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Thread: All about sleeping?

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    Default All about sleeping?

    This is my second post today I know sorry girls.
    My 7 and a half month old son goes to bed anytime between 7:30pm and 8:00pm sometimes a lil later depending on how the day pans out.
    He wakes at 7:30-8:00am everyday BUT..... is it normal for him to still be waking during the night.
    He isnt hungry when he wakes. He just wakes up for no reason. Sometimes he fully wakes up and it takes me like 2 hours to get him back to sleep. Other times he wakes up but his eyes are still closed and he is just whining. I have tried all techniques to get him back to sleep but nothing seems to really work. And when its 2, 3, or 4 am in the mornign all you want to do yourself is go back to sleep. So unfortunately I resorted to putting him in my bed as this seemed to be the only way I could settle him. Now all he wants to do is hop in my bed so he is waking up earlier in the night to get in bed with me.

    So 2 questions

    1)_Is it normal for him to be waking up 1 or 2 times a night still? (not hungry just waking)?

    2)_Any suggestions on how to get him out of wanting to sleep in mummys bed?

    Thank you

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    Im back to try help!! LOL

    Chelsea is 12 months old and we have occassional nights where she wakes (argh like last night 2-5am...just crying and screaming..but was fine once we got her to so she could watch tv and play...back to screaming when put in bed again)...

    I always thought she must be scared of her room or somethign was scaring her. She has a nightlight so its not cos its too dark...then i added a music background to help and it did....but now its all over the place.

    I unfortunatley dont have the issue with her wanting to come in my bed...she stopped doing that when she was about 5 months old! Perhaps you can sit in DS room until he falls back to sleep....rub/pat his tummy...tell him 'mummy is here'...that things are ok....

    Reassure him so to speak. I know alot of bubs who still wake....but i agree....being up in the early hours of the morning attending to kids is nto good when u want ur own sleep!!

    Im up and down most nights...either cos i cant sleep, Chelsea has woken...or Jasmine wants a feed!

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    I was actually just thinking that maybe when I move out next month and he has his own bedroom he might sleep better kus at the moment he is still in my room.
    which makes it hard kus any tiny sound he makes i am automatically awake LOL

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    yes its very normal for lots of babies.
    around 8-9 months most can wake up a lot, as its a time of major development - maybe your DS is getting there early.

    Some nights DS would wake up and just lie in bed talking to himself (or to his toys).
    Some nights he still wakes up more than once even now.

    Mostly though if my DS had been sleeping through til then, and refused to resettle at all, or did but still worked repeatedly throught the night, i'd get his ears checked and/or make sure he wasn't teething.

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    Ah ok...Chelsea was in her own room from the time we were home from she never had the chance to be with us at night.

    Im not sure if u will or not....but u may find you both will sleep better when you have your own rooms...

    ATM i have Jasmine in our room...but she is moving on the weekend...but i ignore her noises as much as i be worrying about her makes me sleep less!

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    Here is the thing... I have a 2.5 year old who co-sleeps with us (not by choice). He used to do what your bub does so we used to take him into our bed.. Now we can't get him out and it is a constant struggle at bed time. I now have a 9 week old and he hasn't even met my bed yet. I definitely don't intend to take him in there because if there is 4 in my bed then I think I might take the spare bed. The only thing I can say to you is just persist with him in his OWN cot because once he knows mummies bed that will be it... Good luck with it - I can see my eldest sleeping with us until he is 18.. LOL xxoo

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