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Thread: Encouraging him to get himself down?!?!

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    Default Encouraging him to get himself down?!?!

    I need some advice!

    My son is 13mths old, he's pulling himself up on furniture, window sills, etc. but once he's up he can't get back down. He just goes rigid and cries till someone gets him down.

    I've tried putting his favourite toys on the floor near him, treats, milk ... hoping he'd want them enough to try and get down but they make him cry harder because he's frustrated he can't get to them.

    I've tried to bend his legs to show him how to lower himself but he goes so stiff I'm scared of hurting him if I push too hard. I've tried positive reinforcement when he does reach down a little but he just seems so scared. He hasn't had any bad falls or anything so I don't understand.

    At the moment he stills only commando crawls instead of hands & knees crawling but walks confidently holding onto our hands.

    What can I do? I hate seeing him so upset.

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    Do you mean just standing up against the furniture? or climbing up on it?

    If you mean he's standing up holding on and won't sit back down, perhaps hold both his hands, you know, like when you walk them along, and perhaps help him to sit down from there so he gets the feeling of lowering himself? I don't really know if that would work.. just a suggestion. Or perhaps get him to climb up to your knees when you're sitting on the lounge and then help him lower himself off of you (did that make sense?)

    If you mean he's climbing up on the furniture and can't get back down, I would show him how to climb down myself, backwards so he can see how it's done, then he might work it out for himself.

    Dunno if that's useful at all, sorry hehe. I'm sure he'll get his confidence up the more he's on the move tho, he won't be like this forever

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    Sorry, I meant standing up against things, although he does climb up on things too.

    We have tried taking his hands to lower him but he thinks we're going for a walk and still won't sit. Come to think of it he hates sitting after going for a walk too!

    Thanks for your words of encouragement, it's so frustrating!

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    How long's he been doing it KayCee? Maybe it's just a matter of a few days before he gets enough confidence to reach that far. It's a long way when you're only new at standing on your feet.

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    This might sound odd but a thought?
    If he loves walking holding your hands, could you begin playing a game with him where you sit while he is standing but you are holding him under the arms then try a balancing game?? By this I mean make it fun to see if he can stand all by himself with no support and so when he does lose his balance for a little while you are there catching him but still allowing him to feel that 'free fall' sensation in a safe environment................does that make sense?? You catch him but allow a little fall sensation first (so just before his bottom touches the floor??)

    I guess I am thinking if he finds this fun he might not be so worried about falling, if that is what is causing him to get upset??

    Sorry, not much help but just a thought

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    ~Kim~ It's been a couple of months, I'm trying to encourage him slowly and he does reach down for a ball or toy but he keeps hanging onto the couch so tight he can't reach all the way.

    Charlyfrog Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that. I just hope he does actually bend in the middle in order to fall onto his bottom instead of staying rigid and just belly-flopping!

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