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thread: Favourite Children's Books

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    Mar 2007
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    Oscar is mad about Humphrey's corner (He has a humphrey blankie that he is addicted too - we have 2 of them so they can be washed) and i love the Humphrey books - the illustrations are so beautiful.
    All Osc wants to read about at night is one of his Little Red Train books. i'm not sure if you can get them over here - my parents send them over from the UK. We have 4 of them and they are really nicely illustrated but me and DH are so bored *****less by them now as we've read them so much. he like other books in the day - gruffalo, russel the sheep etc and has lots of books but as night it has to be the train!

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    DS is now quite obsessed with Where The Wild Things Are.
    He "rumpuses" around the lounge saying "max, max" (after the little boy max in the book"

    It helps that the moon is on almst every page, DS is quite taken with the moon at the moment.

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    Our latest favourite is a 1973 Golden Book, called Cars. It's about different uses for cars & different sizes etc. Quite boring & I am soooo over it LOL!

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    Jul 2006
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    Izzy hasn't got a fav. childhood book yet! Hehe she just a little bit young!

    But i still read to her during the daytime it's our winddown time!

    I just found all my childhood books that i had packed up in bosex years ago and forgot about them (they all still look brand new! lol)...And i would have to say my favourite childhood book is 'the balloon tree' i still love it!

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    Question Little Dream

    Hi, Caro,

    I read that you have a book called Little Dream. I remember having a book of the same tile, about a little girl who was a dream, with jobs to do all over the land (heaven probably). One day she didn't do her work and the others missed her very much. Is this the same book? I wonder if you wouldn't mind emailing me the publication details so I can find a copy, please? ISBN number, Author, Publication date, city, company.

    I would love to read this book to my children. I loved it very much. Thank you :-)

    Kind regards,

    Our Daughter has soooooooooooo many books (to match the amount of clothes and toys - I do overbuy :eek: )

    I bought 30 of the Seuss books started collecting them ie you get 2 a month - She hasnt started reading them yet as they are a bit advanced

    She gets books for Christmas and bdays from other people as well

    Her Fav books atm are

    Hungry caterpillar
    Spot in the Park
    Then she has a variety of pop up interactive books and also basic Animal Books A to Z and Colours and numbers if you get what i mean all different ones with different themes she loves those and going through and saying what everything is

    She has a very large Winnie The Pooh Special book that she loves

    And she has some of my books from when i was a little girl - one of them being my favourite LOL called Little Dream - Gosh i love that book.
    I'm a big reader , love books and so encourage it a lot
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    At the moment we're really enjoying the Baby Disney books that I got from Scholastic At Home. I think there are about 60-odd books & we've been through all of them at least twice LOL!

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    Apr 2007

    Hailey can't get enough of Pete & Polo's Nursery Adventure by Adrian Reynolds, but we call it 'the Kindy adventure' so it's more relevant as she goes to 'kindy'

    I also stumbled across a book called Millie by John Marsden at the library and she absolutely loves it. So much so that she's called a doll Millie and keeps asking for it. We've since taken the book back but have it ordered at the local bookshop so we can always read it It's about a little girl called Millie that everyone says is good but secretly she's a bit naughty like feeding the dog her dinner when no-one is looking. Is very cute.

    Other books we're liking: Tom Rabbit by Martin Waddell and the Meg & Mog series by Jan Pienkowski. I remember reading those as a kid too.

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    There must be heaps of new books out there since this thread was created.

    I am always on the look out for something to get my nieces and nephews - especially the type of book that they just love to read over and over and over again (normally with dinosaurs or monsters in them).

    I love Possum Magic for example but what else can you recommend?


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    Feb 2004

    We're really into Hairy McCleary at the moment.

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    Mar 2004

    I'm really enjoying reliving some of my childhood favourites with my children at the moment.
    Yasin (3) loves The Story About Ping although it's too long for Imran (2). They're both crazy about The Owl and The Pussycat and Where The Wild Things Are.
    Another firm favourite is Olivia. At the moment Yasin insists on reading Olivia And The Missing Toy to me every night - I'm sooo planing on buying a camcorder next week so I can record it.
    Hairy McClary books are still favourites - we've actually had to replace Scattercat after loving the first copy to death.
    They love trains so The Little Red Caboose is also very tattered.
    Another more obscure favourite is published by DK books and is Called Baby and Toddler's Big Book of Everything. It is a hardback with hundreds of pictures arranged in themes and they really enjoy going through and discussing all the differant pictures.
    Queenie The Bantam and Lets Get A Pup both by Bob Graham. His books are fantastic - so full of warmth and humanity.
    Graeme Base's book are lots of fun - I like trying to pick out all the details hidden in the illustrations too.
    They like the original Angelina Ballerina but the ones based on the TV haven't grabbed them.
    They like the Madeline book about the time she fell in the river and the dog rescued her.

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    Jan 2007

    Anything by Mem Fox, ( Possum Magic, Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge) Animalia, Guess how much I Love You, Fancy That, The Very Hungry Caterpiller, Who Sank the Boat? We're going on a Bear Hunt, mmm that's all I can think of right now!

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    Dec 2007

    Our Mem Fox favorite is Where is the Green Sheep, all the kids love it, nice a quick for the parents to read too

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    Mar 2006

    DD's Fav's include;

    How do Dinosaurs say goodnight?
    I know a Rhino (We know this one by heart)
    Dear Zoo (We know this one by heart)
    Where is the Green Sheep?
    Where do Kisses come from?
    And the Wiggles Nursery Rhyme book

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    Sep 2006
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    It used to be a bedtime book all about staying in bed when the lights go out - it was a cute rhyming book and was obviously effective as by 3yrs old, DD#1 could quote the whole book! Lol! Now its the big Disney books and an older book about Possum Creek with 4 stories all told in poems..........I loooooooooove the girls having books!! They're getting the complete Mr Men & Little Miss for Christmas, yay Aah, the memories

    DD#2 is still into eating books, lol. Although there is a Baby Bright book that's all shiny with a mirror at the end that she seems to enjoy as well as a lift the flap type book on colours, shapes & opposites - really bright and beautiful with cute pictures of real babies through it which she loves to kiss

    MotherGoose - I love The Green Sheep book!! MIL has it and DD loves to read it when we're there.

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    DD#2 is still into eating books, lol. Although there is a Baby Bright book that's all shiny with a mirror at the end that she seems to enjoy as well as a lift the flap type book on colours, shapes & opposites - really bright and beautiful with cute pictures of real babies through it which she loves to kiss
    yummo! - my little niece loves tactile books - once she stopped eating them too!

    Isn't Where is the Green Sheep so simple and such a favourite. There always seems to be the same level of excitement from my nieces and nephews when that last page is finally turned...... and there is the green sheep!

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    Mmmm - lots of books here:
    Gruffalo and Gruffalo's Child (her favourite)
    Its Time for Bed
    You are all my favourites
    Scallywags (check out David Mellings, he is great)
    Hans Christian Anderson stories
    Slinky Malinki
    Bear Hunt
    Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
    Animalia (especially since she spotted the Dalek)

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    My dd loves one at the moment called Kisses For Daddy and also one called Dear Zoo. We have to read them many times a day lol but they are so good

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