or cruskit
    Dinner- chicken or beef with vegies or pasta/rice if she didn't have it for lunch. Fruit or rice cracker/cruskit if still hungry. Vegies that she likes are pumpkin, sweet potato, white potato, corn, zucchini, carrot, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and about to try peas.

    I have the womens weekly baby and toddler food recipes which is pretty good and has lots of ideas. I'm probably not too adventurous with food yet, I'm going to try some steamed fish tonight and hopefully she will like that.

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