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Thread: What time does your baby go down at night?

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    Charlotte was goin down about 7pm (she still wakes twice over night for a feed) but lately she will wake around 40 mins after going down and wont go back down to about 9:30-10pm it is driving me insane. she normally wakes about 1am 4am and then 8am to start the day.
    i wish she would sleep through the night
    charlotte and my rachel are obviously psychically connected because i have the same problem! i am hoping it is just a phase.

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    When Aidyn was that age I would put him down usually after 8 or 9 pm, and then give him a dreamfeed just before we went to bed (usually 10 or 11pm). This would mean he would sleep until at least 4 to 6am without waking. If I put him down any earlier, then he would be up earlier.
    From about 1yo though he was in bed by 7pm.

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    Both DD in bed by 630pm......dont hear from them until 7am next morn.....

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    Josh goes down between 7-9 and will sleep through the night, if he wakes crying i just put his dummy back in and he doses off again till 7am

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