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Thread: Seperation Anxiety?

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    Question Seperation Anxiety?

    For the last week or so, DD cries (screams even) whenever I put her down and walk away - even if it is only a couple of steps. I can't even put her on the floor unless I sit next to her.
    I went to visit a friend in hospital the other night and DD cried most of the time I was gone (even though she was home with Daddy).
    At first I thought this was seperation anxiety but she is fine at Child Care... until this afternoon when I picked her up. As soon as she saw me she began crying and putting her arms up for me to pick her up (ner normal carer was away).
    For the past three days she has suddenly (literally for no reason) gone from happy and laughing to crying like she's just been pinched or something.
    DD is teething at the moment but I don't know that is the cause of the problem. What do you think? Seperation Anxiety or something else? And how do I deal with this? I can't carry her all the time...



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    sounds like teething to me.. when they dnt feel their best they want comfort etc.. i worked in childcare and its really comen for children to attatch to one carer and be upset if they are not there and not want to stay.. particularly if they dislike the other carers..
    i dnt think its separation anxiety more like clingy teething stuff... especially if she is ok at childcare (with her favo carer)

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