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Thread: Newborn dummies

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    Thank you Janie I am just second guessing everything that I am doing because I don't know if it is the right thing. And also because people are saying what I should be doing. I know you are right and I shouldn't listen to them but it is just so hard. I thought everything was going ok but people would put other thoughts in my head and I think this is where we are going wrong now because when he is unsettled I have these little voices in my head (no I am not crazy........ok maybe I am!) where I think of all the things that other people are saying to me so I try that and it isn't working. I guess I should go back to what I think and see how that goes.

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    I am not against the use of dummies, I used one with my first baby, but every action has a reaction and that is all I was saying in my post

    that's just in relation to BFing, dummies are safe for newborns if that's what you meant. You can even get premmie ones! And in some cases it's okay to use them in the early days of BFing, it's just generally not recommended.
    just because you can get dummies for premmies does not necessarily mean you should use them, they have a delicate care balance that can be overlooked with artifical pacifiers
    In regards to BF and dummies it is generally not recommended at all (but most especially in the first 6weeks) as this impacts on milk supply, attachment issues and undermines a mothers confidence in her intuitive response to her baby


    Janie is right that you are Ethan's mummy and that you need to trust your instincts
    if the dummy is working for you that is great


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    Default How to get them to take the dummy...

    I have a reflux bub and have actually been told to get him to take a dummy as the sucking will help keep the acid down - but I cant get him to take one!!! (he wont take a bottle anymore either - he did for the first 3 weeks, and now just refuses, no matter how hungry)

    Any tips on getting him to take it? He likes the taste now of his medicine - so I tried even putting this on the dummy, but he just licks it until the meds gone, and then spits it as far as he can...

    He's 10 weeks old...

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    jsmum i have an 8 week old with acid reflux also. i was also told a dummy might help. she doesnt like the dummy very much either and continuously rejects or spits it out. i have tried a few different ones...tommy tippee cherry shape , nuk orthodontic, tommee tippee soother, heinz baby basics. i found the heinz one works the best although she does spit it out still..

    nuk was useless and just kept falling out when she was trying to suck it
    tommy tippee cherry 0 months was making her gag
    tommy tippee soother no good either.

    my first girl loves the tommy tippee cherry dummy and took to it straight away.
    i guess every baby is different and im not sure if Bf or FF makes a difference..
    my first was FF (formula fed) and loved the dummy
    my second started of breast fed and doesnt like the dummy.

    i must say the dummy for me was fantastic!!! really soothed a crying baby which at the time is all you want to do. Savanna is 18 months now and only has the dummy to put her to sleep then she spits it out and continues to sleep so no problem there. initially in the begining when the dummy fell out she would wake and cry for it..

    giving your child a dummy is a personal choice and you only should do what works for you and what you want to do.
    i was against it before savanna was born.. but like everything in life you shouldnt judge unless your in the situation.

    cheers ambz

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    My little girl was using NOK from birth, I tried avent but for some reason she didnt like it.

    These days she still uses a dummy at sleep time. She's not so fussy now, she uses NUK, MAM, Tommee tippee & one I bought from babies galore (not sure of the brand) but she liked the look of it & it's pretty nifty as it has a cover that opens so baby can suck it (when its opened its the shape of a normal dummy around the baby/childs mouth) then when its taken out the cover closes keeping the part thats sucked covered.... we love it haha

    I think its just a case of trial & error until you can find the one your baby likes as every baby is different....

    Good luck

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    We use the Avent ones. It is all DD will take. She was never one to suck her hands but was a comfort sucker on the boob. So we introduced the dummy and it was the best thing for us. We've tried other brands but she refuses them.

    I remember someone saying the NUK newborn dummies were recalled (whe DD was a newborn) because babies were found with them whole in their mouths as well as not having enough "space" and so had a suffocating effect... or something like that. I'm sure they've adjusted the design by now but I've never been able to shake that from my mind so won't buy that brand.

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    Personally I love dummies and used them for both boys and was lucky that it didn't interfere with BF for us. But as Blue Daisy says "but every action has a reaction". You have to be prepared for tears when you take the dummy away.......

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    When Aidyn was young he used Pigeon, Nuk, and Avent dummies. I didn't like the Nuk ones as the mouthguard was too small.

    Eva has so far used Nuk, and just recently Tommy Tippee. She likes them both, and completely rejects the Pigeon one.

    She will take a dummy, but certainly not every time... she is nowhere near as keen on them as Aidyn was, and has just recently started sucking on her hands, so I would rather her do that as much as she wants rather than a dummy.

    Her having a dummy hasn't seemed to have any detrimental effect on BF. She didn't really become very interested in sucking on the dummy till she was 1 month anyway.

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