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Thread: Inducement booked & I'm terrified

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    Ditto what kelly said, after my waters were broken at 9.30am they told me i had until 1pm before they would use the drip and told me to go for a nice walk, so off DH & I went.. 11.30am and the contractions were regular and the talk of the drip was not heard of again!

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    i am probably a bit late but good luck you will be holding your baby so soon (i wish still 5 weeks to go lol)i have been induced 4 times and its not that bad or at least thats how it was for me yes its quick and powerfull but it is the means to seeing your bub and if they honestly beleave this is the best way to go and you know in yourself that it is (if not then see if they will give you more time)then try and i know its hard to transfer your scared feelings for excitment as you will meet your little boy very soon.
    best of luck im sure you will be fine and sitting there holding your bub before you know it.

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    Jo, wishing you all the best......sounds as though things are happening, hopefully they will continue and you will avoid the induction altogether.

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    Good luck! Jus tthink how esciting it is that you will be meeting your little minchkin in no time now! I do understand the nerves though i was like that with #2 as soon as they spoke about induction. i ended up being induced with only the gel (i was not dialated at all and cervix still posterior - was 37wks+5) I started having contractions within 30mins of the gel and had had my bub 4 hours later and managed drug free again too which was what my main worry was with being induced.

    I hope you get a chance to relax before its all truly happening though

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