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    I have just purchased sounds for silence hoping it will assist DD transition between sleep cycles. I'm just wondering how other people use this CD. The book says to have it up loud, by doing this it comes through my baby monitor which I really don't want during the night. Anyway I'm interested in hearing others use this CD.

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    We have used this cd just to help lul DS to sleep. My mum owned a copy and I had used it once or twice at her house. I never read the instructions I just hit play.

    For me I actually try to have it fairly soft because it's lullaby's, just like you I don't really want to hear it. If I had it up loud I wouldn't be able to hear him and nip any early sooking in the bud before it became uncontrollable crying, and lastly I have always been told that when you have noise playing while your asleep that your sleep isn't as restful as when you sleep in silence so I figure it would be similar for a bub and the louder it is the less actual rest bub will get and you will end up with a baby that sleeps for a while yet is still cranky iykwim.

    But all babies are different, I say experiment, start soft work your way up (don't forget your dealing with fresh ears that can probably hear more than you can) If it turns out your bub needs it loud then that might be the sacrifice your willing to make

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    Geepers, I never even knew it had instructions. I only play it quietly. In the middle of the night even that sounds loud sometimes. I use it mainly for white noise really, and even if I cna hear it in the monitor, it really is quite soothing.

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    We used it for a while, but we only had it on soft as well. We mainly used the white noise track and just had it on repeat.

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