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Thread: Any babies born on 6th of May 2006 OR sometime in May 2006 ?

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    Smile Any babies born on 6th of May 2006 OR sometime in May 2006 ?

    Hello lovely Mum's (and don't forget those lovely Dad's too), ....

    Was curious if anyone out there had there baby whether it be girl or boy on the 6th of May 2006 OR sometime in May 2006 !!

    My daughter CENDRINE (my 1st bub at 40yrs) was born on Friday 6th of May 2006 at 11.39am in Ballarat, Vic : )

    She was born with a ton of dark brown hair and a facial dimple. She weighed 8lb exactly.

    She still has that dimple, a cheeky smile and her hair is a light brown with golden flecks throughout it and has curls at the back. She has big brown eyes with long dark lashes.

    Her personality is extremely friendly, affectionate with all that meet her and she laughs a lot. Very chatty and a very funny little character.

    If so, let us know about your little ones personalitie and what they look like !!

    Would so love to hear from you

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    There is a group of us who chat who have all had babies in May '06.

    This is the link:

    We would love you to join up little group and chat about your daughter. I had my first at 38yo, and just had a 2nd at 39yo. I'm going to be 40 in 5 weeks time.

    You can check out the photos of my two kids in the links below. They are nearly twins - just born 18 months apart Both had loads of dark hair. He was 9lb, she was 7lb8oz.

    Hope to chat with you in the thread above. I've been a bit quiet in there lately, as I'm still adjusting to having a baby to look after, and a MIL who is leaving tomorrow...

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    What a good birthday your daughter has! Some of the best people are born on that day.....

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