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Thread: Feed then bath OR bath then feed?

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    Default Feed then bath OR bath then feed?

    Do you feed baby then bath or bath then feed? DD is 11 weeks (breastfed)and I am not sure if it matters which order they are done in. Will milk in her tummy be uncomfortable in the bath? I also give her a gentle leg and arm massage after the bath.
    What do you do?

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    Feed, then bath massage etc. I think it gets them off to sleep beautifully.

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    We have always had a routine of wind down, story, bath, into sleeping bag and then feed before bed, and that was since she was born. Now its dinner, story, bath and bed.
    I dont think it really matters although you someone else might be able to advise about the food in her tummy and then massage.
    Good luck!

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    We have always bathed Oscar before a bottle. I found it was a nice time to wind down and give him a little massage then give him a bottle which would be just enough to send him to sleep

    With that said, that way works for us but you do whatever works for you.

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    until sophie started solids and had dinner it was

    bath, boob,bed
    now its
    dinner, play, bath, boob, bed

    just do waht works for you both

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    Hi Deirdre,

    My little girl is 15 weeks and since beginning of Feb I have bathed, then fed. For us, a feed puts her to sleep so a bath after this would be useless, and Kimberley has a habit of chucking if moved around too much after a feed. After about a week of this routine, she has became a lot more relaxed, shown some signs of routine and started sleeping through. Do what is right for you, if you find one way not settling, try the other way.


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    We've always done feed then bath. One being that the bath relaxes them and gets them ready for a sleep (but id say when breastfeeding i'd still do feed then bath, but give them a breastfeed top up before bed).. and now being DS is older, he needs a bath after his dinner as he makes a BIG mess.. and then a bottle before bed.. so he's always been use to that routine.

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    Like the other girls have siad, go with your little one's cues. Darcy has always hated baths. Even now. It wasn't the slightest bit relaxing for her - ever. So I used to bath her when she was at her most alert - mid morning.

    Now he's more repsonsive to a 'routine' as such and she has a bath after dinner with little or no battle because she's used to it.

    Every babe's different.

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