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Thread: How to stop bub rolling in the cot?

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    Default How to stop bub rolling in the cot?

    I'm not sure if I've posted this in the right spot, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to stop bubs rolling over onto their tummy in their cot? I got up to check on DD last night, and she was on her tummy face planted, but fast asleep. I flipped her back, but she just rolled again. Is there anything you can do?

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    The advice I've been given is that you put them on their back to sleep, but not to worry if they roll over - because if they can roll over, they can roll back (or at least move their head to breathe if needed).

    You can buy a product called "safe-t-sleep" which goes over the cot mattress & then fastens around bub's middle with velcro, which stops them rolling over. But, as I said, I've been advised that it's fine just to let bub roll over.

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    I struggled with this with my DD for a while too before I just accepted that she got herself there, she can get herself back and she's happy that way. I would continually roll her onto her back and all that happened was we both got disturbed sleep and I had a grumpy baby who ended up sleeping on her tummy anyway.

    The thing I did find helped me was a movement sensor pad under her cot mattress so I had the reassurance that although she was on her tummy, she was still breathing, which meant I could finally get some sleep too! If your DD has head and neck control she'll be fine - and she obviously does if she's happily rolling away

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    DS has also taught himself how to roll from he's back to he's tummy (he learnt this only just yesterday and now he won't stop!) I almost had heart failure this morning at 4am when i went into he's room and found him on he's belly (it was he's first night out of the bassinette and in the cot) - i rolled him back and spent the rest of the morning running in there every 20 minutes making sure he was ok. I tried one of those sleep positioners but he seems to wriggle around until he pushes it down near he's legs and then its useless. I'm concerned as he is only just over 3months and doesn't really seem to have much neck control, i've looked into those Safe T Sleep things but not sure if its worth spending the money on one - has anyone else tried this product?

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    i used to lay Krystal on her side, and roll up two cloth nappies, and put one on each side of her, then tuck her in. she never managed to roll right over.
    if she slept on her back there was no way i could stop her rolling, thats why i layed her on her side

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    Charlotte has just started rolling over (cant roll back yet) and so everytime I put her on her back within 2 mins she is on her front - which is great, except that after a few minutes when she realises she has nothing to do and nowhere to go, she get all worked up and started crying...So she sleeps on her tummy
    She has always been a tummy sleeper, and can move her head, but I find I am more confident leaving her on her tummy to sleep if I put her down on her tummy, cos I can position her head and if she is asleep she wont moveto face plant herself...

    OMG, so not making sense today! lol Point is, maybe you could try putting her on her tummy to begin with and that way less chance of her rolling herself and faceplanting.

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    don't worry hon i would just leave her, its scary at first but in a few months you will look at the positions they can get themselves into while asleep and lough.

    sometimes my son sleeps in the worst positions that his arms and legs look like they might just snap but if i move him in 10mins he is back to the same position again.

    she is old enough now to move around in her sleep, as i said i would just let her go.

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