thread: May need a c/s due to baby not engaging advice wanted!

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    Hi Dee
    Thanks for your post, interesting. I agree it is awfully painful and depressing, can't believe you had to deal with it more than once, I fully expect it to happen again if I get pregnant again though.

    I am 40 weeks in 2 days and was hoping the baby engages soon. I have an ob appointment the day after my due date, if baby isn't engaged I was going to book a c/s for a few days later because I can't stand the pain and am scared to go through a long painful labour only to end up with a c/s anyway.
    I will let nature take its course if I go into labour on my own but am reluctant to be induced when my dr says the baby seems big and not engaged. Can you tell me if you went into labour naturally when your babies engaged or were you induced?

    Do you think I should just give an induction a go first before booking a c/s? If I do try induction I would get the epidural for sure. Would love to know more about your experience if you don't mind sharing?
    Thanks so much

    Hi Cindy, The first thing you have to remember is, it is your body, your pregnancy and your baby. Everyone is different. I have had four totally different labours, but the good news is they all ended the same, with a beautiful little baby in my arms. Personally and I am getting on my soap box here but I think Dr's particularly busy city Dr's are to quick to step in with the unnecessary medical intervention. and can easily scare their clients into doing what is more convenient for them. Although, I will not knock individuals for their birthing choice. I am against unnessary planned C/S based solely on convenience and unsubstantiated fears. like risking pelvic floor stability. (If you do your exercises everything will return to normal. I have had four children and I don't pee when I laugh.) I think Dr's are too scared of being sued that they really won't let patients opt for a natural birthing experience. Anyway I'll get down now.

    With my first DD I went into labour naturally at about 8 am, went to the hospital at 6.30pm and due to other pregnancy related reasons they kept me in, I wasn't progressing like they wanted and the midwife was amazed that the baby was engaged yet. Actually she very condescendingly said" Your baby hasn't even engaged yet you probably actually have weeks to go, are you sure about your dates? Yeahhhh, Of Course I am. So at about 9.30pm they broke my waters and guided bubby down, it took until midnight before I wanted to push and then it took another 3 hours to push her out. but no stitches, but way to many drugs.
    With my #2&3 births I opted for the gels at 40+6 days to ripen my cervix and 40wks for #4 but in all pregs none of my babies engaged until my waters broke. Yes there are some risks and they might have to do an E C/S but there are risks in every pregnancy.
    I really think you should do what makes you feel comfortable. It is your choice. I am very happy with my choices. recovery after C/S tan take many weeks whereas after Vag Birth recovery is alot quicker, less complicated.

    My birth stories are long and many lol they were not all good, #3 was the best quite easy really. My 1st labour lasted over fifteen hours, 2nd 10hours third was really only anhour and my forth (when they broke my waters about 45min of real pain.
    Because I carry OP I labour in my back and it is excruiating. I perfer being on all fours or proped on a bean bag so that my legs were positioned right with out too much pain in the groin and less pressure. It is way easier to birth with gravity then against it. lol. I didn't have huge babies though (all between 7 lb 6 and 8 lb 10) and if your baby is going to be huge like 10 pounds or something then I would probably have a C/S too.

    I don't use any drugs not since my first birth, although I have my little friend "Nitrous" next to me just in case I change my mind. and I would never have and epidural. Seen and heard too many horror stories.
    BUT this is only my personal opinion and choices I have made for myself.
    I have found that your body really knows what it is doing and it drives you in the end. I use a zoning technique I guess similar to meditation and I just concentrate on breathing and relaxing my birth bits and let my body pass the baby out to me. I won't say It won't hurt, because it will, really really hurt but if you stay in control and relax and breath it will happen a little easier. and the pain of child birth will just be a distant memory when it's all over.
    Good luck in your decision what ever you decide. No regrets. And importantly have a birth plan for all the situations, give it to your midwife
    now is the time to think about and put down on paper exactly what your wishes are. and most importantly,write on it - It is a Women's perogative to change her mind.

    Welcome to motherhood
    Ta Dee

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    Hi Cindy,

    I had PSD with my last 2 pregnancies. (Very ouch!)
    My last baby's head wasn't engaged until I went into labour (naturally). He was born on his due date.. after less than an hour of labour. No epi, no gas, nothing. In fact, he was born at home. He was also 10lbs 3oz.

    You CAN do this without the intervention of your OB, and you don't 'have' to have an epi if you don't want one.

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    Thanks to everyone for your responses.

    On 26 October at 8.02pm after 2 nights of contractions, baby in posterior position and 5 hours of induction that did not progress, I gave birth to Alexander by emergency C section.

    Both baby and myself are safe and healthy and very happy and relieved it is all over! Alexander weighed 4.390 kilos and was 50 cm.


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    Congratulations, Cindy! A big welcome to Alexander!!

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    Congratulations Cindy.
    Welcome Alexander

    Love the name you have picked.

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    It is not unusual for the baby not to be engaged until you are in established labour. Your obs should know this and I dont know what he/she is thinking about. Dont rush into a C/section, give mother nature a chance.

    Alan (Midwife)

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    Congratulations Cindy on the birth of Alexander!!!

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    Oops I did not read all the posts


    Alan (Midwife)

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    Congratulations Cindy \/