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thread: What do you have in your nappy bag?

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    Sep 2004

    i never really had a nappy bag as such i just had a handbag (bigger in size) and had 2 nappies, small baby wipes and a grow suit if they needed a change of clothes and that was it (i breast fed so didn't need bottles etc) ..... i hated the whole huge nappy bag thing. i am into the minimum...... that's just me! although in the glove box of the car i also had a change of clothes, nappy, wipes and sunscreen - just in case.

    good luck in finding out what suits you.


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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Thought I might just bump this thread up for us girls who are due soon. I put a few things into my bag this morning but have to add a couple of things I didn`t think about.

    Take Care


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