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Thread: home made baby powder? (a little long)

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    Question home made baby powder? (a little long)

    ok so from when dd was born we used baby powder on her to keep away rashes.. she gets heat rash alot as well as nappy rash and it was really helping... after reading an earlier thread about baby powder we stopped using it due to the realisation that talc was a nasty thing that you dnt want anywhere near yourself or your child!!! and i am still quicte angry that they sell it as a baby product with no warning!!!
    anyway getting a little off track here.. when we stopped the powder she started getting particularly rashy very quickly and i started with cream, we tried a few creams but nothing seemed to work.. they keep the rashes from getting worse but for some reason they dnt stop them fom developing..
    last night i emptied out a baby powder container and filled it up with cornflower and lavender.. it smells divine and comes out quite thin if that makes sence.. if i am careful not to use to much and not to spray it round to limit dd breathing it in will this be ok to use on her?? this is ofc assuming it works as well, cant see why not though only time will tell..

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    I don't know alot about it but it might be ok. I would probably do some re-search on cornflour though incase it is something that fungus can thrive on as I don't use paw paw ointment on DS because of the natural sugar content in it.

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    I have heard of cornflour for use on bubs bottoms. I've seen it recommended for those with allergies as the commercial talcs also have perfumes added.

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    No you are totally on the right track - good instinct there mummy!

    Cornflour is great, and the lavender jsut the right touch.

    If anyone uses the ($8) Gaia Baby Powder, look on the ingredients list. Zea Mays is the correct name for cornflour.

    I used it with all my bubs.

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