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thread: What do you have in your nappy bag?

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    What do you have in your nappy bag?

    I just went out & bought our nappy bag today & was wondering what sorts of things everyone has in them.

    I've already thought of the basics, nappies, changing lotions/creams, blanket, change of clothes, but need to know what other things I'll need in there.

    I know I'm not going to use it for another 10 weeks, but want to be organised & I figured I can take that bag to the hospital with me.


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    Mar 2004

    I've got nappies, lotions/powders, spare clothes (more than you think you need), blanket/wrap, wash cloth, breast pads, pads, cloth nappy to wipe up any big mess, tissues, bib, clean dummy x 2 (in easy to find pocket), baby wipes, zip lock bags for dirty clothes, nappy sacks, breastfeeding cape and a musical bunny that he seems to like.
    If you bottle feed you'll need all the paraphenalia.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    wow....when you break it down it sounds like heaps...for us it really depends on where we are going and for how long... we always have in the bag
    2 spare nappies
    nappy sacs
    cloth nappy
    change of clothes
    one dummy
    a bottle of water for Matilda
    another bottle for feeding with water in it & a container which holds the formula
    and plastic bag for dirty things.

    Right now we also have brauer teething drops & bonjela, rusks as well. hmm... oh yeah! always have two small toys, book & playgro toy....

    Then my stuff... breast pads were a definate in past and my wallet, keys, sunglasses & mobile.... maybe lipgloss if I'm feeling good...LMAO!

    Thats for all trips... if we are going out for the day we will bring more outfits & more formula & bibs & nappies... but not heaps of extras... I hate carrying things around I don't use and half the time if I'm going out for a quick trip I don't even open the bag, but the time I leave the bag at home is when she does a monster poo all over her clothes exploding everywhere... well thats happened twice!!! So I never leave home without it now!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    I always pack at least 8 nappies plus wipes, bunny rug, dummy, change of clothes, 2 bibs, nappy sacks and at least 2 bottles of cooled boiled water and formula in a separate container for making up feeds. I always pack one more bottle than I think I will need, in case on gets spilt or something.
    The nappy bag also usually doubles as my hand bag so it has my purse and phone in there as well and if I am taking both kids out, a couple of nappies and a drink/snack for Harry.
    As Grace gets older it will also hold toys, teething stuff and probably a jar of baby food aswell!


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    I have a backpack style bag, and same applies for me it doubles as my handbag.

    So always a max of 5 nappies for Lachlan, nappy sacks, wipes, cream, bottles of formula. Change or two of clothes.

    Then drink for Kameron, change of pants for Kam in case of accidents

    My purse and phone.


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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Thanks guys, this is really helpful

    We got a backpack style bag too Kathryn, do you think it's a better option than a shoulder bag?

    I'll also be using mine as my handbag, who'd want to carry around two bags all the time!

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    Mar 2004

    I have a backback. I think its easier to carry than a shoulder bag. I also carry a handbag. I tried to go without it a couple of times and it didn't work for me. If my phone rings I don't want to be trying to get it out from behind me, I don't like having to take my bag off my back every time I want my wallet and DH carries it too and I don't like having to chase him around if I want to get my wallet or sunnies. Also a fab handbag which matches the rest of your outfit nicely makes you feel a bit more glam. From a security point of view it is ridiculously easy for a pickpocket to empty the back pockets of a backpack without you noticing but I geuss that its not an issue in many places.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    WOW - I can't believe I ever left the house with all that stuff. Now days it's and apple, a spare pair of undies and a pack of tissues. For the daughter, not me !

    My sister in law bought me a bag as a gift and I hated it. Big red and blue thing with teddies, I always wanted a bag that didnt look like a baby bag. I ended up using a regular backpack for some trips.

    And apparently you should always replenish it after each time out so it's ready to go the next time. Sounds good on paper.

    Have you got the white plastic huggies things that holds about two wipes ?


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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    WOW! So much to remember.

    Aidan has been out 3 times since birth and we seemed to have done pretty well. We did run out of nappies on Christmas Day so we had to use my Mum's old tea towel! Since then I think of how many nappies we will need, then I double them.

