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    Default Developmental Phases

    Has anyone else noticed that when their children are going through a developmental phase their sleeping goes out the window, they get clumsy, and either have a huge increase or decrease in appetite?

    I am sure that DD has just gone through a huge growth/ developmental phase and our house has been like a war zone the last few days, she hasnt slept properly in about a week, she is eating HUGE amounts of food, she fell over last night and put her tooth through her lip, and then fell off her chair and hit her head on her little table today.

    Poor little things, while I am glad she is developing well (she has just had a HUGE increase in her already fantastic language) and a massive growth spurt, it would be nice for her to stop hurting herself and have a good nights sleep.

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    Aw, poor little one!
    I posted not so long ago about Natty not wanting to settle. It lasted for a few weeks, and she is back to normal now, only she's more mobile and her babbling has changed. I'm putting the disrupted sleep down to a developmental shift.
    I think it must certainly stuff them around - think about how much they change and grow in such a short space of time! Hope the phase passes and she is happier (and sleepier ) soon.

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