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    I am stressing about Kameron at the moment. He is usually picky at tea (what 6yr old isn't), but will eat all of his weetbix (3) and lunch etc each day and have yoghurt or bread or fruit as a snack in between meals. Usually he doesn't stop eating, which I am usually complaining to myself about how he costs me a fortune in food.

    Anyway for the last good week to week & half he hasn't been eating. Only a couple of teaspoons of breakfast, at lunch (well i am not sure at school), he only a couple of bites of a sandwich and when it comes to tea we are lucky to get anything into him, he has even dropped right back on the snacking between meals. The 12pk of yoghurt i brought on Friday is still sitting in the fridge untouched, and we've normally gone through half of them by now.

    He has been complaining of a sore belly a bit, but I have normally just put it down to him not eating and the sore belly being "hunger pains" Last night he threw up in bed, it was chunky but didn't smell (sorry for tmi).

    Mum thinks that maybe he is constipated, as he was constipated a couple of weeks ago on Ashtons b/day party, as he went to the toilet about 6 times before 11am and complained then that he was having trouble doing poo. But I have heard no such complaints since then.

    I am really lost as to what to do next. Yesterday he was at mums asking how many kilo's he weighed, and tonight he asked me as well and I told him that he doesn't have to worry about weight, but he was around 19kg. I am not one to watch my weight, so can't be getting that from me, and not really sure if that is a factor in him not eating.

    Has anyone got any ideas of what we could do or what the problem could possibly be, we have even served up his favourite foods and he still hardly touches it.

    Due to being sick last night he stayed home from school today, but if tonight goes fine then he will be back there tomorrow and I will be asking his teacher about him eating at school as well.

    I am even considering taking him to the doctor if it keeps up.


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    I would take him to the Dr even just for reassurance. My 8yr old went through a stage like that. He is a bit like that now as well.

    Have you asked him if he has been to the toilet? also vitamins can help increase their appetite. We occasionally by the kids vitamins for the boys from the chemist..

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    Yeah we have asked him if he has been to the toilet, and he says yes but we are not really sure if he is telling the truth or not. He has learnt the little trick called lying

    He managed to get down 2 weetbix this morning, but I had to sit there and watch every mouthful go down to make sure he was eating.


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    Just keep an eye on him Kat, and see how he goes. It could be the calm before the storm... you know how they lose appetite right before a growth spurt when they eat everything tied down... maybe its that?

    Paris normally has 2 pieces of toast for brekky, or eggs on toast, or 2 weetbix, some yoghurt and some crunchy nut cornflakes (or hot brekkies on the weekend). Lunch is usually a sandwich, some fruit, some cheese and oven baked bar or something I've baked. Then she'll come home and eat whatever she didn't finish at school for afternoon tea (we have no bins at school so I always know what she did and didn't eat) and then maybe something extra. Dinner it really depends on the meal as to how much she eats and then often fruit or yoghurt for dessert. Does Kam have multi-vitamins? Might be something to look out for as often if their body craves something they can lose their appetite.

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    we are thinking that maybe it could be some sort of anxiety, as he knows we soon going away for a short while, and has known basically since the not eating has started.

    He has gone off to school today and I have let his teacher know, so hopefully school might take his mind of stuff if is anxiety.


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    Hi Kat
    Sorry I dont have any experience with this as a parent - Noah is only 6 wks and he cant get enough!! But when I was little, I think around 8, I h major probs eating and eventually mum took me to dr who put me on incremin... after that i ate and ate and mum could hardly stock the house fast enough..

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    I was going to say the same as Sharleen about them talking at school about weight and things.
    Maybe one of the other kids said something to him about his weight. I know you said you don't watch your weight but could Kameron have heard something on the TV about weight and what you eat ?

    I would take him to the doctors in a few days if you are still not happy with his eating. He could also have caught a tummy bug and that is why he's not eating and he was sick.

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    My DD did this at about the same age. Normally not a fussy eater but for a while, a long while, turned her nose up at everything... or say she was hungry then only eat about 2/3 bites and then stop. I didn't make an issue out of it because I thought that at the time it was attention seeking. What I did was make chocolate Sustagen milkshakes for her when she got home from school and was the most hungry. I added a scoop of ice cream to make it irresistible. She always drank them so that was a consolation that she was getting most nutrients. After a while her appetite picked up again and now she eats more than me, easily! I'm not sure if the improvement after the Sustagen was just a co-incidence but it worked.... didn't have to buy a second tin. She asked for the school sized Sustagen drinks which i bought her for a while to have occasionally as well.

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