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Thread: SLeeping bag sales or specials?

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    Default SLeeping bag sales or specials?

    Dd slept in a sleeping bag since birth up to 4 months as she hated being swaddled and loved the sleeping bag.
    Trouble it is stinking hot here already (we have the aircon in our room at 24 degrees to cool it down over night) so i hate to think how hot dd's room is with only a fan.

    Anyhow no one up here sells the summer sleeping bags (go figure) only the fleecy long sleeve ones.

    ANd it is too hot to wrap her even in a muslin wrap!

    And i am cringing at the $70 price of Grobags although i would love one.,,,

    We would definately need a 0.5 tog as it is only 1 week into summer and 33 degrees during the say....... (although she would only wear it at night).


    Does anyone know of any online baby stores that are having sales?
    or have a sleep bag they dont want any more?

    dd is 7kg and 65cm already ( 6 months).

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    Thanks Caro!
    Having a search now....

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    i found an ebay store that is selling the dream pod flowers for $20.50 + 10 postage (so $30 total).

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    sorry caro
    My mistake in typo...
    they are dream bag on ebay - brand new shipped from the sleeping bag compnay in the UK.
    SO yep $30 total!

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    ANd can i add - i found out if you type in SUMMER at checkout they give you 30% discount on top of your 10% multiple discount!!!!!

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