    I seem to pack all the same stuff as mentioned, I make sure I have a few bunny rugs as I like to tuck one into my bra when Aidan is feeding to catch drips (more like gushes!)

    Probably next time I will pack a few disposables just in case, I think that is probably a good idea.


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    Pietta Guest

    I have recently down graded my nappy bag to just one of those little elmo backpacks. I keep in it 6 nappies- formula container, two bottles in the avent warmer, three changes of clothes, five bibs (coz of reflux), a dummy, sudocream, his fav toy and my stuff. I know it sounds heaps but all the rest of the stuff i have at each parents house who we visit heaps.
    At their houses I have a pack of nappies, a thing of nappy sacks, sudocream, a tin of formula, a little pigeon steriliser bag and a bottle.

    It makes life easier onyl having a small bag!! I also have a hat for Ryley, sunscreen, bonjella and his sunnies- just going through it now- Wow i have shoved alot into a little bag!!!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Good thinking M2B, I know Cailin has the same thing now you mention it, but I had totally forgotten about it!

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    Sarah I definitely prefer the back pack style

    I had the shoulder bag satchel style for Kam and hated it !!! That was my first request when I fell preg with Lachlan. A backpack style nappy bag.


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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    We thought the satchel style ones would be a bit awkward, trying to keep it on your shoulder while carrying a baby at the same time. Glad we went with the backpack then.

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    I had a backpack for Noah - still do only now it's smaller. I orginally got a Kapoochi backpack which was great for a little while but when I turned his pram around I had no space to put the back. Trust me, you don't stay carrying them for long. There is no way I could go out for a day and carry the bag on my back. Bring on the big basket in the pram.

    Take care

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Our pram has a huge basket from what I remember - will probably get it out of layby & it will be a whole other story LOL!

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    katanya Guest

    I have a shoulder style bag (I didn't chose it but was given it as a gift) it is a black Oi Oi bag and even thought I wouldn't have chosen it it is REALLY handy.

    I find my bag is PERFECT for hanging on the back of a pram.

    It doubles as my handbag too because it is a "mummy's " bag not a baby type one.

    Inside is a roll up change matt (really great when they are newborn and you don't want them on a shopping centre change table where all the other dirty bums have been) a insulated bottle cover(I breastfeed so it hold my chilled water) and I used to take heaps of nappies out there is a section for those. Then I use bepathen(great bum cream) and wipes, cotton wool balls, nappy sacks, and I have to use saline for Felix's eye as he has a blocked tear duct so that's in there, panadol from injection times, a "gummi" for teething, toys, now I leave out the change matt and put more spare clothes in and BIBS! (the matt and bottle thingo came with the bag) also sunscreen now it's summer and he is old enough..I used to have a huge leaky break problem so breast pads for the first 3-4 months, now they don't leak anymore..

    I am lucky that my bag looks stylish so I can keep using it for quite awhile and after Felix doesn't need it then I can use it for an overnight bag..so it's worthwhile if you like bags looking at the "Oi Oi" range, they have back packs too, there are some really good ones that fold out into a cahnge table and have the creams and things all at the side in mesh holders..very handy!

    When we go out I always put my sling in the pram at shopping centers, I used to use a sling heaps more when Felix was newborn, because newborns like to be carried(so do older babies I guess!) and it's easier than using up an arm!

    Also worth getting a shade cover for your pram if it doesn't have one, it helps them sleep and protects them from sun and nosey old ladies..

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    LOL at needing protection from nosey old ladies!

    Ours has a change mat as well & a zip sealed bag for dirty nappies, but obviously I'll put them in a nappy sack first. It has insulated bits, a dummy holder that clips onto the outside so it's easy access & also a mobile phone holder that clips to the outside as well for easy access.

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    katanya Guest

    Oh Sarah you just WAIT!! having a baby makes you a people magnet, and they all want to touch the tiny baby (never mind that they have hands full of germs)
    I actually had a japanese boy kiss Felix the other day without even glancing at me..needless to say the sun cover was unfortunately off!

    Your bag sounds fabulous, and very "mummy" friendly!

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